DeFence of "SELF", a Justification

TEACHER : "Use defeat, defense and detail in a sentence".

LITTLE BILLY: "When de Wabbit jump over defense, defeat goes over defense before detail."




Fendo, fendere - Latin verb: to push from

De fend-push out from (a fixed point)

Of fend- push away from

Fence- Boundary, Border, maker of good neighbors


What is "Justice"?


It happens that the County Courthouse in Marion Ohio was built with a statue of "The Lady Justice" surmounting the top of it's tower. It also happened that sometime in the 1950's or 60's that statue disappeared from the top of the tower dome and was seen no more. (A typical High School Seniors prank -seniors were a little more ambitious in those days)


Some time in the '90s, the statue of Lady Justice mysteriously turned up in a local farmer's barn. He naturally did not know how it had come to be there, but Marion County was glad to have it back and didn't pursue the matter. ( how do you "prosecute" someone for doing something that is clearly impossible? i.e., stealing a half ton statue from the top of a courthouse?) ( justice is in the eye of the beholder)


The Statue was exhibited in the rotunda of the courthouse while arrangements were made to restore it to its perch atop the courthouse.


It happened that I have a friend who practices law in Marion, and he had a daughter of about 8 at that time, and she saw and was impressed with "The Lady Justice" and would stand and admire the statue when she visited the courthouse with her father.


Came the time when "Lady Justice" was returned to her place atop the courthouse. My friend's daughter missed her and asked where she was? My friend pointed her out atop the courthouse.

His daughter asked, "What's she doing up there?"

He replied, "She's hiding from the Lawyers"


It's only 95% of the Lawyers who give the others a bad name. My friend is (usually) part of the other 5% (he also has a pretty keen wit)


Justification: Latin: Ius Facio : To make or fix "Right" (Harmony/Balance)

Associated with Libra-(Free) The Scales


What does "justification" mean?

"Justification" is the literal "making" or "fixing" of "Right" (Ius ,Iuris)-harmony, balance "righteous in the eyes of God, upright and impartial," O.Latin ious, lit. "sacred formula," -a "Right" is a "mandate by Nature to a behavior, state of being, or course of action" cf. Justice, Jury ."Harmony and balance" in society are achieved by noting and respecting "Rights"


It is "Right", not in the sense of "Correct" according to and in agreement with law or rules, but rather "Right" as in Harmonious, Fair, and Balanced as perceived by the emotions and intuition. It is in the same sense that one "Justifies type", making an harmonious and balanced composition. It is not of "Reason", but of emotion and intuition.


This gives rise to the paradox of "Legal" vs "Just"

Declaim, scream, yell, ignore as you will, in the end you cannot deny that the perception of "Justice" is not of "Reason"(Legalities) but of Intuition"(Experience/Perception)


The Asymptotic approach of "Law" to "Justice"


There was a missionary who became the village idiot of a tribe in Africa. He accomplished this by bringing forth a Photograph of his Wife, and,

displaying it,

said, "This is my Wife"

Ever after he was laughed at as "The Man who believes he is married to a piece of paper"


Laws are the "Blueprint/plans" for a society- (Just or not)

Our society is meant to be "Just" so our Laws are meant to be the "blue print" of a "Just" society

Some things you believe not because they are "True", but because they are "Right"

This is why "Law" may be "close" to "Justice" but never achieves it. Law approaches "Justice asymptotically, as a limit.


"Law " is never "Justice" in the same sense that knowledge is not wisdom.


What is the difference between the Wisdom of Solomon

 and the "knowledgeable" decision of the village elder  (Lawyer) opining  "Cut the Baby in Half!"?

( which means in practice that the baby must be divided into two parcels of 35% to the claimants and two parcels of 15% for the Lawyers)

Which is forever after codified by legislation (Did I mention that it's usually the village elder who sets himself up to legislate?) stating that in the case of 2 claimants for a baby, that baby shall be divided as 35% to each claimant and 15% to each Lawyer. So let it be written, so let it be done. 

(Do you begin to see how our "legislation" is currently made by our “senators” (Senex-old, senior,senile)


Don't set out to sea on the blueprints for your boat.


