deep in the heart of miles and miles of texshus

Being away from the computer for a week, I'm having difficulties getting my oversized head and dark little heart into writing much.. it seems. Maybe-- don't know where to begin, but here's to trying . . .



Knowing Eli was graduating "A" school at hospital corpsman training for the Navy in San Antonio, Texas- I hatched a crazy scheme to drive there and pick him up while meeting some OS friends on the way. 

First stop was at Harry's,  Harry's Ghost  who insisted on taking me out for dinner at the Keg in Arlington, where we

were joined by desert_rat. desert_rat To avoid an hour wait, we opted for outdoor seating which was fine by me as the weather was nice and the sun was setting like a Texas ruby red grapefruit on the Arlington sky line.

The waitress in her black and rather short form fitting dress was no less than stunning but had a run in her matching black hosiery in the back, left leg, just below the hemline. In her defense it was in a place that was probably really hard for her to see. 

The food was marvelous however, and the three of us talked of fracking, OS, Texas politics, happiness, despair, OS, divorce... back to happiness, etc..



 The green Cheshire toured me all over the metroplex. Here, heading deep intoDeep Ellum.



where we met up with OS blogger kfffggfuckyou  kfffggfuckyou 



saw Nora Jones



 had breakfast at Cafe Brazil



 on to Fair Park, Dallas-- toured the car museum



did downtown Fort Worth, then spent a couple of hours at the Japanese Gardens there. . .(see Harry's recent post)


before heading for bbd's bbd for steak dinner prepared by Barry himself, whom I had heard was a decent cook. I can now confirm that-



Back to the plan. Replacing Barry's deck. . which we mostly did complete Monday, with forty mph winds and under a tornado watch most of the day. 




Barry (left) and Harry's Ghost on Barry's re-worked porch. At this point my legs felt likes Rick James' must have after the Murphy brothers couch incident. I may be out of shape, a bit. 



Though a week later than originally thought Eli was finally released for leave, so I headed miles and miles further, deeper into the heart of Texas, through Austin, further yet- to San Antonio.

There, we met at McDonald's just off the base (YAY). E's corpsman buddy Lickity took this pic. I asked him if that was his real name or a cruel Navy nickname, to which he looked me eye to eye and replied "yeah, Lickity is my real last name, dammit. I have to own it."

Poor bastard...



 We did not forget the Alamo


 Or the river walk 




blue bells in San Antonio. Blue bell season is a big deal in Texas




Thursday, we clicked our heels three times and arrived back in Kansas-- after only twelve straight hours on the road! 

Friday morning, back home- looked outside and noticed I have blue bells too!! The weather is gahgeous, like perfect. I mowed the grass and green onions yesterday. The aroma of hillbilly lawn still lingers.

Eli is home for ten days and all is good with the universe.

Much thanks to my old virtual-- new real life Texas friends...

... still, there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's....



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