When you add this:



Israeli lawmakers have passed a controversial “nation-state” bill declaring that only Jews have the right to self-determination in the country...


With this:

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You end up with this:

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Don't believe me???  Okay...  then listen to these guys:


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Get the point yet? 

If you support Israel in ANY way you are a supporter of apartheid.  

BTW, "Not" supporting evil isn't enough... 

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How many of you are willing to actually stand up and condemn them for their oppression and crimes???

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Comment by Ron Powell on July 21, 2018 at 10:16am

The people governing Isreal seem to be hell bent on making it impossible to defend their existence as a sovereign entity...

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on July 21, 2018 at 12:07pm

Ron, its not just the "people governing Israel"...  it is the people, like many here, who support them.  It is MUCH closer to home!

For example, I recall "discussions" where people right here on this site defended organizations like "Birthright Israel" that give young, American Jews (only!) a free, all expense paid trip to Israel so that they can "discover" their "Jewish identity". 

Once there they are propagandized with things like a map of Israel that shows the entire West Bank to be an integral part of Israel and rue the day if one of those young Jews questions its validity and/or ::gasp:: dares to actually talk to a Palestinian.  The ones who do dared got their return tickets taken away and ended up stranded in a "foreign country" AND have been threatened with lawsuits by Birthright Israel.  It bears noting that Birthright Israel is funded by Sheldon Addison and THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT!

So the people here, that support apartheid Israel, also support fascist Israel and their "fuck that 'Only Democracy In The Middle East'" agenda. 

Comment by moki ikom on July 21, 2018 at 3:06pm

This Christian century's "Only Democracy In The Middle East'' 

is a seventy year old version of previous centuries of 

"The Only Democracy in the Wild West"

and is for Gazan decades now over the precipice

of committing crimes against humanity

sailing all mankind into holocaustic realms

measurable only in their end

not their duration.

Comment by moki ikom on July 21, 2018 at 4:52pm

Read this historic column! Our message of peace and loyalty is what steadfastly stood by throughout the ages. ⬇️


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