When two meet,
impetus gets multiplied.
The motions, of each,
come in to each the Other’s lives.

The ginger ways
of little nuances of speech
bring together the possibilites
that reside in each’s reach.

Steps, stepping
in each increment allowed
keeps furthering, on,
by delightment, becoming endowed.

Laughters, the giggles
of nervous reactions
are the very depictions
of each the Other’s attractions.

So quick.  So slow;
so tender the entrance
that creates the place that is the Always
that Ones begin with.

As one joins one,
and two become Two,
a melding takes place,
and life changes, Anew.

The echoes of surrounds,
what all is taking place
are all facets, firing,
in meetings that become embraced.

To meet at certain times,
or in circumstances dearly dealt
are times of endearments hardly cognized,
but in time, dearly felt.

Beginnings are so important;
they set an arrangement of a Life’s course.
And in the very melding
comes the tune and tone of going forth.

And the choice,
by the inner voice of ally or foe,
is in the Spirit of what is Within,
what you have.  And what you must know.

All is Path.
All is Discovery.
Each, singular,
but in us All, so lovely.

The single second, or word,
the cognition of being Known
is the second of alignment, the co-motion,
of what a Life can own.

Receptive, protective,
therein is a two-speak.
The knowing, the possibility of growing,
by a Two.  Not by an Each.

All it takes is the Beginning;
to relish what was a prayer.
To honor the Spirit that told you,
“You Can Begin There.”


Graphic: Flamingoes, by Simen Johan

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Comment by Poor Woman on March 31, 2015 at 10:17pm

This is a very graceful post.

Who is Simen Johan?

Peace to you R&L

Comment by Zanelle on April 1, 2015 at 5:22am

It is so difficult for me to be two...I like one but I know connection is important.

Comment by The Songbird on April 1, 2015 at 6:56am

Good Morning, PW & Z!  It is sooo nice to see you again!  I was so surprised and saddened by the sudden closure of where WE met, but now - found again!  -- PW .. I don't know this artist, I only found this work and kept it to print and frame for my "Tropical 40's" bath.  I lift all this artwork, so do my best to find whose work it is, in hopes that others too will find them by the Legend I place.  And Z - I know; you've spent lots of time and think-time trying to arrange your liaisons to your liking, or at least acceptance!  But I guess this poem applies to all friends, not just lover-friends.  I too was alone for many years, 15 I guess, since I moved to my little farmstead here, and along the way, there were more, and more, and then even more friends that I simply had to let go of.  Old behaviors, users, drinkers, liars, or whatevers.  To hold on, or allow, to me felt tantamount to saying that behavior was ok with me.  As in those years of sudden aloneness, my own values, morals, and trusts grew in my own self.  Perhaps it is this feeling of solidity in my own Self now that has allowed me to find Another who is the same.  Like in my natal family, it's wonderful that just when you think your fam is getting smaller? - it gets bigger!  So nice to be here!  Thanks for the welcome, and this new piece, that I could not post in the elsewhere - seemed a good place to Begin again!  xox


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