Note: this is a transcript of part of a recent chat conversation in the Opium Den. Names have been changed except for the ones that haven't. 

strawberry hill by marijana

I made a sculpture out of a german shepherd skull one time
Called it a Skullpture
Angie stole it

James Hart
Well cashmere sweater are rather hoi tee

It was a german shepherds  on a gooseneck lamp
So you could point it any direction u want
Had little blue LED lights in the eyesockets
Some of the teeth i replaced with brass and steel ones i fabricated on a bench grinder
There were colored wires and silicon chips hangin off it and twinin up the gooseneck
Looked evil as shit

James Hart
She was a stewardess, I was just a bum.

Nah, Angie was a barmaid
When i met her
Then she stopped takin her meds
Reminds me of that song by the Human League

James Hart
Mascot chess would prolly make a buck-a-rue

Remember when Angie and T___ was gonna murder each other?
Jeez that was close
Angie had that short sword?
Plenty long enough tho
And T___ bounced a cassette tape off Brian R____'s forehead from clean across the room!
Brian got out about 3 years ago
Did, i dunno, 15 years or some shit
12 at least

James Hart
Square mirrors, port holes, singles bars, nutmeg,

You aint just whistlin Dixie
Gonna get me a IPA



for N_____ , tho she's A__ really, or______ Nicole _______ as they call her at home
3:08 PM

i should write about that shit
that and crazy tim
and everything in between
stories within stories within stories
3:25 PM

Whats it been, 3 years?
3 and a half?
holy shit a lotta stuff has happened
3:27 PM

Sitting here thinking about everything
its almost 4 years to the day that i flew back with Sirenita and Mark to SF after she was diagnosed
I was out there 4 months
Sirenita died in august
Then I came back to KCK
3:30 PM

one of my first full days at the place in Strawberry Hill, its the middle of the afternoon and 110 degrees out
3:32 PM

so im just sitting in front of the AC, trying to stay cool til sunset
and theres a knock at the door
3:36 PM

its so hot the asphalt is melting out there and no one had knocked at my door at that place yet and in fact practically no one even knew i was there, so i'm thinkin, "who the hell could THAT be?"
3:38 PM

Its in those sort of moments, those sort of decisions - should i answer the door or not - that some people see kismet or fate or luck or bad luck or whatever
Everything in my life would be drastically different right now if i hadn't answered that fucking door
I didnt HAVE to answer it
3:40 PM

But i wanted to know what kind of crazy person could be knocking at my door at so weird of a time
Wanted to know WHY too
Not sure if i believe in fate as such
Or even luck, necessarily
4:02 PM

Except luck as a synonym for random chance in a mechanistic universe
Schrodinger's Cat, etc
4:03 PM

If there is a cat inside a box which is rigged so if you open it, it triggers a release of poison gas which kills the cat
If you dont open it, the cat is fine
4:07 PM

But quantum physics tells us, with mathematical precision, that until one thing or the other happens or doesn't happen, the cat inside that box is simultaneously alive AND dead
4:10 PM

As someone knocked on my door that afternoon on Strawberry Hill, I was Schrodinger's Cat
4:12 PM

Simultaneously alive and dead there in my box and completely unobserved by any human being

Knock knock knockity knock

4:15 PM

I keep hearing references to this cat. I want to know why. Is it because we are infinite until we make a choice?
5:23 PM

Not infinite, no
Or maybe
5:37 PM

I am , obviously, a layman when it comes to quantum physics, so I dunno
But i think the cat thing is more a function of
its that until that choice is made
Until the experiment is completed...
Every possibility is still
Which is an obvious thing, when viewed from a metaphysical standpoint
Its kind of startling, tho, to have such woo woo notions backed up by hard science
5:43 PM

So, yeah
U R rite
We're infinite
Or at least, the possibilities we move within at any given moment are infinite
5:47 PM

Turn left at the corner of 1st and Main, and the universe becomes one way

Or another list of infinite possibilities opens

Turn right and it becomes another, entirely different way

On that note, I'm off to sleep, perchance to have good dreams.

Substitute "state" for way in both sentences

State of being
way to travel

Good dreams, then

You, too.

