Anyone Remember Snow? (OS Archives 2012)

Well, the grand plan for this weekend was to get the spring transplanting going before the garden buds out, inspired by Phyllis45's bustling garden work on her posts this week  ( ).

Mother Nature has intervened.

So, this snow, snowy Sunday, in the one corner of our country that is cold right now, we are inside with a fire crackling in the fireplace. Husband is on the ladder painting the ridge beams of the living room ceiling, the parts I cannot reach, even though he abhores painting and I love it. Often this is how our partnership plays out:  I dig up rootballs of aspens and other plants to transplant unless they're so tough I call for backup; I paint and texture (well, I try to texture...but cannot really be considered successful) the interior walls and ceiling until I cannot reach the ridge beams on the ladder we own, then I call for backup.

On his side, he avoids the more stressful business calls while I'm brought in for backup. Same with dog issues and spiders, mindless errands and cooking. It works for us -- and as Husband will be heading out of town again soon, it's feeling even cozier than our chores normally would.

Husband also earns the majority of our income, hence the going out of town, hence my feeling guilty he's even on a ladder on this Sunday afternoon. So, while I wait for my turn again with the painting, I offer this re-post from last year.

I would have uploaded the photos I've taken today of fat, wet snowblobs careening in all directions through the backyard, including horizontally, but I am using this older laptop that will not cooperate with my limited computer knowledge. In this area, both Husband and I normally call in Youngest Son for backup as he is the skilled computer technician, but today he seems to have been stolen by trolls (the fairytale kind, not the online kind) and replaced with a hideous troll child that I dare not disturb.

We look forward to having our own child return to us, but as he is now 14, I am afraid we might be stuck with this morphing creature for a few years. He is still quite a handsome lad, troll qualities aside...and I do promise to keep this one well fed in hopes that our beloved boy is being well cared for too.

Wherever that sweet boy went. 

Meanwhile, here is our sweet dog instead, playing in last year's snow.

The original post was titled:  "How to Play in the Snow" 

(  how_to_play_in_the_snow) 




























 This part is what I wrote last year:

This is our dog, Kona. Last summer she had a back injury and we were told she had a 30% chance of ever walking again.

She's doing better than anyone expected... and she daily reminds me to lighten up and have fun.




Happy Spring Equinox 2012 everyone !

Say hi to the flowers, those of you enjoying the mild weather in the rest of the country, for those of us out here in the snowy mountains of the Pacific Northwest. 

Update - Spring Equinox 2014:

Now it's the opposite and we've had no snow at all here in the Pac NW mountains while the east coast is hammered. Our tiny ski resort stayed shuttered all winter. There *are* lots of flowers now...and also now, there are two dogs out back, looking for snow to play in.

*calls out back*

"Hey, you dogs, get out of the flower bed!"



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MARCH 18, 2012 6:57PM

Lovely all.
Great repost!!
thanks dear.
What a happy puppy! I hope your son is returned to you soon and spring comes knocking on your door :)
Thanks, mission. I am certain is is warm where you are : )

Thank you too, LL, we look forward to Son's return as well : )
Well, now the child is taking the computer as well, as has happened so often lately while we share one computer in the house.

The old " I have homework " trick.
Oh, thank you,....thank you for this. I miss the snow. Sometimes. 
Lovely post.
It's a blizzard here today - a foot and counting. I love this in November; in March, not so much.
Ohio's had no snow to speak of this winter and while I can't say I'm jealous of you I was hoping my almost 14-year-old troll and his sister could have gone sledding on the nice hill nearby at least once. If this climate trend keeps up we're going to have to change our name to Ohiahu and greet people at the airport with leis. Glad to hear the pup's doing so well.
I remember that little dog playing in the snow! Uplifting. Thank you. And thanks for the relationship update. I hope you continue to work as a team. There is nothing better.
Yup, it is decidedly warm here in paradise land JT.
85F and spring breakers finally leaving. cheers to that.
Waving hello**
I dopn't miss snow one bit either dear.
Glad to see the dog is still doing well and hugs to help you deal with the troll.:)
Rain, wizard of oz wind and cold while the son opened their patio up of the hotel for business it is so warm in Ontario.
Someone is punishing us JT..:)
Kona is a very cool dog. Hi Kona, Hi flowers !
Hi troll-kid in your room ~ wanna talk about crocodiles with the Australian ? I've got an excellent photo of an aboriginal girl your age lying on the back of a sixteen foot croc. No ? Okay. Be nice to mom. She tries. Be specially nice when dad's away. She'll be very trying then. I guess you know all about thatparticular manifestation.
God help you.
you both read my mind today and fed my soul w this. Bless you! 