As an illustrative aside


I have by times and in fits and starts worked as a sculptor in clay, fiberglass, steel, and junk.

I have conceived in my mind a statue dedicated to " The Spirit of Mankind"

I've meant to build it for 40 years.


My definition of "Mankind' is: A Wind-driven device for pissing at the Wind


I have sketched blueprints for such a device to be set up as a garden fountain, along the lines of garden Gnomes, Flamingos, and Glass Balls.


These blueprints detail a basic windmill and vane which both drives a pump to propel a stream of water and  orients the blissfully self cooling manikin so that he sprays his bravado at the proper  assaulting air current. The mechanism is really rather trivial  and the play on Characterization is limitless ( Obama? Bush? Use your imagination) My desire was for a heroic bearded and Herculean figure, laughing - about 30 feet high and situated somewhere near Times Square. (Note- need to assess wind currents )

("Womankind" is the companion piece, a statue of a hard pressed primal mother, nursing a child, cooking spitted meat over a fire, and  looking at "Mankind" while rolling her eyes)


I do not here abandon my claim to have originated the concept of such a characterization or device, But I place it before the public as a concept. I invite artists or entrepreneurs to embody it, because, though I see where the novelty might make me a wealthy vendor of garden paraphernalia or an acclaimed artist, I have realized that I haven't the wherewithal to embody it. And if someone else will create and bring it forth into reality, I might be able to spend my declining years in my garden, listening to the wind and "mankind's" reply. I cannot sit and experience a blueprint, or a concept. It is real to the Mind, but it is not Reality.


So "The Law" is to "Justice"


Do not , ever, mistake or substitute  the concept, the design, the plans, the blueprints, for the actual reality and/or experience of the thing conceived.


When the blueprint says it's "Right" and the ship capsizes on being launched, it isn't the sunken ship that is "Wrong"


So when I set out to "Justify" DeFence of "SELF", I will not consult any laws of man or logic, but will seek to show when and why DeFence of " SELF" is harmonious, balanced and "Just".


How does one "Justify"

DeFence of Self?


The first requirement of a harmonious appraisal of ones "Right"(natural inclination) to defense of Self is the Definition (Finis-End /Limit) and DeTermination ( Terminus-end)  of De Fence that DeLineates one's "SELF"

What CAN you include within De Fence of your SELF?

What is it permitted for you to include?

What is it forbidden for you to include?

Who has the Authority to decide?

To Whom do You allow the authority?

What Do YOU include as SELF within TheFence?


Good Fences make good neighbors.

They also make good "SELF"s

Know Thyself

Know Thy Limits.
Know the boundaries that mark the "fence" of your   "SELF"


The first "given" is that YOU define the fence of your SELF

This does not mean that you can or may then therefore and of right control all that you define as "SELF"

Harmony demands that you include only that which you CAN control, or that which you are content to accept as beyond your individual ability to control

There are also ethical considerations about the will of others to define themselves in areas that overlap  your  SELF


I like the term "To Own" as a way of describing an experience or a belief as a part of what is included within the fence of the SELF.

Robin had a recent post where she "Owned" having "stripped " at the age of 10 for an audience of sailors.

She was challenged for this by ….who felt that such "Exploitation" was shameful and must be presented as a shameful episode, if at all. Robin refused to do this, and said she "OWNED" this as an experience in her life. I side with Robin, without at all meaning to offend or disparage ....,.

Life IS.

 One feels as one feels.

“Make it didn't happen” doesn't work, I felt as I felt;

I feel as I feel

I OWN it.

 It is within De Fence of my SELF


The second "given" is that OTHER (not SELF) will attempt to force ITs definition of your SELF upon you.

Other can and will attempt to define/delimit your SELF, both as a means to control your SELF( thereby enlarging its SELF) and a means to defend its SELFs from your SELF

Other can not, but will try to, tell you that you may not OWN that as self, because it is dangerous

Other can not, but will try to, tell you that you may not OWN that as self, because it has no value

Other can not, but will try to, tell you that you may not OWN that as self, because it encourages OTHER's dependent selves to view the dangerous as not dangerous

Other can not, but will try to, tell you that you may not OWN that as self, because it encourages the predators to think they are "Normal" and have a "RIGHT" to do as we forbid them


My wife worked in Children's Services in a county where incest was a way of life.

