Compliment to Steel Breeze & His Heigh-Ho WC Hero Post

Whoa! You repair, fix, wrench-ratchet-redux 'make it better' faster than Con Chapman writes! Faster than the news cycle!
I was going to say: Gloria and I thought of going up to Billy Mitchell Field --- where we used to park watching the submarine races with plans of Instagramming Air Force I (POTUS & Governor Walker yesterday brass-shoveled potholes---cutting ribbon for the controversial Foxconn Inc., in Mount Pleasant, WI. A well publicized, $3B State incentivized gargantuan-scale project for the cyber screen manufacturer of Tucheng-New Taipei, Taiwan. 13,000 family 'sportin jobs just around the corner.
You know Steel Breeze: vid and sync-score it. Along with John Fogerty's 'Hail to the Chief'. And I was going to tell you that 'tramps like us', in our final chapter, kept the fierce nuclear genie in the bottle, every moment, we got the job done. However, I popped the top of another double BECK's four pack (I'm preserving any number of soda/beer plastic holders for a visual project---anything to confuse the chipmunks---potential low rise fence). Oh did I mention I've roots in Mount Love Pleasant? Or that my ooh la-la Marilyn Monroe calendar June format images her with scarlet+indigo hue? (Marilyn's contemplatively gorgeous ofcourse in her straw hat) That these political pot-hole diggers at least one time take their butt pinching sound bites to the chair bound & bedridden VA wards.
Hey I wanted to flash-card you Mr. Magic Steel Breez regarding the June 2018 Smithsonian's Austin Clemons illustrative U.S.A. map (pg.19) 'Inventing America'. Marking our ten (10) millionth patent. With 20 fortunate county's from Schenectady, Clackamas, Boulder, Washtenaw et al. You know the whole 'stardust & golden' of it. See wrongs and try to right them~
Heavenly cause: bro.
'She was going to be an actress...'
Did I mention, help is on its way?
Meanwhile, you've got me 'flecting that God didn't play bumper-pool with the universe (I've been mentored to 'spot your own cliches': bingo!

Let's make it the Children's Century cuz!

Some of which prompts me to unfold a gratuity for the paperboy. Hey good buddy it's the only thing I could do half right! Thank you thank you for the storm sleet and hail of it!
Problem with being semi-retired; one gets the breaking news incessantly: 'Five are dead and another several are grievously wounded...'

Fill in the blanks!
Welcome home, Steel Breeze you know.
Bastards and cream, I have a dream! You can't generalize unless you're a general....
I mean really?! Where and when else would we see a crowd of children and adolescents without cyber-devices trying to rest and stay cool with aluminum foil blankets?
Forcibly absconded from parents bawling.
It ain't right, jim, Student skypes half-naked eroticly huddled amidst a heap of pine cones; holding books: 'Flight of the Vulcania' & A.A. Rodriguez's 'Eden and the Eastern Glow...'
Jesus! The wind in the kid's hair! She says, "I thought I heard you calling my name; all those who've suffered and lost." And I go: on the road??

Solitary proposition: Trump and Putin: 121 minutes with no commercial breaks. Talking IT out on world wide TV. POTUS says 'fake news' ad infinitum. Until there is nothing.
Nothing's bleak, we're not weak?
Fracking whoa!
I am out of peanuts!
Hey! Sunfish!
Steel Breez: holy rollin'!
Can four (4): maybe I'm just ... And now Harlan Ellison's passing only eighty-four (84) was just announced. We're bar-bussing to one big Jimmy Taylor show at Summerfest. Later, (sobriety and non-rising cricks God willin' I may type through my Baffjer-like essay about how time cards and GPAs have gotta go. Angst & stress. We've done our best. It wasn't much.
O! That Rachel Maddow be the next Supreme Court Justice.
Hey stay hydrated!
It's hot enough to fry an omelet on the hood of a junkyard Studebaker . . .

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Comment by Steel Breeze on July 1, 2018 at 6:40am

thx JP..

Comment by koshersalaami on July 2, 2018 at 7:53am

Con who?

Comment by J.P. Hart on July 2, 2018 at 9:36am

Steel Breeze~You're welcome. I also seriously respect your SETI endeavors

Foolish Monkey~What? That I should take and hitchhike to Saginaw

koshersalaami~Con Chapman: the marlin fisherman . . .


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