At the End of the Day, the Question Remains:

If there's no there, there, why lie to cover it up?

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Comment by Robert B. James on December 11, 2018 at 7:26am

Putin is a patsy and Trump is is his in female dog. There is here and now. Trump has been played, not just by Putin, but by the MIC in their big game of chess vs the former Soviet. Yes...the There was there long before the Donald became the decider for our oxygen starved, MIC controlled government. 

Who runs Putin? Jimmy crack corn. The point is that American Fascism is real, and pre dates Trump, who has been played far and wide for shits and giggles...even revenge. If anyone thinks that the MIC did not know Trump was laundering money from the failing Soviet empire...So let it ride. The MIC is up to its neck in this play, and will have to capitulate. When did American Fascists win over control of the MIC? When did the MIC take control of both parties?  I am not sure if the egg came first, but I ate two yesterday. 

The MIC writhes in the shallows exposed. Diversions fail, Trump fails...the MIC knows, Kissinger knows. The beginning is near. There you go.

Comment by Robert B. James on December 11, 2018 at 7:28am

Was it an inside job? One never know, do one?

Comment by Tom Cordle on December 11, 2018 at 10:25am

The first clue foul play was afoot was the servers in Russia that secretly communicated only with a server in Trump Tower. If the stench from that was insufficient for some to smell a rat, any doubt of collusion/conspiracy should have been erased when Jared "MBS (Master of Bull Shit)" Kushner" was caught trying to set up a secret back channel to Moscow in the frigging Soviet Embassy.


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