It was usually not hard to sort out the EVIL of such exploitation.

Burt She still wonders about the "Good" done for some children, who were adamant that daddy loved them  and Sex was just one of the ways daddy showed he loved them.  At what point does "Public Approval" conquer "Free Will?" Read  "If all Men were brothers would you let one marry your sister?" Also, many of the Robert Heinlein stories. Incest?  I find it repugnant. May I forbid it to you?  I plead "None of my Business" ( child rape is something else- that is my business)


Polygamy?  That actually is a little bit attractive to me. ( Don't tell my wife) May I forbid it to You? I plead "None of my Business"


Homosexuality? God, I am so not interested. (I plead 5 disgusting brothers and 18 years of wrestler locker rooms) None of my business.


What is the "Justification"/balance you strike between "SELF" and "OTHER"?


Who/what is "Other"?  Other individual  personalities are relatively negligible in their attempts to force your definition of DeFence of your SELF 

"OTHER" in its most aggressive form is "The State", or "Government",or any body or corporation which attempts to coerce your perception and definition of SELF and behavior.


What is the "Justification"/balance you strike between "SELF" and "OTHER"?

 There is the  problem of "Legal" or “Logical” limits to SELF  vs SELF defined limit.


This is not to deny Thee existence of the an “objective” REALTY shared with what I am at least provisionally willing to block off as other “Selfs”( because they claim some form of “self”hood)

Thou “s, as it were

To aid the comprehension of this, I have for about 40 years divided the Universe into

“Real I ty” and “Realty”

“Realty” is the universe of properties and values and the trade and imposition of them among Selfs

“Real I ty”, is my ( and by extension YOUR- though by definition, not the same) universe of perception

These are roughly “objective” vs “subjective”, “Symbolic” vs “Experiential”,

Logical vs Intuitve

Note that “Realty” is Reality without the “I”

Reality always comes from/with an “I” (SELF)


“Objectivity” purports to be “Self” less

It is the viewpoint of “Realty”

All, every experience, every thought, every work of art or science

Is to be weighed and converted to  “Properties” which may be traded

Logic ( Literally from logos: symbol manipulation.) and symbols are “Self” less

Property is “Self”less

“Objectivity”  is “Self”less


“Objectivity”  is “Death” ,fixed, unmutable

To be “objective is to be “dead”

Next time someone claims “Objectivity” check his pulse


Subjectivity is self will, self definition, no rules, no society.

Subjectivity is each to his own perceptions, defending his fence.


“Real I ty” is our true subjective world of existence, each and everyone swallowed whole and reveling in his singular and unique universe of perception. And ultimately loneliness


Communion, community (co munio- to strengthen together) is the sharing of our individual realities by means of changing the value, the individual “Coinage” of our experiences and intuition, Real I ty, for the more common and more base, but more negotiable coinage of Realty- symbols and the manipulation of symbols- Logic.


The “moneychangers” Christ drove from the temple are not the ones who trade in mere negotiable gold or jewels, they are the ones who steal from individual faith and Real I ty, by giving false symbols for real and valuable experience. ( Ah, you didn’t see nuthin, it’s swamp gas)

Beware how very easily they value The “Priceless” as “Worthless”

(Can’t set a value on your cat’s life? Ok it’s worthless)


I believe we too often misuse the term “Reason” in these days/our culture

Too often, it is used to imply only “an ability to do logic”, and intuition is dismissed as “magic”

Reason, to me, implies the use of both of mankind’s judgment making facilities.

A true SELF recognizes the power and validity of BOTH Symbol manipulation (Logic)

And Experiential learning (Intuition) ( One of these days I’ll explain to you how “Magic” works)


My  “SELF” is both. My Being is, however, subjective. My Reality knows no “other”.