Many, many hours yet til i dream
But thank u

James Hart
CAT? I know it as an uber expensive life saving GE machine. Let me consult Student. Rather round about. Gotta get through Moms 1st. Dad was lost in Mogadishu.

The Russians used a wombat
Litvinov's Wombat
Doesnt roll off the tongue quite as smoothly
5:53 PM

Jam on your brakes right in the middle of the intersection and someone rear ends you and the universe transitions into yet a third, entirely different state
Then Shirley McClaine shows up and asks you to fill out a questionnaire

James Hart
Jack Welsh's old out fit just put on 220 jobs down on Opus Drive. Ultra sounds, front end preventive medicine. Now if Doctors could afford the debt. My congress folk has better benes than me.
5:56 PM

Next thing you know you're storing your pee in plastic 2 liter soft drink bottles
5:57 PM


tr ig
hump a redwood again

Nature epic trip yr fuckin balls off flashin on the white light talkin to fuckin god for REALs hike
Fog horn?
Whats SJ?
San Ho Zay?
6:46 PM

James Hart
Big Twang Theory. Alpha Centauri, in view. Course those ol' boys could tell me anything and I would just be another bobble-head. You know. dreaming of glory

Stars up the wazooo
In fir a penny, in 4 a pound
Dinners ready
6:55 PM

U need to redact the previous hours worth of commentary here
Not that any of it was anything but fictional
But redact it anyway goddammit
7:19 PM

MDMA is your friend, people
Move along, nothin 2 C here
7:22 PM

So anyway
I answer the door
7:26 PM

And theres this green-eyed Mexican chick standing there
7:29 PM

And as I'm saying "Hello, can i help you?" shes moving on past me into my house
7:31 PM

Saying stuff like, "So, you bought this place huh? Are you gonna live here or just fix it up and sell it? What does your wife think about it? Where IS your wife by the way? Arent you married? My name's B_____, pleased to meet you, what did you say your name was again?"
7:36 PM

Before i know it we're standing in my kitchen as she's interrogatin me and i'm thinking, "Holy shit, this chick is a fucking COP, bigger than shit, i guaranTEE u this chick is a cop."
Wasnt no other reason for her to be there that i could think of
Not that i was doing anything wrong exactly
But you can never B 2 careful
7:41 PM

I'm new to the neighborhood, no one around there, including the city guvmint, knew who the hell i was
So i figured this *B_____* was a undercover
7:44 PM

Undercovers aint usually that hawt, but u never know
7:46 PM

Then i started thinkin maybe she was from the gangbangers across the street
Semigangbangers, really, but i didnt know that yet
And the whole time she keeps on talkin
Began talkin bout herself, a little
7:49 PM

Or, a lot
7:50 PM

In that first 10 minutes of knowing her she told me, no, shes not Mexican, is half black half white, from _____
Went to high school out there, anyway
7:51 PM

Said she and a friend of hers had recently been prostituting themselves at a flea bag motel not far away and they were visiting someone in the neighborhood that afternoon so she had been out panhandling up and down the street there and had seen my truck parked in front of my place
7:55 PM

Said she didnt like how whoring herself had made her feel
I said, dont whore yourself then
Easy for ME to say, right?
I know
But she stopped talking when i said that
Looked at me
Said, "So who are you?"
7:58 PM

So i told her how i came to be there
Told her about Sirenita and I
She listened
Partway thru the story i looked over at her and saw she was crying
Not fake tears
B_____ was a good kid
I didnt know that yet, but i knew she wasnt making the tears up
They were real
For Sirenita, for herself and her friend over at that shitty motel, for me
For whatever
8:03 PM

I just wanted to be Schrodingers Cat
That was my plan, to the extent i had one
8:05 PM


But you know what they say about plans
We talked for a while
Only talked
8:53 PM


It's strange, how looking at that pic makes me feel the need to say "we only talked"
But that's all we did
She said her ride was getting ready to leave
Gave me her cellphone number
I gave her a Gatorade, half a burrito and $20
Told her not to whore herself anymore
Well, I didnt TELL her nothing of the sort
Wasnt my business
I strongly suggested it tho
Then she left
9:00 PM

Then a lot of other weird shit happened and I forgot for over a month that i even had her phone number


Schrodinger's Cat
9:02 PM

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Comment by koshersalaami on April 4, 2017 at 9:43am

Need next chapter

you answered the door

you lived 

Comment by nanatehay on April 4, 2017 at 9:49am

In that painting^^ the house on the right with Calovich Ice Cream & Candy in the window is where B____ came knocking

Comment by J.P. Hart on April 4, 2017 at 9:53am

I especially like the part about 'trusting' your Patton Juris Doctor.

