Civil Defense: Where did that go?

      Out the window with duck and cover? When did the people become the enemy of the MIC?  Never having been welcomed into a think tank to get those hard questions put to bed , I ask them here. 

       I’m a security wonk, not a political hack, or pundit. I care about soil, water, air...I care about Quality. The Zen of Quality. Environmental protection Is the core of any rational security plan. Second is the human resource that cannot exist with out air, water, and soil. I’m not going to argue Quality, or fix motorcycles. My high gear cable on my motorless cycle broke yesterday. I don’t have even the chops to repair that.

       I had no choice but to listen to the chem trail conspiracy theory yet again Friday last. I studied Industrial Agriculture in grad school. Dead soil is far more effective. Want to kill rats? Bugs? Your poor, tired, hungry? Feed them! Feed them crops genetically modified, grown in dead soil to solve the problems lead in the water won’t. I’m down wind of the nuke plant, too. 

        The trifecta of genocide. Flushed down river into the gulf to create a dead zone as big as a small state. Civil Defense? A thing of the past. Environmental Racism? Alive and well. We the people? Obsolete.  

         It took me a long time learn how to live with the bomb. All the time I was worried about them Russians nukes, I was subsiding on a toxic mix of MIC provided essentials.  Death from above? Not today.  

         Civil defense? Human resources? Petrochemicals, the soil, air, water ...and cell tissue of every human.  Medical bankruptcy? Moral bankruptcy!  I  coexist with it all fearlessly optimistic, as it all goes on behind my back, always. I don’t have to watch, I listen. Raytheone showed me the ropes. Apocalypse now? Apocalypse every damn day on the west side.  Oh, we have overcome...ignorance and fear.  The rest? I’m not holding my breath. I breathe in the sub particles , drink the contaminated water, and eat the damn diner food. I know I’m going to die. The MIC is nice to have let me have lived this long. I am grateful, eternally grateful not to have been drawn and quartered, or burned at the stake. A slow rot is a relative luxury, and good for business too. 

        I’ll have mine over easy, thanks! 





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Comment by Tom Cordle on January 23, 2019 at 4:39pm

On a related note, I think you might find this interesting:

Comment by Robert B. James on January 23, 2019 at 6:32pm

   Hey Thanks for stopping by Brother Tom!  

     Got the bike to the owners, selling Chinese knock offs of electric bikes for 1,350.00. That the rage here now among the molding MIC contractors over 65...electric bikes. I went for new cables and a tune up. The 70’s doublewide has no garage. The bike lives in the carport and is rusty from rides to the coast. 

     I did a half a year of drywall labor, metal stud framing,  and ran a screw gun in Austin 1979, met Lady Bird at the Johnson Library my one hour trip there, ever. I rode a bicycle to work in Austin, but drove  ‘52 suburban back east paid for, after rebuilding the turn torque rear end on it myself.

     I drove that truck to the library that day, and was looking at some book and there she was just me, her, and her SS guy. I nodded, she smiled and that was that.  Go figure. Lady Bird, herself.  


Comment by Tom Cordle on January 23, 2019 at 10:44pm

Glad you got your wheels functioning. Obviously, I know nothing about Lady Bird on a personal level, but strikes me she had to be a helluva woman to have put up with LBJ. She has my undying respect for doing her best to rid America's highways of the eyesore of billboards.


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