Danger! The Radioactive Wild Boars of Fukushima!

2000 Radioactive Wild Boars Threaten Fukushima


In the wake of the reactor disaster at Fukushima due to the tsunami, that wreaked havoc upon the Japanese coast and into the mainland researchers have struggled with bizarre implications of deadly radiation released after the containment structure failed. Impossible for all the eventualities to be anticipated, the aftermath has been a grim lesson in radioactive contamination. With a half-life that could remain for a long time to come tests have shown how the ocean floor and continental shelf show radioactive readings.

Worst fears

Worst of all are the unanticipated side effects upon living creatures who have survived the initial exposure. Wild Boars in the region, normally shy, toward the presence of people have become aggressive and dangerous; it’s not just from their tusks either! These contaminated beasts who once were a source of game for hunters are now a major radioactive threat to people if contact is made. Even their behavior has changed seemingly gone into madness from the effects of the deadly radiation that has befallen the entire area now.

War on mutants

With many already evacuated still some residents remain and stay to recover their land and to try to lead a normal life again. With japan already, host to numerous giant Hornet nests capable of killing both children and adults. The new threat is the wild Boars apparently driven mad and ready to attack any humans they get near. Now paid hunters are being contracted to shoot the wild boar and collect the bodies to prevent scavenging of the radioactive carcasses! Just as the many Hornets nests having to be found and destroyed now the addition of radioactive hostile wild Boars has made the forests of Japan a dangerous place for hikers and residents who may unsuspectingly fall prey to these crazed beasts!

Ominous possibilities

Some species have perished from the initial exposure while others developed cellular and DNA mutation, which caused deformities as in fish while the Wild Boars become not only contaminated but their behavior has radically changed as well. Like some science fiction horror movie the results of the radiation at Fukushima have indeed caused eerie side effects that could never have been predicted. Where the radiation has leached into the great depths of the ocean where giant squid and other odd creatures live. scientists can only speculate over what may occur with marine life there!




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Comment by Ron Powell on January 23, 2019 at 3:55am

"Where the radiation has leached into the great depths of the ocean where giant squid and other odd creatures live. Scientists can only speculate over what may occur with marine life there."

Maybe they should build a wall...
Comment by Doc Vega on January 23, 2019 at 8:19am

Yeah Ron funny. Maybe you should smoke another joint.


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