I am

i  AM

Therefore,are YOU

therefore, are you?

YOU must be

for me to be my SELF


Singularity is not a Time or Place

as the Geek Gods would have it

Singularity is a Being

It is the Never Never Now


Not the Never Now of Realty

Not the NOW of Real I ty

The pure timelessness of utter Being





One Stone

Ein Stien

At One



Not Dead


Not Alive


The ground for the play of Shadows

Our now

not now

that resonates as The

Persistence of Vision

Point of View


of our lives





Consciousness sits

at the mouth of a Canyon


We are the Echoes

We are the Canyon Walls.

Bi Polar Dawn

I awake Autistic





Dark of Morning Images

Clinging tendrils of dream


An OTHER!- set for an other

Thee, poison of awareness drags attention

only motion

No Other-

No thoughts

No words

Images flow and lap, resonate, reinforce, cancel

pictures move the body

No will, the compulsion of Rote

Formless, as Light appears

and gives


Imagine images of Real




warm, sweet

Blood flows

Mind moves




Not selfs.

The images of Not self, named, cataloged, ordered.

Given Properties and values



To another day of trade and communion.


I move, I dress, I work, I play in the M.U.D.

To earn the means of obtaining enough,

Mind sets out to buy passage back to the Realms

of Morpheus

for another night.




I  (seek elusive) sleep (while) Eidetic (edit per ume critique0


Not Archetypes but Symbols!

Vivid Memories and dreams

Sold to the Moneychangers

That they may weave stories and toys for the Mind

Sell toys!


The Profit of Prophecy!

I see clearly, I dream, I envision!

So easy to design, fix, repair, explain the gadgets of Realty!

The clacking of numbers hurts the head

but fills the Mind

with bright candy!

So Pretty!

So Exciting!

So sexy!

So easy to win!

The lottery of Mind!

It hums! It Sings!

I Am!

There Is only Me!

The center of The Universe !

In my Mind!


the sleep of death must come...

I must sleep for the morrow...

Yet the mind hums on..

and on

and on...

I fear that it must end...

But how can there BE and End?

Linear thought goes to infinity!


How frightening!

That I

am not.

I Fear to END


Fight, Rage against Death!

eidetic mind won't let go !

So with the poison of a sleeping pill


repurchase oblivion

and buy

the little death that leads to dreams


til the next Dawn


My education in Philosophy didn't cover Locke

Though Hobbes was reportedly fond of his Dram (and Calvin)


A state of nature to me must be a great deal like an Australian Anzac Day

that ends up in the Dreamtime

(Colonel Sister in Law once celebrated Anzac Day in Iraq

with the Australian Contingent

by their swimming pool - ex shipping container

They lamented that they were probably

the only sober Australians on Earth

at the time)

Not that they didn't have prohibited Beer

Just that they didn't have enough

or leisure

To enter the Dreamtime


In a state of Nature the rule is not of Law

or of "Freedom" But of



Someother of your Self to avenge you

should Other do you wrong

Sons are favored for this

Until they must be cast from the herd

To start their own Selfs


Governments were founded on Wergeld- Man Gold

The negotiated price of a death in properties and value

After all the non thoughtful warriors of the feuding


Had killed each other over the animal passions

And only the Lawyers

and the Women



Thus the Lawyers bred

and Gave law

for the Animal Spirit ( Anima- latin: Spirit)

 and bound it with Mind

That the binding of Agape Love of SELF

might grow

without the taint of Hate and Rage

for the killing or injuring of a beloved of Self

by the Other's Selfs


thus came law

as de fence against the Freedom of Other

That had only been forestalled before law

and Wergeld

by threat of violent Revenge


With the coming of the anointed one

and the age of the fishes passed

The Understanding of Agape


and of Other as the Self

The Tale of the Ouroboros

has ended

The Oneness of the SELF

has dawned

And brings the Sunrise of

The Water bearer

Who pours out the Realty of the Law of the Fishes

and exchanges it

Once again

For the true coin of Real I ty

The Reality of Atonement

and Being at One.

For any who will receive the communion

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