I’ve written satirical stuff but I’m not up for trying to do that here. I notice a lot of people quote things rather than create things, so I’ll do that here. This is a joke from my childhood, probably early junior high. 

A very tired, bored boy is sitting in Sunday School class and is nodding off. The teacher notices and decides to catch him, and so she asks him a question:

Who created Heaven and Earth?

The kid behind him jabs him in the back with a pencil, he wakes up and shouts

Oh God!

That is correct.

Kid got lucky, I’ll get him later. 

The boy is still tired and, as the teacher drones on, he nods off again, she notices, and tries again, asking him:

Who was crucified?

The kid behind him jabs him and he shouts

Jesus Christ!

That is also correct. 

Kid’s luck can’t hold up.

So when he inevitably nods off again, the teacher tries a question that can’t be answered so easily:

What did Eve say to Adam after she had her four thousandth child?

The kid behind him jabs him once again with that pencil, the boy wakes up, turns around and says

If you stick me with that god damned thing One More Time I’m gonna wrap it around your Neck!

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