Behind The Scenes With Gas Monkey Garage

Leake 09

The "Fast And Loud" TV show is filmed right here in Dallas. It films the cars and antics of Richard Rawling's Gas Monkey Garage and if you're lucky you can catch them in the act. But I didn't need luck as I knew they would be at the Leake auto auction that comes here twice a year. So I grabbed my camera and hiked on over to take a behind-the-scenes peek.

The Monkeys had three cars for sale: A souped-up 1980 El Camino, 1977 Bandit Trans Am (as featured on the show), and a customized 1957 Thunderbird. But as usual, there were some other awesome cars there as well:

Leake 03

Leake 12

Leake 13

Leake 23

Before the action began, various Monkeys could be spotted milling around:

Leake 06

Leake 08

Leake 17

Leake 16

The El Camino was first up for auction. The building of it has not aired yet. Richard takes the stage to help the sale as can be seen on the video below.

Leake 05

Next up was the bandit Trans Am as featured on a two part episode complete with Burt Reynolds' autograph on the glove box. Sure would have loved to have that car! Have always wanted that year Trans Am and to have those extras on there makes this the one to have above all.

The 57 T-Bird was customized in a style I hadn't much seen before with its quilted interior parts. I thought it went for a pretty low price but then again what do I know? Will be interesting to see the episode and the philosophy behind the build.

After a sale goes through there's always a recap to get the thoughts of the parties involved. First Richard and his best friend Dennis Collins talk on what transpired at the auction, then the winning bidder of one of the cars is interviewed. In between you can see some interactions. All in all it was a pretty laid back scene even with the celebrity sightings. I was interested to see how the camera crews did their business and the logistics of shooting. I found it pretty straight forward. Look for this auction on an upcoming episode!

Click here to see entire photo album

Leake 30

Leake 28

 They will point at you if you have your flash on while they are filming. Sorry, guys!

Leake 32

 Winning bidder interview

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Comment by cheshyre on December 31, 2016 at 8:19am

For fans of the show, chief mechanic Aaron has quit Gas Monkey, putting the future of the series in doubt.


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