Blood, women, and Trump. More MSM pushback against Trump's crass behavior.

I think this conflict between the MSM and Trump is more substance than show. There is a real struggle by an otherwise unexercised media against an autocrat to draw a line in the sand. It's having the effect of eroding Trump's outlier base, leaving him a smaller core that delights in his trash-talking as a way to take their country back from the "liberal sissies." 

The difficulty for the MSM of a "Melting pot" society is that they are not suppose to go too deep or get too specific lest they rock the boat too much out of the comfort zone called normal. But, neither are presidents.  And, THIS zone is where the battle is being waged, if over "what is appropriate decorum" far more than substantively over the underlying issues. But, those deeper layers ARE being perceived, if fuzzily. And, it IS an ongoing and deepening conflict. And, Trump is incapable of desisting.  So we may look forward to an expanded role of the mainstream media as less a compliant observer and a little more as an activist protecting the right of the media to voice it's dissent through the questions they ask leadership, expressing their doubt of official actions, and not letting go of the stories they pursue.  Let's hope.

Here's two links to that media pushback today.

Great video at the end of this Daily Kos blogger post added on of conservative pundit Ana Navarro being the adult in the room on Trump today. Wolf Blitzer lets her draw the line. The post is about Trump White House spokesperson Huckabee doing her best to conflate media observation, disagreement, and ire as personal vicious attacks against the child in chief.

Hey, being president means having a bull's eye painted on you. More people than not are going to express their discontent over presidential practices and policies. Team Trump needs to get used to it already. But, autocratic personalities, which IS the whole of said team and supporters, both leaders and followers in their respective roles, get churlish when faced with dissent. That's the real story behind this renewed White House as victim meme...ahem..., and, oh, yeah, that Russian/Trump thing, too, getting awfully, awfully fully close. A 25% approval rating would mean a clear path to impeachment. Anything above 30% makes it unlikely, tho not impossible. 

Mika's tweeter response. I bet Trump waited until her father was recently buried to take her on.  In life, Zbignew would have had a few pointed, choice, ever so calmly delivered words.

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Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on June 29, 2017 at 3:01pm

LOLOLOL  You do realize that using a "Hillary or GTFO" BLOGGING site as your proof that the MSM isn't in collusion with Big Gov and Big Corp (the actual backers of Trump) kind of blows your whole argument out of the water, I hope.  The only way TDK could become even LESS part of the MSM is to merge with HuffPo, FFS.

...and yeah, I CAP"ED "blogging for a reason, BTW.  Even Wikipedia, who ain't any great shakes for "veracity", calls Kos a "group blogging site".  The hardhitting, journalistic "pushback" you are referring to is no different AND NO MORE VALID than me posting a blog asking why won't Hillary STFU and go far, far away.  

Comment by JMac1949 Today on June 29, 2017 at 3:22pm

MSNBC, like any other media instrument, is fair game and Mika & Joe have never made any secret of their fundamental opposition to the Beast "45".  While his sexist tweets are beneath the dignity of the office of POTUS and do his administration no favors, they are hardly surprising or any new reason for outrage.  Donald Trump's Twitter tirade draws strong criticism from Republicans.  2018 might prove to be an interesting midterm election.

Comment by koshersalaami on June 29, 2017 at 3:31pm

Depending on Democratic candidates. The centrists they've put up so far haven't energized the base.

Comment by JMac1949 Today on June 30, 2017 at 6:52am

As my grandfather always said. "Never fight with pigs, drunks and fools.  You just end up down in the mud and the pigs like it."

Comment by MV Neland on June 30, 2017 at 10:06am

Thx, everyone for offering your insights. 

My particular interests are these - the MSM, co-opted or not, is the country's primary, and for 90%, their ONLY source of information about their government. Stripping away cultural bias is impossible. Both "teller" or "writer" and "viewer" or "reader"come with their own. But, in most cases, an actual event occurred to start a story rolling in the first place, and sometimes a few bare facts is all that can be brought to the public eye within all the filters and spin. None of that is going away.

Finding the unfiltered nubbin in in important event is for the most committed, potentially spending hours a day, week after week to sort and sift. Filters are faster - we've already decided what is true after we heard the headline, which already frames the story. 

Imho, the filters are one area up for play right now in this push and pull between media and president. The media has been trying to come to terms with this disruptive, weird guy in the WH who is probably a criminal, a traitor, and a pathological liar. "Fake facts" gave them the handle they can work this because it presupposes "truth" and "fiction," a memecwecare all concerned with and obe the meduaxsees itself ascgoid at, real or imagined. It IS one reason why most reporters and editors exist, whether they fail or succeed.  And, as media, they have the resources to at least gather data from which to build a coherent story. 

The other issue for MSN is the "channel" of information - the source of data AND the dissemination of it once it has been "storified," if i may, for public viewing. Media trust their sources. And, they normally have control over spreading the news. So, if a politician wanted to get an idea into the minds of the public, dropping it into the media via a source the media trusts, a few background checks on data alone (it's not theirs to wonder why [unless you work for cable news] ) by more reputable media outlets, and the politican got to see their little planted story on the 6 O'clock news, right?  We all know this form of medua manipulation using an "apoeal tocauthirity" logic error common to us all. (We all have someone that we point to as authoritative and unvarnished truth). But, now, with social media, anyone with influence or clout can get their story out unvetted (no longer requiring background or an editorial nod) to the public. This leaves the MSM playing catch up. The struggle, i think, will continue to be enlightening.

What we can all hope is that more and more people engage in forums like oursalon that bring people from all walks of life, where, if we choose, we can be more discerning consumers of media and explore the sources and data and filters so that we can better arrive at the implications for ourselves, our own communities and our world. Which is why i value people here more each day as things speed up out there.


I also reposted Lawrence O'Donnell's take on Trump's use of riling the media as distraction from the bigger concerns like defying the recent SCOTUS Muslim travel ban by arbitrarily determining who is a family member and who is not. Meanhearted tricky sots.


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