Below is a link to an article in the New Republic. It's kind of long, so I'll give you the gist of it.

The author, Kevin Baker, suggests an approach that is sort of half secession, economically and politically. I'll get into exactly what he suggests in a minute, but he says there are three regions that could do this: Northeast through Virginia, West Coast, and mountain Colorado and New Mexico.

What he suggests is that when Republicans want to shrink the Federal government, we say Great! As much as possible. We want to pay as little in Federal taxes as we possibly can. Eliminate whatever you want, just as long as we all save the cost of whatever you eliminate.

And we raise state and local taxes and do what we want on a state level.

Here's why it works:

Generally speaking, the blue states pay more in federal taxes than they get back while the red states get more from the federal government than they pay in federal taxes. The red states are the ones getting the free ride and yet they're the ones complaining. Mississippi sends roughly 25% of what they get from the federal government back to Washington in the form of taxes.

So, if we do this, the blue states have more money to work with, so we can afford more. The red states have the opposite situation but they're the ones complaining about the federal government. They want less taxation and more states' rights.

So let's give them exactly that.

They're preventing us from doing what we want, including helping their poor people. Instead of wringing our hands, let's acknowledge that we can't because we don't have the votes and, given how inept we've been politically, we're not likely to get them any time soon.

People would still be able to move between states like they can now.

It's an intriguing idea. Baker goes into way more detail. Unusually, this approach might actually be possible because we'd be taking a red state approach to the Federal government.

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Comment by Ron Powell on March 13, 2017 at 3:10am

A more refined regional/sectional breakdown:

The Colonial/Revolutionary War States

The Confederate South Without Colonial Maryland and Virginia.

The Rust Belt States

The Louisiana Purchase States

The Northwest Territorial States & Seward's Icebox, Alaska 

The Mexican Conquest/Gold Rush States & Hawaii 

If ithe concept can work for the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament Bracket planners, it can work for the governance of the United States.

It's worth a 'good look' and taking a 'shot'.

This is what a 6 region/section scheme would look like in theory with a break at various levels of goverment and/or administration culminating in a final/central level.

You can fiddle with this any way you like. I'm not married to any of it.

While you're at it you might as well look at how the mechanics of this system/structure works in its practical and popular application.

In fact,  it's precisely because of the familiarity and popularly of this construct that it might be easily sold to the masses:


Comment by JMac1949 Today on March 13, 2017 at 6:38am

The Left Coast States can negotiate leases with the US Navy and Colorado can charge rent to the Air Force for the Academy and the Strategic Air Command.

Comment by Token on March 13, 2017 at 10:35am

interesting notion, and entirely unneccesary if the federal government would shrink back to the bounds of the constitution.

One thing that Densely populated areas always forget to figure in in the "Wealth" dept is the value of food and water. eg. Once Los Angeles becomes a foriegn country, Arizona will be delighted to absorb all that Colorado river water that Angelenos can no longer afford. Ditto corn, wheat, beef. Hollywood will have to learn to subsist on a diet of bad scripts. New York will be feeding the masses on grain futures from a no longer marketable market.

This is the same sort of insanity that possesses Preppers who hoard gold... gold has very little nutritional value, and why would anyone trade for prety trinkets he can just as easily take from your dead hands?

Comment by koshersalaami on March 13, 2017 at 10:37am

The service academies and the best universities are mainly in blue states

Military is a federal expense

that wouldn't change.

Comment by Token on March 13, 2017 at 10:57am


Why is it that "revolutionaries" always believe that the revolution will sink to a certain level of savagery and no further?

"Farm Subsidies?!?" What they have is FARMS and people who know how to use them to the extent that the cost of food is regarded as "neglibible" in figuring modern wealth.... until your supplies are cut off. Yeah, I know it's theoretically possible for cities to become self sustaining in crops, as an architecture student in the '70's I found that notion quite exciting. Good luck with that.

What happens in fact is that where an ounce of gold will buy tons of corn in our agricultural market, when the revolution "sweeps through", you will be hard pressed to find any corn to buy in a city, no matter how much gold you offer.

Reality has a Liberal bias? only so long as the Liberals can keep the neanderthals well fed and on their side. Hoew much corn can YOU produce from and acre of land?

Comment by Token on March 13, 2017 at 11:51am


I realize that you are not PLAYING stupid, But really

Where will they ship the corn? Gee, Galveston? New Orleans? Los Angeles, San Diego, probably not, that will be after the Navy has seized the docks in Los Angeles and San Diego and they are no longer open as merchant ports.  ( Think Guantanamo Bay)

No, you are not a revolutionary, which is why you are caught completely unprepared for the long term implications of your Blue/Red state pipe dreams of secession. Far better to keep them an untried pipe dream and try to get along with the civilized nation we have, no matter how irritating the other "half" is.

In a civilized society, them as has the gold makes the rules....and that's pretty irritating.

BUT, once you venture into force, them as has the Lead kill off the gold merchants pretty quickly and then you get to deal with warlords. Grain merchants, on the other hand, supply the basis of the lead merchants power ( an army moves on it's belly) and must be considered.

Let's make it as simple as possible. As long as there is a un-coerced market, wealth can be accumulated by market manipulation. That's the wealth of cities. Once the market is closed, the market manipulators have less than nothing to sell.

Farmers, on the other hand, find that the product of their efforts becomes more valuable than gold, to those with no means of producing their own. ….... and a new standard of “wealth” is evolved.

Like I said terry, I know you aren't playing at being stupid, so I won't ask you to come up with any serious way of partitioning off the land, let alone the military, of the United States that doesn't involve warfare.....

Comment by Token on March 13, 2017 at 1:11pm

It would be a waste of time to answer you terry.

The point of the "Bluexit" (as outlined in the article Kosher cites)IS to separate the "more liberal/urbanized/wealthy" segment of the US from the ungrateful ignorant bloodsuckers in the Red states. Who are the "Bloodsuckers" is, as always, largely a matter of perspective.

If you can't be bothered to understand the post, you shouldn't be surprised when you are called on your ignorance, particularly when you go out of your way to be insulting with your ignorance.

Comment by Phyllis on March 13, 2017 at 4:04pm

It won't work. Wisconsin used to be the state with the best welfare options, they had to cut back because all of the poor people were moving there and they were going bankrupt. If Bluexit happens, the poor people will flock to the blue regions for the benefits and the red states will recover because they won't have any poor people to support.


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