Personally, I think of my SELF as a Fwee Wange Wabbit.

I jump over de fence without defeat and thereby hangs detale

The best defence is no’fence.

All of my Real I ty , (Subjectivity-the space I live in) exists solely as my perceptions, and

no 'fence meant, but   I "OWN" it ALL! - These are ALLmy perceptions, these are All my experiences. NoThing exists that is not part of my "SELF"

Like Monstro, I swallow it all .


I may adjust the attitude of anyone who offends me

I am very hard to offend

So long as I do not harm, I do not become a “Bad Person”

The best and most “justified” Self Defense is the art of “Attitude Adjustment”


And that’s the Art of de Fence of Self

I justify my self defence by being de fence less.


Next time:


Hare Jitsu, the Marital Art of being de Fence less

As taught by Sensei Bugsu Bunyo


An example of Hare Jitsu (Har-ee Jeet-sue-: Literally : “mad as march hare”)


I lived for a time in Westerville, Ohio- a somewhat upscale/middleclass suburb of Columbus.I had a house with a drive that went beside it to an open parking area at the back of my house. Along the side of the drive opposite the house was a tall fence

This created a space behind the house which was not readily visible from the street, and in that space was parked a “vintage” ( ok, very used) Volvo


One summer night about midnight, I got up from the couch where I had been reading, to go to bed. My wife was off visiting her sister, so I had spent the evening in a darkened house with the windows open, and the air conditioning off.


As I was closing one of the side windows, I heard voices, and on looking back toward the Volvo, I saw the glow of cigarettes in the dark. There were three late teen, early twenties, kids- boys, sitting on my car smoking and quietly talking.


I didn’t really think they were doing anything in particular, except hanging out in a dark place where patrolling police wouldn’t see them. And they weren’t really hurting anything .But, I’d seen cigarette butts back there before and I didn’t really want my backyard to become a hangout.


So what to do. A good citizen would probably have just called the cops, but I really wasn’t in the mood to deal with cops, and I didn’t want the kids either being hassled by cops for really not doing much of anything , or harboring a grudge against me for turning them in.


I also wasn’t too certain how they would take it if I went out to talk to them. Most kids in Westerville were no more than average surly, but there had been incidents of fights and kids carrying weapons. I could have walked out there with a pistol, but that would have just irritated them. I don’t really know how much damage I could have done to them in a “free-for-all”, but I know how much damage they’d probably do to me.  With three of them and no option but to shoot them if things turned violent, I didn’t want to set up that situation.


Chances were that if I went out and just asked them politely to leave, they would. But the chance was real that I might provoke some kind of confrontation. And they were being “Mostly Harmless” but I really wanted them to quit using my yard as a gathering place. And I didn’t want them coming back later “disgruntled’ and trashing my house or car.


So what the heck. I was wearing South Park shorts, an OSU buckeye T-shirt and flip flops. I added to that a German WWII “Coal Scuttle” helmet and an 8mm Mauser rifle, which is about 5’1/2 feet long including a 12 inch Bayonet.


I stepped out the side door, put the rifle to port arms, and “goose-stepped” up to them.

I said, in my best Artie Johnson, accent, “Vat are you boys doink?”

After a stunned silence, one answered “Nothing!”

I said,” I vould really appreciate it greatly if you vould do it somevere else”

They went away.

I never saw them again.




Fwee Wange Wabbit vs Roger's Rabbit (Michael Moore)(Who fwamed woger wabbit vs "Meet the Meat" douglas adams 

Schrodinger's Rabbit


Pacifism vs Passivism

Community: On being First Person Plural. Active Voice

Just keep turning left, you'll get there eventually

Two wrongs don't make a Right but three Lefts do


This was the most convoluted verbal and logical journey I have ever taken. Thank you!

I was starting to go a little cross-eyed in the midst of your exhaustive looping madness of mighty words and definitions when I hit the story of the kids, backed up and re-read it.

Fantastic solution.

The moral, I assume, is that in any given situation a creepy fake Nazi is pretty fucking intimidating when weilding a Mauser.

I laughed my ass off.

