Days Like This ~ Van Morrison Style (OS Archives 2011)

For today, the skies have cleared, the sun is shining !

Rays of light -- luscious, bright rays -- are brightening our world again.


~ When it's not always rainin'..there'll be days like like this ~


 (Please play for full effect of how great today feels.) 


Daffodil and narcissus, crocus and pansy, all blooming. Birds greedily grab fat worms from our bounteous flooded bog of a back yard...

...tendrils of warmth reach my bones.


Paperwhite Narcissus (Narcissus papyraceus) 

For the first time in over six months -- six months -- the temperature shyly dances toward seventy degrees.

Winter is long here.


~ When there's no one complainin'...there'll be days like this.. ~


 DSC_0583 (our violas waiting for snow to melt, just two weeks ago)


Also for the first time in six months, for one shining Today, I'm finding a smooth rhythm in my new waltz with Life in my fifties... 


~ Everything drifts into place, like a flick of a switch. ~ 


 pics 218


The promise of more blossoms, the warming rays, my heart's desires, all conspire...


Well, my momma told me, there'd be days like this ~  


pics 216

( flowers soon to come...) 


~ When you don't need to worry...there'll be days like this. ~  


pics 280 (...even more to come...)


~ On days like this ~


 I dance. 


~ I must remember...there'll be days like this ~ 


This year, here in southern Oregon, for one day of long-missed sun, this last day of going out like a sweet baby lamb. 

May Warmth enter into your days... 





 The Paperwhite Narcissus image courtesy of

All other images are from our yard, some now, some last year. 


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MARCH 31, 2011 8:56PM

WHOOHOO 21 DAYS OF RAIN GONE.. Spreading sunshiine up your way for those beauties..
rated with hugs
my advice= listen to nothing but van the man
for awhile, as spring breaks her hibernation
and nature and wind and
sun and
smooth rhythms
engulf your winter-scarred soul
Linda: Isn't it awesome !??
Lovely! Overcast here today...but soon...very soon...probably one more snow! xox
I plugged in my speakers, just for you,
just for this.
Thanks so much for sharing happiness.
James: excellent advice ! : ) ...and to you...
Robin: It will be cold again here in the mountains by Saturday...soon it will stay for both of us : )
Kim: I hope you had some nice grooves on a day like this. Yes! Let's celebrate happiness when she arrives : ) 

The spring winds here invigorate the whole valley, flocks of migrating vultures glide north between the mountain ranges...
I have to tell you though, those pansies look like little blue Tinkertinks ... and now I can't get it out of my mind !
And I love pansies !
Those Violas were so brave!!!
there's not much i love more than listening to van morrison singing with a hot band and a saxophone playing behind him. so so so good. thanks for this.
Oh beauteous! I would love to be there in another month, full radiant glory.
Classic Van Morrison- thanks for a day like this: great music on a warm & sunny day with your beautiful photos.
Gorgeous! Here the blooms are on the trees and the temperature has yet to be correctly regulated in the office buildings...I like your version of early spring better!
Thank you, JT ! You've made my day with these magnificent words and images. I adore violets and popies. The latter are found all along the roadsides in Turkey and we call them "gelincik"= little brides. It is April, after all!
Kim: I see him! Now those little pansies will never look the same, that is so funny...
zanelle: They held up well ! It would have been nice of me to knock off the snow...which I did, after the photo : )
femme: You're welcome! Nothing like Van...

I guess this is like an April Fool's Day post for the northeast...but that was our storm a few days ago : )
Thanks, Oryoki, nice to have you come by...
lschmoopie: Van is just the best for getting a good mood on after way too much winter!
Alysa: We have just two days of sun and warmth, tomorrow will be back to high of 50 degrees F....*sigh*
Fusun: When we bought our first house a year ago, the only redeeming feature was the garden...poppies everywhere, they're so lovely! I like "little brides" as a name for them...
(A year later, our house is slightly less ugly, remodeling on a shoestring budget is just too slow!...but we have a house, I'm glad for just that : ))
Amazing what a little bit of sunshine can do for you. Loved the snow covered flowers.r
YES! Thank You! I cranked this up and got a smile. The sun finally came out after a week of dark, dreary and chilly weather and the VanMan is the perfect remedy!!
I just finished reading an unpublished manuscript at work written by a huge Van the Man devotee. It makes liberal use of a lot of his song lyrics. Simple, beautiful stuff. R.
Can't wait for the warmth. Love Van Morrison. This made me feel better despite the snow, which has fallen furiously all day. R Everytime I try to imbed a song, it doesn't work.
Sheba: I'm glad to share the music and flowers! I give thanks to Linda who told me the video tricks, I PM'ed you... 
(click "old embed code" if anyone else is having trouble) 
: )
I cannot tell you how much I admired these photographs, so much so that I wished I could click on them and get the camera type and settings. Great, great work.
Thanks for the bursts of spring!
beautiful photos
delightful, poetic words
rated with love
just thinking...goes who's greatest hits are on my Ipod touch? Love this man.( Bright side of the street, my fave..loved the movie Michael, that this song was in.) What beautiful spring flowers! My yard? Still dull! Pics coming soon..haha! My son Matt( Army) got assignment to Washington state, close to you! Very close to where we had honeymoon, Vancouver Is. Lovely out there and you can pick cherries off trees in any park!! Thanks for sharing your beauties!
yes spring is the best drug in the world but more so with your choice of music.
Oh just beautifully done. Thanks so nice to see your work again.
Gorgeous photos and yay Van! I'm a fan too.
Hugs, Erica
Well, it's not Spring, but after a very long dry spell with no days that have gone smoothly.....
it's a day like this!! Yay!!!
Cheers from Oregon ~


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