The founding documents of our country make much better sense if you think of their authors as "Friends of Bill". Bill W, not C (as an aside, yahoo suggests a search for DEAD Friends of Bill, which is interesting in itself, but I digress)

Bill W. is Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. So, "Friends of Bill" is a discreet way for members to refer to their "Cosa Nostra' (lit: Our Thing) without drawing undue attention to themselves.(So, now you know who holds all those meetings every evening, on every cruise ship I've ever been on)

And though it is interesting to note (and I reserve the right to further cogitation upon) the similarity of AA and The Founding Fathers both as a secret society as well as avid tipplers, the point of reference for understanding is in the fundamental definition of existence in terms of the figure/ground relationship of self/higher power.


At the time of our country's founding, the existence of a christian/catholic/protestant "God" and the nature of "his" relationship to the selfhood/soul of each individual was every bit as much a matter of debate as it is today. That is why the freedom of conscience WAS the first of the rights addressed in the Bill of Rights. If an individual is not free to consult the dictates of his own conscience, he cannot in any other way exercise free will. Conscience is that "Higher Power" by which one judges ones own actions and thoughts.

For many members of AA, "Higher Power" is synonymous with "God". For ease of understanding our founding documents, it is very helpful to any who have qualms or questions about the meaning of the term "God" as used in those documents, to simply replace "God" with "Higher Power" in each occurrence. I most often replace it with "Conscience", which. IMHO, is a term which would carry the same meaning for our founders as "God", without the freight of excess baggage the various religions add to the stew of semantics.

But, along with the friends of Bill, i believe that the best way to put our addiction to politics into terms understandable and acceptable to the most people, is to think of our mutual relationship to government's "Higher Power"(per documents "God") in terms of our individual relationship to our individual "Higher Power"(s) (Collective Conscience)

ie:   We The People........ US


PS  I admit it, the title is cheap sensationalism, I just like the way it conjures up a certain image.... you know, all those dead precedents

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Comment by Ron Powell on June 12, 2017 at 8:23pm

The argument can be made that the Constitution was written and ratified by a bunch of sleep deprived substance abusers and alchoholics...

It might easily have been said that no sober individual would try to codify the notion that "all men are created equal".

Yet,  that, and other radically revoltutionary concepts were written into the document that we now revere as the law of the land.

The case can be made that the cause of congressional legislative paralysis is sobriety....

Too many 'alternative facts' and not enough altered states of consciousness.


Comment by JMac1949 Today on June 13, 2017 at 9:05am



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