“Speak softly, wear a “Coal Scuttle”, and carry a Bayoneted Mauser”

Does have a “Ring” to it, alright.

Most situations respond to a creative non-harmful solution of attitude adjustment.
Some Don’t.

The reality of that situation was that
I was never in the armed services, but as a product of my fathers ‘50s Scout Troop I learned
Always Be Prepared,
I had had training in both Bayoneting and Butt-Stroking.
Scouting was unabashedly paramilitary in those days.

Had the kids turned violent, I felt confident I could have “butt-stroked” all three before they got their act together- Last ditch I had a round chambered. (Safety on/muzzle to the side ) ( No, I probably wouldn’t have shot them, but the muzzle blast would have shaken them up and summoned the police) THEN I’d butt-stroke them.

Read your Pink Pistols Blog- Glad to find you here! Wonderful stuff!

And “an exhaustive looping madness of mighty words and definitions” so wonderfully discribes the effect I was striving for. I don’t expect many people to “Get” what I’m trying to do- Robin Sneed, dianaani, and Seer, are three who usually do, I’m glad to find another.
Thank you for your kind words
And thank you for “Getting” it.

note- for those of you who are not familiar with the term, “butt-stroking” as used here, it is not usually perceived as a sexual caress and certainly is not a “Boy Scout Fetish” ( but I’ve heard of some surprising fetishes in my time, so I wont rule it out as someone’s favorite )
Token...damn you for making me think! I just moved yesterday...and I have fifteen things to do....and I will be thinking about this and come back for a discussion!

This is beautifully done....though few understand defense of self....thank you for talking about my experiences as owned....I think that is of the utmost importance in self defense...xoxoxox
I LOVE this.

It's perfect.

It's like a really seriously special PBS program that is so involved in explanation that you'd better be paying attention. *Close* attention. Or you're gonna miss it - and you really don't want to miss it.

Rated for Token crazy with the language :D.

Thank you for reading and "getting" this. I appreciate not having time to keep up on OS posts, I'm having some trouble on that line myself. In fact, I will be "off the Net" until at least Monday Night ( Can you believe their are places without internet? )(oops- I work in one) Anyway, please do comment, one of the reasons for writing this was looking forward to discussing it with you. PM if that's an easier way to organize your thoughts, I'm looking forward to hearing them


Thank you as well - never thought of myself as PBS material- I'm usually shooting for the "Military Comedy" channel . As with Robin, I'm always delighted to hear your thoughts. I really wasn't certain their were any people out there who are crazy enough to "Get" this style of writing. Thanks for getting it.
I feel like it's late, we've all had a few beers, and we get into this long winded discussion of self, of defense, of word origins, of anecdotal evidence, until it is transcribed into something like this post.

Some of my favorite bits are the aphorisms: "Don't set out to sea on the blueprints for your boat." and "justice is in the eye of the beholder."

I also wonder, since you mentioned it twice, what is the significance of 40 years. It almost sounds biblical. Or maybe it's your birthday.

I'm still on vacation, but found a moment to login and read and comment and rate. Feel lucky!

This is what comes of being away from the library/bookstore and having to fall back on (Over?) my bookcase This could also be titled “Moby Rabbit” It’s the result of Re reading “Kim”, Moby Dick”, “In No Sense a Broad”(By Two Fathom), and “The Return of Sherlock Holmes” over the last week. Mix well with Negra Modelo (Well, the first one anyway, after that anything dark and cheap works) and Bugs Bunny cartoons. Add Robin and my banterings about our impressions of the pornography vs burlesque of violence in cinema. Shake well. Serve before sobering up. Hope you’re having a good vacation. Thanks for your (as always) perceptive critique. No particular conscious reference to 40- but maybe a subconscious reference to concepts acquired mid 20’s re-evaluated mid 60’s, and still found to be serviceable, if a little more ornate and less clear cut.
sorry I missed this while my computer was being fixed. You are irreplaceable.

Sorry to have not acknowleged your comment for so long, I must confess I don;t check my posts as often as I would like. Thank you so much for your kind words, and thank you for stopping by

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