There were three of them in court today;all charged with the same two offenses: 

        Clamming without a fishing license    

         Harvesting undersized clams

        The fines due, if convicted as charged total for the three of them over 7,000 dollars. The two women and one man heard the charges and fines via a court appointed interpreter separately, one after the other. Even the judge guessed that they had been captured together, but this fact was not relevant.

         The two women were sisters, and all three undersized clammers were small in stature, and I guessed not Mexican, but I could not tell for certain. 

          The Judge was quite compassionate, considering the seriousness of the offence, and allowed for a continuance...promising to drop the license charge should they each obtain one, which is immensely cheaper then the fine for not having had one.

           This was all news to me, as I did not know clams were fish, or that the fines for getting caught taking them smallwas so large. I am pretty sure none of these people knew either. They did not look like they were doing this for a living. 

             And what a way to ruin a day at the beach, after excitedly finding something to snack on? These immigrants are obviously dangerous people...I was wondering how many white folk ever got busted with a clam knife and bottle of tobasco walking away from a dozen clam shells? 

              I’ve noticed that here, with fish and game. They expect you to know. One fish that looks just like another fish can get you a big fine for misidentifying...but I never knew the clam laws existed at all, and the fines? 

              The things you learn when you stop driving. I for one will sick to mussels, and hide the shells just in case.

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Comment by J.P. Hart on February 20, 2019 at 11:15am

Don't walk wounded RBJ~upon silver/white daybreak I startled a woodchuck in the woodshed and let it be fiercely claw-reared knowing his scavenge knew nothing of territorial ain't easy 'sprinting' in antique snowshoes, no sir. Cradling a yule log, yo'.

Lost my St. Augustine fine print out there somewhere in two feet of fluff over a 36" (thirty-six inches) and more of silent ice berm. Earlier this week Small Town got some strong spirited relief and 'breath catching' as a squad of Space Cadets up from Huntington, AL (K's in Alaska, no?) went from hydrant to hydrant digging avoid continued calamity. H2O freezes at 32 and worser when night has come. Rooftop piano-sized ice sheath icicles sadly more than close calls crashing sidewalks.
Sirens sting my eyes.

Comment by Tom Cordle on February 20, 2019 at 11:58am

Maybe the defendants should have clammed up


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