Over on Open Salon, someone asked me to comment on an article about the relative numbers of Islamic demonstrators compared to the total population of Islam. 

It was a good piece: 


But it instigated the following comment:

The numbers of Muslim demonstrators are minuscule....but their actions provide a pretext for further escalation. Those who wish to impugn a malignant motive to President Obama's handling of this event will, of course, always find a pretext to their imprecations, but we need not concern ourselves with them. They won't even realize that they've been contradicted so there's no point in addressing their concerns.

That said, I agree with your statistics and your conclusions....but we have to keep the context in mind:

In the West, we believe that the Crusades ended 700 years ago, when Christians started fighting each other in Europe instead of sending their armies to the Middle East.

In the East, they believe the Crusades have been going on for 1,000 years. They even call us "Crusaders."

The continuing efforts to inject Israel into the discussion conceals the reality that this conflict is about Christianity and Islam, not Islam and the United States. 

In this conflict, the United States is viewed as the standard bearer for Christianity. We have dubbed ourselves - or, rather, the radical right, has dubbed us - a "Christian" nation, and the Muslim world believes that propaganda. England doesn't refer to itself as a Christian Nation, and neither does France, Spain, Italy, or any other country in Europe, nor any other country in the Western Hemisphere. 

In fact, we have become the titular representative of the Christian world in this 1000 year long religious war....and that's the reason that the Muslims hate us, not because we happen to be there, or because we have oppressed them for the past 65 or 70 years, but because we represent another wave of Crusaders attacking the Holy Places of Islam. 

Muslims have a peculiar habit of declaring every inch of ground over which their armies have ever passed as holy ground to them. That means much of Spain, parts of France, Sicily, and Turkey, along with chunks of Russia and China, as well as every square inch of ground in the Middle East itself. 

It is not generally known in the West, but Islam operates under the assumption that all of the lands of the earth can be divided into two parcels: Dar al-Islam (land already conquered by Islam) and Dar al-Harb (land that still needs to be conquered by Islam.)

World domination is written into the Qur'an.

"The jihad is a global conception that divides the peoples of the world into two irreconcilable camps: that of the dar al-Harb, the “Territory of War,” which covers those regions controlled by the infidels; and the dar al-Islam, “the Territory of Islam,” the Muslim homeland where Islamic law reigns. The jihad is the normal and permanent state of war between the Muslims and the dar al-Harb, a war that can only end with the final domination over unbelievers and the absolute supremacy of Islam throughout the world." 

from http://www.eretzyisroel.org/~jkatz/mainreason.html. quoting from page 45 of "The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians Under Islam" by Bat Ye'or, a widely-discredited Egyptian-Jewish author and human rights activist. (She's right on her facts, but that never matters to apologists.) 

Now it may seem odd to quote a Muslim Sharia law from a Jewish source, but Muslim and Jewish scholars have been doing this for centuries. There's no disagreement, however, on the facts.

To offset claims of prejudice, here's a quote from a paper by two Muslim scholars on the same subject:

"These are lands of the territories whose people or inhabitants embraced Islam. This is automatically considered land owned by the Muslims and the Muslim jurists agree unanimously that it remains intact and nobody can take it away from them. It is left to its original owner and under the administration of the Islamic State. A hadith to support the above statement says that: A nation which embraces Islam secures its life and property."

In other words, it's a consequence of settled Islamic belief, written into the Qur'an, and subscribed to by all believing Muslims. (I am sorry but I lost the reference on this quote) that lands once conquered as always and forever belonging to the Umma, the people who comprise the Muslim community.

This is the reason that Islam doesn't accept, and can never accept, the state of Israel because the land on which Israel sits was once occupied by Islam and therefore belong to Islam forever.

Right now, in the present climate, I don't want to post an article on this premise where it will get too much attention  because this isn't the time to challenge the assumption that what's going on the Middle East right now is an aberration but I want to make sure the information remains in circulatioin.

Here's the problem: either you believe in the Prophet Mohammed and in the inerrancy of the Qur'an or you don't and, if you don't, you're not a Muslim. 

