BANNON eclipsed/ axed... but even a stopped clock is right twice a day...

hi all. didnt know much about bannon or pay much attn until a few months ago. the Left was really inflamed by him, was not sure what all the commotion was about. so what, editor of Breitbart? but its clear that the washington crowd did not recognize "one of their own" and has been clamoring for his removal since day 1....

who can forget the saturday night live portrayal as the Grim Reaper?[a16] it was about that time, started to pay more attn.

Bannon is portrayed as evil but here are quite a few key policy decisions that make total sense to me, and which he was overruled on:

  • avoid war strikes eg Syria, avoid afghanistan war continuation.[a14]
  • increase taxes on top tax bracket.[a15]
  • hes said in a recent interview there is "no military option in north korea" which is sensible for anyone who wants to avoid a nuclear war/ armageddon/ annihilation.
  • Bannon was also said to be a major conspiracy theorist, attacking the Deep State. think he had some real insight there also.

hes been called a "dovish" in some reports[a9] but doesnt that show how screwed up the conventional wisdom/ consensus reality/ ideology is? isnt it more accurate to call him a noninterventionist, or simply an anti-warmonger? or how about nonstrangelovian?

he was called an "economic nationalist" but am not really sure that accurately captures his worldview. and anyway if it led to the above positions, think theres some sensibility to it.

now, he has been smeared as being a racist, but he seems to not really be connected to the alt-right racism elements, he called them "losers".

do think he is a bit crazy however. think some of his positions are utterly atrocious, radioactive. for example the idea to privatize the Afghanistan war with blackwater ceo erik prince. wtf!?!

and yeah, successfully pulling US out of paris climate accord is another crazy move. but lets face it, is global warming really gonna be fixed by concerted govt action? frankly, is there any serious crisis whatsoever in the world that fits that description? yeah, thats sacrilege to anyone who loves Gore, but maybe Gore is a bit out of his mind himself... havent actually heard bannon deny that global warming exists, only that maybe the govt isnt gonna fix it!

sometimes dislike the starry-eyed liberal fantasies that "govt can do the right thing and fix stuff and make things better". yeah just look at health care, hows that working out for you? is that just me being cynical/ realistic or instead an acute student of history?

my other observation is how similar he is to Trump himself! hasnt anyone noticed this? he has no friends, he feels besieged. hes full of drama, manufactures it, steals the spotlight. a lightning rod. he backstabs those he works with "behind their backs".

guess that whole YOURE FIRED thing from years ago reality tv is our current reality tv! who woulda thought?[a13]

it reminds me of a Petraeus quote, "we cant kill our way out of an insurgency". from the old oxymoronic, diabolical idea of "killing ones way to victory" also mentioned by McChrystal. (speaking of "youre fired"... how about figuring out the etymology of the quote of killing-to-victory eh? maybe traced to ghengis kahn?) hey trump, did you ever think, maybe you cant fire your way toward a presidency...

its quite a drama, dont know what will happen next.

also, the right is starting to distrust/ reject all mass media. Foxnews is in a tailspin. so whats left? it does seem like there is a massive vacuum that could be filled by something. breitbart is obnoxious reporting but maybe they are picking up on some semblance of new ideas/ directions that are heavily shearing the republican party.

it looks like Bannon will continue to push hard on that shearing and that the republican party is in the middle of a ugly/ vicious self-immolation even after winning all 3 branches of govt... havent even gotten to the Trump criminal charges, have a big pile of links on that & am gonna post on it sooner or later...

now moving in less abstract, more visceral realms... have you heard the crazy news that Bannons exwife ran a crack-or-meth/ whorehouse in florida that was owned or paid for by him, and is under active investigation by authorities?[a10][a11][a12] theres a lot of solid dirt there (ok, maybe not exactly literal "dirt..." but how about an acid-melted bathtub instead?), but just showed up recently. so what did he know, and when did he know it? an even bigger question, did he ever visit it? (kind of damning either way, eh? either medium or monster-sized...)

so where are the viral memes on that one? why isnt the mass media jumping on that? does investigative journalism even exist any more? or is it only available on wikileaks? and ps why doesnt wikileaks cover any of this kind of stuff? fake news indeed.

what do you think? always interested in comments.

a. bannon
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Comment by nanatehay on August 25, 2017 at 9:27pm

Re your thoughts on Bannon: yes and no. For instance - 

he has been smeared as a racist, but he seems to not really be connected to the alt-right racism elements, he called them "losers."

Yes, in his most recent statement on the topic he called them losers, but Bannon is also on record as saying he wanted to make Breitbart the voice of the alt-right, and anyone familiar with the barely disguised dog whistle racism emanating regularly from that alleged news organization knows he in fact did so. My take is that the only reason Stephen Bannon and President Trump himself don't yet use quotes from Mein Kampf in their press conferences and interviews is that even the semi-retarded know-nothing-Neo-Nazi fuckheads running the Oval Office are aware that 'Merika hasn't quite reached the Nuremberg Rallies stage in our ongoing political devolution. 


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