A Tale of Self-Fulfilling Elicitation

Should a dose of anything aberrant to the body come along, by itch, inflammation, irritant, rash, even growth or other anomaly - there is surely an antidote, and often, nearby. One cannot exist without the other, as that is simply the way of Nature. But what one embraces, in belief, thought, disdain, fear, tout, or other motive, is what makes one Stronger than the other. At least, for a Moment.

Furtherance of awareness is based upon this principle.

Or - failure too, if you weigh the two together.

This thread popped into my awareness by two sidelong postings, one a long article on the miracles of Asparagus for a girl I know who foists medical terms for her specialness, the other by an art-pal, who came upon some poster-calendars for a Dog-And-Pony-Show-type curarè for what ails ya, before the interjection of oversight, rules, and governance, and perhaps - the cause of that, as well.

Just a side note... In case you are wondering why this has not been made public, there is no profit in curing cancer.”

The graphics for the elixir Antikamnia's calendar ads just happened to be sent at the same time, by a pal that likes skellys.

For me, I can't imagine a cure existing without some disease to remedy in the first place. They coincide, of course they do; but you don't often see them actually collide.


At the end of the 1800s, a St. Louis company founded by two former drug store owners marketed a signature pain-relieving product, ANTIKAMNIA, the principal ingredient being acetanilide, a coal tar derivative. Ironically, this was later shown to be fatal.

Although the name of the company -- and their images -- seem vaguely European, the Antikamnia Chemical Company was a home-grown affair, in St. Louis in the late 1880s, to sell their medicine designed to combat both pain and fever. They touted their little white pills as a “certain remedy, unattended by any danger," and useful for everything from influenza to headaches, and especially handy taken as a preventative - before sports - or even shopping!" 

But with their series of macabre calendars featuring skeletons in all walks of life, it's become a tale of it's own intrigue as well as demise, and with a renewed fascination with all things hoary, taboo, could-it-be?! ~ even to by Whom?  You choose, being the actual hidden elixir. 

But these graphics remain, in fascination and wonder of a certain time, with no walk of life

left out ~ even Women, and Children were included!

The Eternal Question, Led by the External Answer.

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Comment by Anna Herrington on May 13, 2019 at 8:00am

Wow. Crazy 'advertising' yet I like it. We are just to far from the realities of death in our society. I think of then, people laid out granny in the front parlor after washing down the whole body themselves, death was 'close.' People killed their own chickens to eat. Death was 'close.' I'm not sure it's helped us at all, how sanitized from death and age and sickness we've become....

And I appreciate your side note. Yep.

On a similar note, our dog has a tumor on her side, we've gone through this before with another dog years ago, his got huge before we dealt with it with surgery, he was okay after but I felt guilty for ages we took so long to find the heart and cash to have an invasive surgery on our dog.... so this time I found a holistic vet and just researched. Our dog's tumor is disappearing! She's been getting a turmeric paste mix each morning in her food and it is disappearing! It is so very cool a sight and happening.

Not speaking of a miracle cure for cancer or anything but people have known for ages how fabulous turmeric used in the right ways can be for ill health, including reducing at least certain kinds of tumors.

Good to see you  : )  Have a good week!

Comment by The Songbird on May 13, 2019 at 8:41am

Howdy, gal!  Good to see you too!  Like minds is only a metaphor, huh?  Because we would not meet were it not for the same sentiment.  A dis-ease is only created by something natural, but the remedy is, truly, often nearby.  Sensationalism is a route to secreting one part away from the other, but boy howdy! was this ever effective!  I can't deny I love the hand of the illustrator, and have no idea if the tongue-in-cheek that I SEE was even intended. But - there it is.

I love your statement of "close."  It is indeed a natural part of living itself, and the denial of it - or, marketing, if you will - seems the driving force of all Force that we are all busy resisting.  

I just read that catnip repels mosquitoes, which is intriguing.  There are a lot of feral cats around, so -- if I plant it, even though I don't have cats -- will they party on the patio, and keep them skeeters away?  I think it's time to try it!  

God is great, Sabu.  He plays with us.  

Comment by Robert B. James on May 16, 2019 at 8:04am

Wow! I love this. What a great research subject. The elixir of St. Luis! I’m hooked. 


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