R and moi are down to Centrum chewables  and sumthing called iron ferrous. She's bawling about JD's Ultralight. No where to heat up our hotdogs. Should A kept that Crossfire. O found a vintage bobbypin on the asphalt. She's calmed down, tweezing, plucking. Iam SHIVERING. Got bless the lamplighter, for he comes in the name of heat. Now if I only could keep driving and remember the name of my Boeing CPA who recommended an audio book whilst driving to the far east.  Spoke highly of Bangor.

Comment by nanatehay on April 4, 2017 at 10:02am

I am thinking about doing another chapter. The problem is, I'd need to do about 80 or 90 chapters, 400 or 500 pages, say,  just to bring me up to the carjacking last December. 

Comment by JMac1949 Today on April 4, 2017 at 10:13am

Stranger than fiction???  Or quantum deviation?  R&L

Comment by marilyn sands on April 4, 2017 at 10:24am

What did I expect goin' into the Opium Den?  Don't touch it myself.

I guess a good place to unwind your mind.  R&L

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on April 4, 2017 at 10:26am

You should have listened to Nancy Reagan.

Comment by J.P. Hart on April 4, 2017 at 10:46am

Young people shaking boxe of org. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda in stagnant green/black lagoons.

F-16s crisst-crossing the Atlanta skyway. Death by mosquitoes. The National Enquirer as truth.

Ive located some bigbird notes from the hay-day. (see the tree how big it grows) Now if I could jump start this scanner...O the butterfly with powder less wings is faded and first now I'm seeing the Made in Brazil black gold sticker. When my baby, when my baby when my baby smiles at me I go to Rio, Rio Dejenero

Torments my heart.  Even EverJohn could identify the song too loudly on the rodeo.

No doubt. That was particularly cruel---bullets in luggage (here redact dis )

Omitted news. Right through Sunday

blues. Probably kicked sand in his face. More than once.

While Iam at it, Nanatehay, please answer this one: (is) it ain't nothing if it ain't free existentialist?

well, my long-neck Estwing awaits.

Miles to drive. White quick time clouds yearning for these wide-open windswept windows.

And, you know, those

red pandas.

Comment by nanatehay on April 4, 2017 at 11:27am

What was ol' Nancy's advice again... something about "Just say no to green-eyed faux Mexican girls" ? Kpft on that, for as Mojo Nixon once said, "Say no to Nancy,  just say NO, NO, no-no-no-no-no!"

I love the Opium Den though. Posted these lyrics in there yesterday. Because life is exactly like a Little Feat song, am I right or am I right? The main difference between me and Lowell George being, as Kosh noted, that Lowell opted not to answer the door.  Well, that and talent, but we don't need to dwell on that sort of minutiae...

Well the night that I got into town
Was the night of the rain, it froze on the ground
Down the street I heard such a sorrowful tune
Comin' from the place they call the Spanish Moon

Well I stepped inside and stood by the door
While a dark girl sang and played the guitar
There was hookers and hustlers, they filled up the room
I heard about this place they call the Spanish Moon

There's whiskey and bad cocaine
Poison get you just the same
And if that... that don't... kill you soon
The women will down at the Spanish Moon

Well I pawned my watch and I sold my ring
Just to hear that girl sing, yeah yeah
I don't care who, you can wake up ruined
You can lose it all down at the Spanish Moon


Comment by nanatehay on April 4, 2017 at 12:13pm

I deleted the link to B_____'s pitcher which was in the original Opium Den chat convo and put Blood Angel here in its place. For Blood Angel, put a couple chunks of violet-colored glass slag, a double handful of red marbles and an antique crystal angel figurine in a glass salad bowl then under-light with a red LED. She and the ghosts are waiting there in Strawberry Hill for me right now


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