Barnes & Noble Stock Soars as It Explores a Sale

Barnes & Noble Stock Soars as It Explores a Sale:  Barnes & Noble stock jumped more than 20% after the board said it would consider a sale of the troubled company, which analysts described as a place that’s “too tired, too large and too cluttered - and failing to offer consumers any compelling reason to visit the store.”  What the hell do they mean “no compelling reason for people to visit?”  While I’ve never bought anything there, I’ve enjoyed using their restrooms for over 20 years now.  I highly recommend their restrooms to all my friends when they’re out and about and feel the need to go.

Kanye Gave Kim $1 million to Turn Down Fashion Post for Yeezy Rival:  Kim Kardashian was the inaugural guest on the Ashley Graham podcast and told a story about how a rival to Kanye’s Yeezy brand offered her a lot of money to post one of their ads, which prompted Kayne to give her a million dollar check to turn them down - which she says she promptly cashed.  Good grief, she also supposedly sleeps with the guy.  I shudder to think how much that costs!

Richard Branson Gives Kate Winslet Free Ticket to Space:  A little known fact is that Sir Richard Branson promised to give actress Kate Winslet a free ride aboard one of Branson’s Virgin Galactic space flights after she rescued Branson’s mother from a fire several years ago.  And if she decides to take her husband along with her, she could likely become the first charter member of the exclusive 300-Mile-High-Club. 

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