Australian Woman Becomes Oldest Skydiver at 102

Australian Woman Becomes Oldest Skydiver at 102:  Australian Irene O'Shea has become the oldest person ever to skydive at 102 years old and 194 days - after she performed a tandem charity jump with her instructor from 14,000 feet.  When asked why she decided to make the jump, she said “ah, it was just part of her prep training for enlisting in Trump’s Space Force.”

Impala Eludes Hungry Cheetahs By Jumping Into Car:  A frightened impala, separated from its herd and trying desperately to elude two hungry cheetahs, saved itself in South Africa’s Kruger National Park by jumping through a window into a parked Toyota Prado SUV which was full of tourists.  Wow, sounds like that impala took advantage of a “window of opportunity.”  Of course, a smarter move might have been to jump into a “Ford Escape” - but I guess a Toyota Prado works in a pinch.  Park officials say it appeared everyone who witnessed the incident felt happy but the cheetahs - who felt cheated.

Bluefin Tuna Sells for Record $3 Million at Tokyo Auction:  Self-described Japanese "Tuna King" Kiyoshi Kimura, has paid a record $3 million for a 612-pound (278-kilogram) bluefin tuna at the first new year's auction in Tokyo.  Wow, that’s like $5K a pound!  He really should have scaled back a bit.  I mean, the guy paid through the gills for this.

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