Annual Turkey Pardon Ceremony Held at White House

Annual Turkey Pardon Ceremony Held at White House:  In the annual Presidential ceremony at the White House, President Trump has pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey they’ve named “Drumstick."

The following day, the President angrily tweeted he has yet to receive the expected thank you call or tweet from either the turkey, its parents or the turkey community.  Talk about an ungrateful turkey.  Sad!  Of course, in the turkey’s defense - Trump only agreed in principle to pardon the white meat.  Ironically, with the Mueller investigation closing in, it may turn out that it’ll be Trump’s goose that is cooked - not the turkey’s.  

And, to be completely fair, this isn’t the first turkey the President has pardoned this year.  That was former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  What I find most interesting is that - just before Trump pardoned the turkey, he declared it was once again "open season” on African elephants.  That said, the turkey’s fate may still be in legal limbo, in that a US District Judge in Hawaii has just ruled Trump's Turkey Pardon is unconstitutional!

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Comment by Arthur James on November 22, 2017 at 10:12pm



oops ask Trump to

pardon Roy Moore

and Trump says?

Liberals destroy


Sacred Cherished

Sacred Values.

No Listren to

Media News?

Ya's go sos?





Tune out





Amy says

TV news is

'Boob Tube'




good dreams

and be no too

LOCO Aye...

` `?``



Comment by Johnny Robish on November 22, 2017 at 10:31pm

Have a nice Thanksgiving Arthur!


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