Therefore, as much as I wish it were otherwise, the fact remains that those who claim that the demonstrators are an aberration simply haven't actually read the source documents and the interpretations thereof.

Islam is bent upon world domination. Western capitalism is bent of world domination.

We're on a collision course. 

And like the captain of the Titanic, we just can't see it coming.

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Comment by Dan C. Boutwell on September 17, 2012 at 3:28pm

I believe what you say is true, and it frightens me.  What place does the "Arab Spring" hold?  Is it just a delusion?  Surely, the Arab world does not agree that it exists.

Comment by Alan Milner on September 17, 2012 at 4:21pm

Jan, you have no idea. I can see what's coming and I can only hope I won't live that long.  There is no resolution to this conflict other than a war like none we have ever seen.  And it's not that complicated because you don't have to dig down into the details to see the big picture.  

Dan, I don't want to be the boy who cried wolf, but I have spent 40 years in that world and I know it far better than I can describe here.  The madness is deep, wide, and strong.

Comment by Alan Milner on September 17, 2012 at 6:34pm

I often don't like your comments but, in the end, we are very close in terms of our very deep pessimism about the future.  I don't know when the wheels are going to come off, but I do know that we're going to experience a die-off that will break us back down to the stone age, or something close to it.  But the long-term ecological collapse may be a postscript to the imminent political collapse. 

Comment by Myriad on September 18, 2012 at 10:48am

Re the coming apocollapse, I'm glad I don't have grandchildren and that my children are old enough that they may be lucky enough not to be around for it.  I sometimes wonder about people who are cheerfully raising kids and cooing over grandchildren - well, I guess it's the way we toddle along, not thinking about the fact that we're gonna croak...except that I fret about it, some anyway...  Both my end and that of Civilization As We Know It.  We're so damned smart and so damned stupid...

Comment by Alan Milner on September 18, 2012 at 12:05pm

i am a diagnosed paranoid, so don't take me seriously, seriously.  But, really, I agree with you.  I had misgivings about having children myself for that same reason....and my son agrees with me.

Comment by old new lefty on October 16, 2012 at 3:17am

I'm sorry, but I think you're oversimplifying. The schism between the Sunni and Shiite sects are only the most prominent differences within the Muslim community.  The Muslim community embraces all manner of believers, including a goodly number of secular humanist types. It's my understanding that Sufis are also considered Muslims, and we have plenty of them where I live. It's my observation that Islam is a lot like the Church of Rome before the Reformation.  Although supposedly parked under one big tent -- in actuality there's a huge disparity of opinion. Some people, like Christian fundamentalists take the interpretation of the Koran literally, while others do not.

And these internal differences between Muslims are of course amplified by nationalism.  Libya, Lebanon, and other parts of the  Muslim world are quite Westernized and cosmopolitan, while other countries like Afghanistan can be considered quite backward looking and provincial.

What's even worse, when we buy into the concept of "the clash of civilizations," then we are implicitly buying into the Global War On Terror and everything that entails.  And then we fit nicely into the Muslim stereotype of  us as Jew-enslaved Crusaders in their eyes.

Comment by Alan Milner on October 16, 2012 at 10:46am

ONL, having traveled in that part of the world, and knowing people who have been there more recently than I have, the reality is that the secularized Islamic world is becoming radicalized.  Egypt is just one example.   When I was last there, in 1979, it was a relatively open country.  Today, the fundamentalists are increasingly in control of the culture.  The same is true for virtually every Muslim state except for Turkey which has successfully resisted the fundamentalism.  I don't actually understand your point about the various muslim sects, because they all subscribe to the core belief about Muslim territoriality.  Insofar as the connection between Sufism and Islam is concerned, Persian Sufism had been around for more than a thousand years before Islam barged into Iran.  There are two fundamental schools of Sufi thought, one of which is infected with Muslim fundamentalism.  The other - and my view authentic - Sufism broke away from lslam starting 130 years ago.  The process was effectively completed around 12 years ago with public declarations of this break.  I was there at the time.   I have been initiated into four different Sufi orders and none of them take Islam seriously any more.


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