I've snagged back the computer for a moment...

Hi Ande. It's just the right amount of snow here, usually. It doesn't tend to last too long...

High Lonesome: Wow, so you *really* get the snow. We came so close to buying a high country mountain home instead of our town home, but I was completely scared off by the "only 23 feet we had last year" mentioned by our potential neighbor while he showed off his new snow blowing equipment that had a scoop wider than most driveways...
Yikes! I grew up in Georgia and had no idea...Husband grew up in 
Connecticut and knew exactly what we were in for.
We bought the town home and deal with the claustrophobia of being surrounded by rooflines for now... : )

Margaret: I feel your pain of having your own particular troll's epidemic lately.
Ohiahu. : )
I suppose I can wait. It gets hotter than hell here in the summer. Thank goodness for lakes....and canoes. 
And herons ! -- nada on the a l'orange. Although tofu a l'orange sounds yummy... I'll make you some next time you're in Oregon.

...more homework??
I'll be back...
That happy dog is kinda making up for the late snow. The crackling fire sounds nice, too. Wish you were here, the bluebonnets are beginning to bloom.
Snow is an acceptable reason to forego gardening. I get to go back to work tomorrow, and just found out there's a blackout on my end of campus. I don't know yet if my buildings are 100% dark yet; waiting on that phone call. I think, given a choice, I'd like to call in sick. 

Your dog looks so joyous. Did she have fun like that every time it snowed?
Your dog makes me smile. I hate to admit to missing snow this winter in Illinois. We never got below zero and only used the snow plow twice this year. The few other times the snow melted before we had a chance. I have always loved the spring because it signaled surviving something. I feel a tad wimpy. Everyone around here is a little nervous, thinking the snow will still May.
How I miss those mountains of the Pacific Northwest; or was it company I kept there? Enjoy the snow; we traded ours for tornados.
I remember this post! It was memorable. Hoping Kona gets completely better and the husband has a safe trip and the son returns asap.
I like the photos. Love how your dog stands out from all the white.
You'll get past the teen angst. 
Love the photos in the snow. This year has been such a crazy climate -- who know what the rest of the year brings.
Crocuses (croci?) are in bloom, daffs are starting to open -- their earliest ever around this region, according to Red's gardening journal -- and so are the forsythia. Our snowmobiling next-door neighbour has been gnashing his teeth all "winter", but even he likes to see the kids playing down the ravine and in the creek, catching frogs and snakes (which they release). Motorbike is going in for servicing this week and I'll soon be back in the wind. I'm pretty much in hog heaven.

Love the photos of Kona frolicking and all, but you can keep the snow out there, 'K?
Can't you just see John B there, pounding away at his Post this comment button ?
We've all been there, John :-)
Hello,so beautiful images...Wish I could be there..I adore snow....Best regards..Ah...No I can not remember snow...Thank you for sharing..
WE basically got an inch total maybe....but probably not. Two years ago I put my back out with so much snow...and this year....I am still waiting.
Lovely repost! Love the joy your dog displays in the snow. Best to you, et al!
Jon, love your comment-pushing enthusiasm!!
Seven. I think that's a new record : )

Night, folks, I'll have to reply tomorrow...
Thanks so much for coming by.

