I've had a rather interesting weekend on Our Salon. I was attacked twice. Kind of unusual for me. I'm still trying to process it.

By the way, comments are closed for this post. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk to me about any of it, but I'm utterly uninterested in hosting a discussion on this. I have my reasons. 

The second time - and I want to start with the second time -  was when an argument I was having with Ron about of all things the White Privilege of tanning (yes, it really is as ridiculous as it sounds) was turned into a post of its own, I suppose to take me to task. If the intention was to school me, it didn't exactly work. Ron PM'd me when I said to him "Call me a liar again and stay the fuck off my blog. Got that?" We settled a few things, sort of. Still, attempting to take me to task in as public a fashion as he could like that was kind of classless, given that it was already on a very public thread.. A lot of people seemed to be shocked by it, and I've gotten a lot of support over it, for which I'm grateful.. I suppose I should have been, shocked I mean, but I wasn't, I can't really say why. Part of it was I found the core of the argument too silly, pointless, and farfetched, and part of it I'm afraid was that my expectations weren't high enough for me to be significantly affected. 

At least by that. I was angry, seriously angry, but not about that. And not about the implication that I "changed my story." That certainly pissed me off, as the earlier quoted remark should indicate, but being pissed off is one thing; being more seriously upset is another. 

And now we come to the first attack. It happened when I said, in keeping with the subject of AKA's post, that I thought Trump was more dangerous than Pence. As it stands, I was not the only person to make that statement on that thread, just the first I think. This is not to say I think Pence is less evil; I don't; however, the man has no power base of his own. If he becomes President, no one in the entire country will be under the illusion that he could have gotten there himself.  If he'd run for President himself, I doubt he would have made it past the second or third primary. If he becomes President, it will be because he was Trump's guy and because he didn't block traffic at a toll booth. That limits his options pretty severely.

Having expressed my opinion, I was accused of having that opinion because of Pence's support for Israel.


Where did that even come from?

Does my name and avatar mean it's OK to attribute my motivations to loyalty toward a foreign country over loyalty to my own?

I'm an American citizen. I am not an Israeli citizen. I have Israeli citizenship available to me as a Jew but I have not chosen to avail myself of it because I am an American and I have no reason to. This is my country. When I vote for President, I vote for whoever I think will be good for my country, which is the United States.. 

The assumption that my loyalty to my country can be questioned because I'm Jewish is awfully off base. 

I cannot imagine this accusation would have been aimed at a gentile supporter of Israel's existence. This accusation was carefully tailored. 

I assume I've made it abundantly clear why I find such an accusation antisemitic. It should have been obvious to anyone who witnessed it that it was antisemitic. 

After I'd thought about it a while, I emailed a couple of friends from here to ask their advice. Talk to Lorianne? Post about it? Simply shut up? 

And then Theodora happened to read the post and thread and immediately called Amy to task for saying something so antisemitic. Once she did that, I didn't need to worry about what to do any more. I thanked her. 

Of course, Theodora is Jewish, so maybe it took someone Jewish to recognize it - which I doubt - or to care - which I'm afraid I don't doubt. 

And this brings me back to Ron. What upset me was that he thought it was so much more important to attempt to school me about the White Privilege of tanning than to come to my defense in the face of a bigoted attack. What, does bigotry only count when it's aimed in your direction? I don't like having allies like that. I've done a lot of calling bigotry out in my time, including on OS and here, and most of that bigotry has not been antisemitism. It doesn't have to be aimed at me to count.

But I have a much bigger problem than Ron, because Ron wasn't alone. That was a crowded, active thread. 

Most people ignored it, aside from Theodora, and Older/Exasperated, who said something along the lines of "you go, girl" to Amy and admired her for her "spunk.' I didn't think he had an antisemitic bone in his body. Live and learn. After all, why should someone with armed forces combat experience take an accusation about national loyalty seriously? 

The point isn't that I was the target. In Ron's case under the circumstances, perhaps it was, but in general, I ultimately don't matter. The point is that such a thing was blithely tolerated. It has become, in Amy's case, normative. This is sort of how Trump got elected: the disgusting became expected, and that's what it took. 

For the first time since I've been here, tonight I'm embarrassed to be part of this community. What the Hell are you tolerating? 

You might get the impression that this post is primarily about Amy. It isn't. Amy's antisemitism certainly isn't anything new. Mention Jews and the Holocaust to her and you'll get an earful in a hurry, so no, it isn't all about Israel. You'll hear how the Holocaust really wasn't about Jews. She's apparently unaware of the existence of Mein Kampf.

But really, the post is not about Amy. It's about what everyone else will tolerate. What she says only matters if the rest of the site accepts it. 

And that, in a nutshell, is my problem. I'm not yet sure how to react. 

All I know is that I have an overwhelming urge to tell a whole lot of people to go fuck themselves tonight. 

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