Christmas Present

Oh they say it's that time of year

Full of joy and Christmas cheer

But Baby you're no longer near

This holiday leaves a forgotten tear,


Children playing in the snow

Baby don't you know

Now the shadows begin to grow

Those old feelings lay me low,


Just as snowmen melt and fade away

You just had to leave and couldn't stay

Now the warmth has all but gone away

I would wish this upon no one on Christmas Day,


Christmas was not your time of year

Oh how you made that so very clear

It's become an excuse to have another beer

Better than to endure another smear,


I remember Christmas as a child

When my smile was so tender and mild

Presents beneath a tree so neatly piled

Yet life has left me confused and beguiled,


It all happened for a sad reason

This funny yule tide season

You'll forgive me I'm feeling a little blue

Merry Christmas to you, you, and you!





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Comment by Doc Vega on December 20, 2017 at 1:33pm

Kosher, I was always on bands with talented guitarists we played everything from Allman Brothers to King Crimson or Johnny Winters to Rick Derringer. We even did the Song "Money" by Pink Floyd! But there are two things that break up bands-Money and Women. last serious band I was on the lead guitarist Kurt had a beautiful native American wife he couldn't hold it together with, our other guitarist, Paul, the guy looked just like Mick Ronson, was involved with a rich chick that was screwing his world, our base player, married, weird moody, but when we were all on target and rockin he would be stalking the recording room like a madman plucking that Fender base! It was a plane crash waiting to happen but we were damn good just couldn't keep the lineup together.

I've had to offers to tour with completely unknown bands who had agents and we would have gigs in cities like New Orleans, Houston, Miami, and others but we would just break even and make enough to pay for the food, rooms, and travel. I had to bow out of both offers one this summer and another winter of 2015 was playing in a club in Allen Texas called the Dirty Rooster for a while. I can't handle smoke. Had asthma as a teenager even when playing football and in those smoky clubs I'd have to wear a Darth Vader helmet with an oxygen hose. Seriously, after playing at night there at the Dirty Rooster in the morning my lungs would feel like shit so can't do it. In earlier years raising 4 kids by myself no way to be a touring musician those children needed their Dad. Only fair to them. Anyway musicians are even less trustworthy than women I can tell you from experience.

Comment by koshersalaami on December 20, 2017 at 5:19pm

Interesting lineup. So you can play in 7/4. What on Earth did you play by Crimson? I was into them in the mid seventies, when the lineup was Fripp as always, John Wetton, and Bill Bruford, without whom Yes was nowhere near the same. In fact I saw them at Kennedy Center. Unfortunately, painfully loud for a live room that wasn't all that big. But that had to be the best percussion gig in rock and roll, at least if you were cool not playing dance music. 

I've lived in upstate NY for a year and a half. When I moved up from NC, I left two bands behind me. One was a klezmer band, a weird hybrid with a bluegrass mandolin player, and believe it or not I played melodica. My other band was rock and roll, a lot of Dead, some stones, Tom Petty, a bit of Little Feat, a smattering of a lot of stuff, and several originals. I didn't write. I played keys. Not really past tense - every few months I find a reason to go back and play. I was supposed to last weekend but my wife had an upset stomach and that's not something you take on a ten hour drive. I will not find a band like that elsewhere. A bandleader who is truly excellent as a bandleader, even tempered, organized, can front and can write. (He's also in the klezmer band, which is how I ended up in his rock band.) The rest are all really good players, including a pedal steel player who can utterly shred on a six string, guys in their fifties who aren't prima donnas, it doesn't have to be loud, and a drummer with a BA in music performance. This guy can pull back far enough to back an acoustic guitar without amplification. I miss these guys. The lead guitarist recently had a stroke and has trouble speaking now which we hope is temporary, but they gigged last weekend and he lasted all three sets. He didn't try to sing, in his case backup. 

We played locally. No touring, no major cities, we all made livings doing other stuff. Oh, and two of them have played acoustics while in the ICU on IV's. I know, I jammed with one of them at the time and brought him his guitar. Once a year they head an outdoor music festival as a benefit for the local food bank. I've gone down for that twice. 

The bars we've played for some reason aren't smoky, probably because they make people smoke outside. I'm no fan of smoke either. 

Comment by Doc Vega on December 21, 2017 at 3:47pm

Kosher Wow interesting. We played 21st Century Schizoid man and One More Red Nightmare off a album done much later. Every damn band I was ever on had to do "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath always a big crowd pleaser! When I was in high school it always had to be "Nervous Breakdown" by Led Zeppelin we also would do some Grand Funk Railroad, Mark Farner was an underrated guitar and then damn near killed himself on cocaine than became a Christian his drummer Kyle Brewer went to play with Bob Seger. I was on some bands that played progressive country like Michael Murphy or Michael Martin Murphy as he called himself once he went totally country. I had a friend who played the drums for one of Michael's early bands in Dallas and I sat in on a session they played in a WWII bomb shelter near White Rock Lake that had a great view and I guess was pretty acoustically compatible. I was in High school at that point and my buddy was a very professional and well schooled drummer and I learned from him until he couldn't figure out how to do the stuff I started doing, but that was a while back and a lot of water under the bridge! Memories, old glory days, and stabs from the past. Yeah, I know what you mean about missing guys like that! 


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