I’m not obsessed with fish...well, maybe a little. Another bird got killed on my feeder yesterday. For seven years not one bird got hurt, and now two in two weeks have got their feet caught in the decorative copper leaves that are attached around the feed cylinder. It makes me want to cry. I have to replace it. 

        The rain keeps coming down. At least it’s not snow, and the house flipped. I’m fine, not driving, and, as always, fearlessly optimistic. 

         I watched the news, and listened to rain hit the roof of the double wide. So far the hills have held here. The creek that feeds into the bay is running high, but within its banks. So far so good. 

         I’ve never been a winter person, but we really have no winter here. I think winter is hard wired into my brain, and it comes now even without the freezing cold. I have to remind myself that the temp was in the high fifties yesterday.  It’s 49 now. 

          We fished for blues. Bluefish are not bottom fish. They are killers, with razor sharp teeth and voracious appetites. They bite, and fight...pound for pound they measure right up there among the fiercest  fish in the sea. We killed them. 

            I’ve got to get a new feeder. 


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Comment by J.P. Hart on February 15, 2019 at 9:18am

House the people~living in the street?

Comment by Tom Cordle on February 15, 2019 at 11:23am

Another winter hater here. I got out of Michigan as quick as I could at 25, and moved to the Sunshine State, where I resided for the next 25 years. When that got too crowded, I did the halfback thing, and moved to the southernmost part of East Tennessee. Our tiny town is tucked under the Smokies, so we don't get much snow. In fact, our weather is close to that of Atlanta.

As for the hard-wiring, I can confirm that, Captain. I used to have what I called summer weight and winter weight, and it hand nothing to do with wearing a Speedo. When the weather starts to turn cold, I start to get hungry all the time. I suspect that may be due to some sort of hibernation mechanism wired into the genes. I think humans are programmed to fatten up when the weather changes, a defense mechanism spawned by our caveman ancestors, who couldn't be sure of their next meal when winter came, so they pigged out in the late fall.

Comment by Robert B. James on February 15, 2019 at 11:30pm

Thanks for reading and commenting. 

Dr. Heart. I’ve missed you. Here living outdoors is very popular, many feral humans reside in nooks and crannies. There are no people living in the street. This is not the city. There is public housing, but not near enough. It is only the politically connected and vets that seem to get it.  This is not the city and warm enough not to die of exposure, with thousands of acres of open space to crawl into and healthy people can find temporary shelter and food without too much trouble.

     We have a large population of people living in cars, many who work or go to school, perhaps even more than  we have homeless. They don’t freeze to death either. 

     The damaged and addicted transients ...most  both, wander through but can’t seem to hang on for long. I don’t know where they go. I also can see the ones just let out of prison with their one garbage bag of belongings, walking up or down the coast. 

     Certainly this should not be the case, but this is how it is. Any place that provides adequate services will be overrun with people from everywhere rushing in from places that provide little or nothing for those in need. The better a county manages the homeless the more homeless arrive to utilize those services. 

      Brother Tom: I’ve got to watch weight all year round. Take my eye of that scale for a week and I’m heading for diabetes.  




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