And Kim? I want to see that photo : ) 
How cool and crazy.
All three sons and my husband would laugh out loud at your comment about my moody manifestations.
I'm not laughing so much. 
But smiling... : )
"John," that is...
: )

Yes, my real life friends are ready to have an intervention on my smiley emoticon habit...aren't you guys? 
You know who you are... : )
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...
.........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥ (ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★(ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★
Such a beautiful post and loved the pictures. Spring snow is an annual visit here in Boulder. We haven't been visited yet..a few daffodils and crocuses have peeked their heads. We won't see full colors until the end of April. Thank you for sharing.
Awesome looking dog and ode to the wonders of snow. Was just taking snow laden photos of the trees in our yard. There is art in snow formations and the effects on tree branches. Simply stunning.
Great post! today it's seventy and sunny, one of the warmest days of spring thus far. 
I love your photos but am glad they are not of my snow and dogs, today.
Well, three days later, the snow is all melted, life has gone into hyperdrive and I seem to have lost my jolly self in all the chaos...
Youngest has finals and has taken over the computer entirely...I realize he has my penchant for procrastinating until the deadline is hours away.
Like me.
I think I'll cheer up when the mountain trails are more snow-free...

Hi Zanelle: She is the best fun for a dog, just a bit crazy sometimes, with a penchant for my socks. And snow. : ) 

Mission: 85 and Florida coast sounds delightful about now : ) Spring is non-existent here in the thing about living in the south I miss so much. Summers with lightning bugs and skinny-dipping in the lake at midnight : )

Kim, I'd like to ask more about this "God help you" phrase. Are you superimposing your issues on mine, possibly? : )
I am a sweetheart. Really. 
And no, no need to confirm with Youngest.
He and I actually get in a great groove when Husband leaves. Buying books with food money, camping out in the living room, we scrounge money for the local Shakespeare plays, tennis...of course who knows what will happen with this 14 year old. 
Likely I will do all that alone. Except the tennis.

Jon: How nice to hear! Sorry to be replying so intervenes...

Hi Diana! I would love to visit your way some day...bluebonnets sound delightful : ) Isn't that dog crazy? I adore her, she's so funny. When I drive around town she often stands with her back feet on the back seat and her front feet on the console between the front seats, smiling and tail wagging...I rarely drive very far, this is a small town. She entertains the other drivers who notice...and me. : )
As for fires in the fireplace, we'll likely have them until June here, or we do most years...bloody cold here in spring, then a sudden spike and it's 100 for weeks.
Nice to see you : )

Phyllis, she's a lot like that every time I open the door and she zooms out. I keep thinking she's fantasizing she's a greyhound, then she reaches the fence and attacks it vigorously, then starts sproinging around stiff-legged like some strange creature. Makes me laugh every time. : )
Mime, I know what you mean! While I find winter tedious when it lasts too long, it felt strange not having it at all, when we lived in Georgia and December could be 75 degrees....too out of the natural order or something...
Nice to have you come by : )

John, why do I suspect the mountains were much more lovely for you with the company you shared them with? : ) It's lovely here, but a bit lonely without good company...I grew up with tornadoes, but they were the old-fashioned small spouts, not the giant grinders that seem ubiquitous these days...they are so completely frightening! 

Thanks, fernsy, on all counts : )

NIce to see you, Sheila! Cool new avatar you've got going...

Love Life: I thought that was pretty cool too, just Kona herself with no background, it seems.

Hi Lea, and thanks : ) As this is our third son arriving at the teenage angst, I'm familiar, which somehow makes the thought of it all a bit worse...

boanerges, your comment made me smile : ) I too would just love an extra warm spring, but so far, I've not experienced one here in Oregon. *sigh*
Have fun with all the mild weather !
"Crocii" as well as "asparagii" all started with my sister when I was younger. I copied pretty much everything she did when I was littler...except Harvard graduate school. I couldn't pull that off.
Tough to keep up with her : ) 
I just don't have her drive...
Nice to have you come by ~
Sounds lovely ~ don't mind me I'm just jealous.
Greer asked if we could start playing tennis again ... I look forward to that.
Hi Stathi, hope just one 'Stathi' is nice of you to come by.
I do appreciate some snow, especially as it does not rain at all here in the summer months so we count on the snowmelt to fill the lakes...
The more sturdy folks who live further up in the mountains around here live with so much snow in in town it just visits now and then. 
Just right. : )

JD: It has been weird. I remember the news last year, it seemed as if everyone was buried in snow...
Nice to have you visit!

Thanks, Jennifer : ) Nice to have you come by...and our dog is just so eccentric. Her newest eccentricity is to cover her food with a towel grabbed from the bathroom -- too often, mine! -- so the cats do not see it (or so it seems...although they could care less).

