I have been spending some of my inheritance on hotel rooms when I need a break from yo yoing between my daughters.  Grown daughters need space and it seems I am not good at giving them that as I love to talk about everything, move furniture around and criticize their boyfriends.  They love me but I know I can be annoying.  

  I have stayed in three hotels since I got here and each has a special flavor.   Uncle Billy's in Kona was the first place and I knew I just wanted to crash after moving and arriving in Hawaii.  I have stayed there many times now and at a hundred a nite it is a bargain and has a true flavor of Hawaii to it. Seedy but comfortable and beautiful. The one on the Kona side is just a few blocks from my daughters Art Gallery.  There is an Uncle Billy's on the Hilo side too that I stayed in last time I was in Hawaii.

  The second place I found refuge was in Waimea.  The Country Inn is a run down motel but it has a view from the back of the green hills and purple Jacaranda trees that is soothing.  The remotes don't work and the carpets are worn but at a hundred a pop it was good for a few nites in one of the most expensive villages in Hawaii which is right between my daughters.  When they didn't have any rooms for a second night yesterday I blindly found another place down the coast close to where I will be camping with both daughters and Petunia for the weekend.  It was the best hotel room ever!


   I needed some healing and I got it.  It is one of the oldest hotels on the Big Island it is only sixty a night.  I drove the winding roads to get here and still had an hour till check in so I went to the garden across the busy street.  There is one road that goes around the Island and it is a doozie.  The garden was a great calming place. 

   When I went through the old fashioned entrance to the Manago Hotel I was transported back in time.  There are portraits of the man and woman who founded the place in 1923.  I rang a small bell on the cluttered desk and a very kind and efficient Asian man checked me in.  I found my way down the polished floors and the quaint gardens with a Koa pond and a pagoda by a little stream and hiked up the three flights to get to my little room. 

    The first thing I noticed was no TV.  Uh oh.  But I immediately rejoiced as the stupendous view from my little balcony engulfed me.  I can see for miles down the coast in both direction and it is peaceful.  The ocean is right there as the number one thing in the room.  I was so thankful to find this oasis and I lay down in the clean sheets and slept for three and a half hours. 

      I can hear voices in the other rooms but the balcony is totally private.  Someone built this place with tranquility in mind. It is interesting that there is no Art on the walls at all.  As I poked around I found a wonderful drawer.

     The Gideon Bible was on one side of the drawer and the Teaching of Buddha was on the other side. Oh, my, that made me smile.  My old face lite up with beatitude and a settled in to read the Buddhist wisdom that I admire so much.  The perfect quote for my situation on my latest tiff with Petunia's dad came up...."A fool that thinks he is a fool is for that very reason a wise man.  The fool who thinks that he is wise is called a fool indeed." I admit wholeheartedly I am a fool.

     I imagine I might glance at the bible as time goes by here.  I have two nites at sixty dollars each and I can't imagine a better place to rest and find relief from my search for myself on this goofy island.  A big part of the frustration is that we have moms furniture in storage here and none of us really has a place for it so with my meager part of the money I am trying to find a little cabin where it is nice enough to have the beautiful pieces of teak and rosewood that my dad designed and had made in Hong Kong.  I am determined to honor that and still live simply on what I have. 

    Anyway...I am sitting here listening to the quiet.  I can hear the little restaurant in the main building that is bustling with what seems like a string of customers enjoying the food.  It seems so real.  But those sounds are far away and faint.  The crickets are coming out and the torrential rainstorm has stopped.  There is a faint red glow in the direction of Kona and the inky night is settling in.  I am rested and full of banana bread and vitamin water. 

    No tv but there is a great wifi connection with the room and I intend to play in the internet.  My hotbox unit is nice and I can get internet access anywhere on the island but it only has three gigabites and I save it for real estate and information.  I am so glad not to have the horror of modern tv to deal with in this peaceful room.  We are in charge of keeping ourselves balanced in this world.  I am ok tonight and looking forward to wandering in the garden again tomorrow.

  I put this photo of a display on thatching at the garden on Facebook as the new fixer upper I bought.

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Comment by Anna Herrington on June 11, 2015 at 10:11am

the plant photos, that is....

I figured out the others  : )

Comment by Jerry DeNuccio on June 11, 2015 at 10:20am

"We are in charge of keeping ourselves balanced in this world."  Excellent point, Zanelle: not ours by right, not given, not happenstance, but, rather, a struggle.  We make it happen.  It's part of what wisdom is.  But, it doesn't hurt to be in a place like the Manago that tilts the odds of that struggle in our favor. 

Comment by Zanelle on June 11, 2015 at 1:02pm

Anna  I don't have a clue as to what they all are.  They gave me a book to carry around the garden but I just liked the shapes and colors.  Agreed about the partners of our kids and just being quiet.  Not easy.  They were always so nice to my crazy boyfriends and their dad tho.  My daughters are saints.  sigh.

  Here are some photos from my balcony during the day.  I am going to explore some nearby cabins for sale but I still cant decide which side of the island to be on.  Thanks for reading my reports from the edge.

Comment by Zanelle on June 11, 2015 at 1:05pm

Comment by Zanelle on June 11, 2015 at 1:06pm

Someone planted those beautiful night blooming jasmine under the windows and from three stories up they were amazing to smell.

Comment by Anna Herrington on June 11, 2015 at 1:26pm

How would you describe the two sides differences?

My understanding is rainy/hippie/funky side vs. sunnier/wealthier/tourist side....

but that's all anecdotes from people I know, there.

We had one acquaintance/friend in N. Cali. whose baby mama took off with his toddler and she ended up in Hilo....our friend went over and rented car to get the kid back, was given a big shiny black car - then he'd hang out in at the natural grocery (I think) over there in Hilo, as he told us: hiding out very discreetly to see if Baby Mama would show up with my kid.

Meanwhile other friends there contact us:  "Isn't your friend, J__ ? He's been freaking out everyone, driving a big narc car and sitting for hours in it outside the store, with baseball cap pulled down over his face. He's so obviously not from here, what is he *doing* !??"

(He got his kid back.... when whined about his kid for months afterward.  

Looking at the photos of our wedding again after all these years, there J__ is in a photo, no doubt whining, while some woman is reaching out to soothe....sigh. ....these days, he's now a 50+ year-old whining hippie man/boy. One reason Hawaii has never had an appeal to me, those growing-up-averse hippie man/boys seem to flock there in droves!  : ))

Comment by Anna Herrington on June 11, 2015 at 1:26pm

Wow! gorgeous views - glad you found such a spot  : )

Comment by Ted Frier on June 13, 2015 at 6:08am

Did you show this to the owners?  You should because they might hire you to do their PR.  Nice job.


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