I am going to celebrate my birthday today with my daughter and grandson.  My birthday was actually Monday and it's Saturday, exactly a week that mom passed her test and was promoted to the vast unknown reaches of imagination.  I didn't do anything on my birthday so this is nice to have on my sad Saturday. 

Being a liberal or progressive, not sure which one they would call me, at this juncture in life is a sad state of affairs to be in.  Trump in his first week in office has set us back a good three hundred years. 

It's impossible for me to watch this man on television or the internet.  Huffington post is the only news I read right now.  I can't watch  any of the news programs or read regular newspapers.  I just cannot stand this fucker.  I am ashamed to call myself an American at this time.  We have definitely screwed the pooch on this Trump  thing. 

This is the headline for Huffington.  We are not going to let refugees especially Muslims into the country.  We are so screwed.  We are no longer a free democracy.  There are fees attached now to live in this country.  We are just now finding out what they are. 

This all feels like a bend in the fabric of time. 

Listen carefully grasshopper, "death changes everything." 

I find myself in a daze.  I attempt to be my normal self but I wheel off and sit dazed in my room. 

At our little party with my daughter and grandson there was the butt sniffer and his wife.  She is the resident here.  Completely gone.  The husband reminds me of some creep butt sniffing pervert.  My grandson was dancing and singing while my daughter was talking and I was opening presents that she brought.  This fucker yelps at my grandson to settle down.  I immediately go after the fuck.  It was seconds later I was explaining to him how what he had just done was a mistake.  My poor daughter was trying to calm us both down.  I explained to my daughter later how the fucker gave me the willies. 

And so it begins February the year 2017 and America is officially not great anymore.  We are headed to hell in a hand cart. 

I've already said it, I can't watch the news anymore or watch local television because I cannot stand Trump and can't stand anyone associated with him.  It's being around all those redneck white trash assholes we grew up with. 

I have lapses ins time.  I find myself wheeling towards mom's room.  I Cry a lot.  I listen to music non-stop.  Just listened to a tune by Aztec Two Step.  Two phenom guitar players.  Now beautiful piano music.  Next might be something by Black Sabbath.  It' King Crimson. 

I wish I would have taken piano lessons.  I got to where I could play the electronics, synthesizers and such because they were like computers.  Never learned the hand positions for a piano. 

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