Oooohhhhh, thanks back, Algis!
When are you visiting, again? : )

Hi Mary. Not even Boulder has had a spring snow? I'm guessing this storm is blowing your way by now though...
We have very cold springs here, exactly why I am trying to make my way to the coast soon. Not exactly LA weather, but it's not so freezing as here in April...I grew up in Georgia, so I don't have the built-in snow sturdiness. : )
Thanks for coming by!

Hi Cathy : )
You are so right, the beauty of snow resting on tree limbs, on our hanging cargo net, on beautiful.
Nice to see you!
Hi Rita!
I'm glad you are getting some warmth over your way...the snow is all melted now, but the cold weather often lingers here until June.
As for your area, I will *never* forget the spring break while living in Georgia when we drove up to New Hope. It was like watching spring recede as we drove north, until we were getting out sleds for the snowy hill all week up there!
You guys deserve a weirdly warm winter/spring, I say : )
Kim, I hope you and Greer do! It is so fun -- I think so, anyway. It's rare there is a sport I can be on even ground/strength with my grown sons, maybe it's the same with you two. 
We started playing tennis again after many many years of not when Noah, our middle son, got old enough I didn't know how else to hang out with him -- restaurants are expensive too often, dragging out the sailboat can be an ordeal for an hour sail as we have to trailer in, step the mast, etc... canoeing bores him to tears, and his love of climbing Pilot Rock at 5am to watch the dawn in the summer is way too sketchy a climb for me. Tennis became the right mix for us, for awhile there while he lived in town. Now Youngest and I head out sometimes. Our favorite court is old with a crack in it near the net, but bordered by a lovely creek, surrounded by tall cedars, rhodies, walking trails and lawns with giggling little children in summer...ambience I cannot pass up. 
We don't even really keep score, just volley and try to make the other race around, neither willing to admit we're tired until the other one does and our legs are like noodles : ) I'm reminded how much I've missed this this winter!
Hey Youngest, wanna' go play tennis this weekend if it's not snowing/sleeting/raining?
Oh, I laughed out loud for the thought of you feeding your troll well in the hope that your long lost boy will return to you one day!

I remember, too, these photos of Kona last year .... she looks so happy ... but moreso I remember the photos because she stands out so vividly in the blanket of snow and I want a photo of me like that one day ... wrapped in a blanket of snow ... fluffy whiteness all around!

Best wishes, JT .... I do hope the troll returns your beautiful boy soon.
I loved this write and I do remember your dog, those were the most darling pictures of that sweet thing. Thanks for reposted it!
Hi Kate!
More than anywhere else I've lived, it gets cold here! Spring is somewhat of a no-show even with the flowers...we're bundled up until close to summer, something I've just not gotten used to here...
If you ever happen to visit Oregon, I will happily take you to snow, available 10 months a year here with a short drive up a mountain...and photograph you enveloped in the fluffy stuff --
Then I will cook you a warm dinner to recuperate : )
If you prefer heat, we have that for two-three months a year, from 75 degrees F. (24 degrees C.) one day to over 100 degrees F. (38-ish degrees C.) the next, sometimes...although I suspect you have plenty of heat over your way : )
Nice to have you come by!

Thanks, Cindy. She is an endless source of fun, that silly dog. 
I lucked out with the snowy background and just her jumping showing so nicely by contrast.
If you happen to get to Oregon, I'll cook for you too. : )
Thanks for stopping in...
Oh Kate, about the troll...
*sigh* is about all I have to say.
I look forward to seeing what young man will show up eventually from this 'troll'/teenage cocoon...
I miss Western snow! Love that photo of Kona airborne; such joy.
Well, Winter 2014 was a bit different...
What wonderful pictures!
Hey Myriad - thanks : ) 
They are my favorites - she's such a cool dog.

No snow this year to play in around here...thank goodness it's raining, at least. The drought is stretching north. Scary. Our ski resort didn't even open once this winter!! Big snow in Dec., and that was it, not enough for the slopes. 
Ironic as this post was first written two winters ago when we had all the snow out here and there was nothing back east.

Kona's still playing though : )

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