It's been a few days.  This Parkinson like thing going on right now affects every aspect of my life.  Some days I'm doing good to stay awake. 

I had the first appointment with a neurologist and it did not go well.  The man said my symptoms weren't parkinsons but instead narcolepsy.  A sixty two year old narcoleptic.  Give me a fucking break.  The fuck is either a quack or selling the latest narcolepsy drug.  I have a brain scan scheduled.  We'll see what that shows.  We actually are in agreement on this one.  

My roommates life appears to be more complicated than my life ever was.  I was chilling listening to some music and coloring when three adult women and various children one being his six year old daughter came roaring into focus. 

Tbegin with the kids don't get along while two of the women compete for his attention the other one is on her iPhone.  A movement of emotions takes place not realizing that there is a world going on around them. 

I guess I've noticed this with other groups or families in this place including my own brood.  When you find yourself together the rest of the world can go to hell. 

Today's episodes have been noticeable not only to myself but also to those that are around me. 

Writing my story Has become a strange attempt at simple typing and a  desperate search of memory.  I  don’t remember from one time to the next the story  anymore. 

Be clear on one thing.  We celebrate death.  We just call it mourning the dead.  We gather together in large groups with food and wine and the dead lay there helplessly motionless. 

I couldn't read HuffPost tonight. It just seems like Trump is getting everything he wants.  America has given up.  We believe this fucking idiot is going to save us when the stats are showing a much different story.  Getting Obamacare is heartbreaking.  It's all up to the senate now. 

It's been awhile.  Been obsessed. Possessed. Alone. 

This is the most people I have ever been around and the loneliest I have ever been. 

My second appointment went worse with the head doctor. It ended with me swearing at him. 




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Comment by Phyllis on May 28, 2017 at 6:00am

Can you ask to see a neuropsychologist? Their tests take a day and are exhausting but they suss out your entire brain. Good luck figuring it out.

Comment by J.P. Hart on May 28, 2017 at 10:01pm

As long as I have a home, you'll have a home, my brother. Pretty good mornign thus far here in the Rustbelt.  Sure, I could prolly bitch on re: readers' fees and such, but  you know.  I've gotten some 'landed' serious as a heart muscle 'inquiries' re my Hallelujah Hippies {scheduled Publication Date 21 AUG 2017} but wound up with a 'skirmish' re: my insistence that any WORD pertaining to violence, war, or extinction MUST BE IN RED.

Well, Michael, sir, you take it easy (thought I heard a blackbird, sing) and please, grace us frequently with your muchappreciatedposts!



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