This started out as a comment on Kosher's blog, but the analogy struck me so I decided to follow through on it...for those of you of a non nautical bent, to “con” a ship means to Captain it, including but not limited to the “steering” of the ship. I like the term because, as it applies to the Imperial Presidency, the term “Con” has a nicely political meaning as well......

Trump IS dangerous, but his "base" is not that loyal. I voted for him, but only to prevent the entrenchment of EITHER (in this case Democrat, in 4 to 8 years republican) major party. To me, the dangers inherent in The Donald are the dangers inherent in an Imperial Presidency. You can't govern and keep the nation whole when half the country hates you and must be coerced into "obedience". Didn't work for Obama, isn't going to work for Trump.

Trump hasn't had 15 years to put together a fanatic following (as did Hitler)- He's more like Casey at the bat, and I think he knows it. If he “Strikes Out”,his fans will dump him like a hot rock. He doesn't want wealth and power, he has those. He's after a place in History as a GREAT leader.

The danger he represents isn't so much that he's going to hijack the ship of state, it's that he doesn't know how to steer it, but he's a Hot Dog, that isn't going to stop him, he'll hot rod it around until he burns out the engines and/or runs it aground.

Why did I vote for Donnie instead of Hillary? The Clinton's represent the opposite problem, they understand all too well how to Con the Ship of state, but THEIR intent IS to Hijack it....

Why have I been saying we would have been better off with Ben Carson? Because he's the opposite of a Hot Rod. He has no idea how to run the ship, but is wise enough to know that, and would have allowed those under him to guide him, his role would have been more ceremonial.

So, how about the guy I voted for in the Primary, Bernie Sanders? I would 1000% rather give him the keys than Trump, he's an honorable man and he knows the ropes.... only problem with him is that no one really seems to know for sure where he'd take us.......and the Senate damn sure wouldn't let him try.

If I'd been given free choice of “Captains” this past election, I'd have chosen John Kasich, someone who was my representative to congress when I lived in Westerville Ohio, and someone I know from personal experience and observation to be a capable and, more importantly, a modest and honorable man who can be trusted with more power than any one man SHOULD be trusted with.

What's the answer? Take back some of the power the presidency has stolen from the legislature.

Ideally, the situation would be Ben Carson in a mostly ceremonial presidency working the “Con”, with John Kasich as Vice President, and thereby president of the Senate, in a much more Prime Minister like role of government by the Legislature... ie the People, as it was meant to be.

As always, I welcome your comments, but as always please be thoughtful, I'm getting kind of tired of seeing the wrinkled old asses of those superannuated children who cannot resist the attention they get when they “Show their Asses”(Colloquial around this part of Ohio for the stupidity shown by those who have nothing to contribute, but say it anyway) ( cf. “Mooning”)

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Comment by cheshyre on January 30, 2017 at 10:09pm

It was great seeing the anointed Shrillary be "trumped". All these women claiming that electing a woman who acts like a man would somehow validate their gender is self-sexism at its extreme. (Whereas a woman honest enough to be herself would be an incredible breath of fresh air in that stale oval office.) Queen H outsmarted herself with her manipulative dishonesty.

But the best part about Trump is it rips off America's mask on how holy we're always crowing to be. This craziness started under Obama and Trumpy is taking it to the next level. How can Obama go on now about we're "a nation of laws" when he as a matter of policy refused to prosecute those who broke it with high crimes and misdemeanors? This is an ugly America we're seeing now. Enjoy the mirror, folks.

But I sure wouldn't want a simpleton like Carson in charge. We tried that with 43. Kasich is more twisted the more you scratch him. Bernie would have slowed our self-implosion but there's no public will to stand up to the corporations and that makes the matter of who's President to be a moot one.

Comment by JMac1949 Today on January 31, 2017 at 6:28am


Comment by koshersalaami on January 31, 2017 at 7:11am

I don't share your opinion of either Obama or Trump. 

Obama spent eight years in a highly adversarial relationship with Congress that he didn't earn; in fact, the relationship started before he'd earned anything when Mitch McConnell (in the first of two major acts that undermined his country badly, the second being his refusal to consider the Supreme Court nominee of a sitting President) declared that getting Obama out of office was more important than accomplishing anything for the country - and did so within 48 hours of the inauguration. Obama was always way too conciliatory. When he went with a health care plan, he chose one written and tested by Republicans, but they demonized him anyway. Congress left the President with no choice. 

Also, the extent to which race came into play against a President who hardly ever allowed himself to allude to race was sickening. On that score, I'm afraid present company is included. 

The only really honest opposition to Obama came from the Left in terms of objections to military actions overseas, particularly against civilians; a marked tendency to coddle corporations; and a continuation of enhanced illegal civilian surveillance. That didn't go anywhere in part because the Right was no better (and the Right in Congress wouldn't object to any of this) and in part because most Americans rarely care who the US kills overseas. Overseas actions get attention if they're lurid enough, like Abu Greib or My Lai, but normally are ignored and have no serious effect on elections unless they involve a lot of American lives, particularly drafted American lives.

Trump does not think he is rich enough. If he did, he really would have put his business into a blind trust. Instead, he's running the White House to support his businesses, including selecting majority Muslim countries for the ban that do not have citizens who have committed terrorism against Americans and avoiding selecting those in which he does business. 

But the whole problem with Trump isn't Trump. The problem is that he's for all practical purposes turned the running of government over to Steve Bannon. Now we're dealing with someone seriously dangerous at the helm. What Trump just did with his security council was the equivalent of replacing Rommel with Goebbels. I've stated from time to time (before the fact) that Trump was going to perjure himself by taking the Oath of Office. That's exactly what he did. 

By the time this is over, Hillary will look like a comparative angel. 


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