Democrats are better than Republicans! Yeah, right...!

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The US House of Representatives just passed the  $717 billion 2019 National Defense Authorization Act. 

With the Republicans controlling the House no big surprise there, right?

Hmmmm...  well...

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That is if you don't consider that ONE FUCKING HUNDRED AND THIRTY NINE out of 199 seated Democrats voted for this bloated travesty that we not only can't pay for, but gives Trump an unprecedented increase in war powers, pays for NEW nuclear weapons development, creates a pork filled military budget above what the Pentagon asked for and greatly increases Trump's detention & spying authorities.

WAIT A MINUTE!  Aren't the Democrats currently calling Trump a mad man who is colluding with the Russians?  Aren't they suppose to be the people who DON'T want war and who consider Trump to be a fascist traitor???

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With almost 70% of seated House Democrats voting in lock step with the Republicans to approve this bill, don't you DARE try to tell me there is other than a tiny bit of difference between the two parties.   (the tiny difference is that the Republicans admit that that they are corporate shills for Big Defense while the Democrats are fucking hypocrites who talk out of both sides of their mouths!)

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Comment by Ron Powell on July 28, 2018 at 6:07am

"Ain't a dime's worth of difference between them." George Wallace, 1968

Comment by Rodney Roe on July 28, 2018 at 7:47am

“Aren't they suppose(sic) to be the people who DON'T want war and who consider Trump to be a fascist traitor???”


“A strong national defense must include aspects that go beyond military might.  Our national security also depends upon a strong domestic economy, a stable federal budget, a healthy environment, and an international regard as a responsible member of the world community…..We recognize that current national security policies should take into consideration their downstream effects and unintended consequences.  In that regard, we recognize that the current level of military spending hinders our government's ability to deal with domestic priorities, including unemployment, the national debt, and environmental degradation.”

California Democratic Party Platform

Parenthetically, it is easier to find the platform of Germany’s National Democratic Party than the platform of the U.S. Democratic Party.  The only stated platform I found on a casual search were those of California and Texas.  Although, they are almost, each, a separate country, they aren’t.

Also, in every modern convention of either Republican or the Democratic Party, a platform is constructed almost as a quaint matter of historical interest; not something anyone is bound to, or will even give lip service to.  To quote Mango Mussolini, “So sad.”

To answer your question; I don’t think Democrats are anti-war, they regard war as a last option and regard national defense as an expenditure that ought not wreck the economy or deny funding for necessary social programs.

By contrast, many Republicans feel that the  ONLY national expenditure should be for defense, and view defense, not as a defense of the people, but of business interests abroad.

Given that business has come uncoupled from either national boundaries or the labor populations within those boundaries, the security interests of the average American are not those of international business.


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