The Pine tree stands in fourth position

Balanced on tiny feet

Listening to a symphony

We cannot hear.


Sometimes we hear

A murmuring of voices

As the resinous ensemble

Sways in rapture


Only the wind knows

The music of the spheres

The celestial sounds

The pine tree hears.


We only see the dance

The sweep of arms

On moonlit nights

Beneath the stars


Groves of pines

Are often cast

As lonely places

Cold and dark


But ask the pine

About its sight

About the limiting of light

And it will only sigh


And say that Seeing is

So much more than light

Seeing is courage

Through a starless night


Seeing is faith

That all will

 Be Made right

That day will follow night.


The pine tree knows

That the wind only blows

To move its boughs

In homage to Serenity.


And drop its needles

To the forest floor

To muffle our indifferent feet;

That we might hear the music more.

Pine Grove

Schuykill County, Pennsylvania

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Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on February 2, 2018 at 5:16am

:)  marvelous!!


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