An Open Letter to the Progressive Masses

Is anyone feeling the same uneasy feeling I am about our current public conversation?

Where is the screaming, shouting clarity that greed, wealth and self interests are taking over this country cloaked in ideology?

I have paid attention to our public conversation before and after healthcare reform passed; before and after the shooting in Tucson; before and after Minnesota shut down the State government to balance a budget that desperately needs revenue; before and after our conversation about the debt ceiling. Something feels eerily missing from our ‘honest’ conversation. 

The something I am missing is clarity and outrage. The other something is a clear and viable strategy to minimize the power and impact of the forces that are funding the supposed ideological messages to the masses. 

A great deal of what we are up against in public conversation is demonstrably false but has large public relations agencies and corporate advertising dollars spinning it to a place of power and prominence. Much of America has significant ideological differences that deserve time and attention. However, insurance companies shaping the message that healthcare reform is a “government takeover of medicine” is not ideological differences. Isn’t that more like the wolf naming the food supply route for the sheep?  

Do I want more from Barak Obama?  Certainly. 

AND, we need to examine the culture we all find ourselves in and look for a collective solution. Not simply the solution of one man. 

We are up against a powerful populist movement with the rise of the Tea Party. One that is well funded by entities that most likely are not even Tea Party loyalists themselves. To paraphrase Chip Berlet, who has studied and written about right-wing movements for 35 years, we must come together and craft an equally compelling response to the Tea Party that refutes and rejects its claims if we don’t want to observe its rise to power from the sidelines. 

We are dealing with greed bought, sold and cloaked as ideology. This is not ideology. This is treachery and abuse.

Abuse is not reasoned with. Abuse is not listened too. Abuse needs to be stood up to.

Where is our will to stand up to this abuse?

Where is our collective call to action that says our economy can be strengthened if we really work together? Working together is not happening when all the tax breaks are going to those who have enough and all the cuts and the extra fees are going to those of us who have been drowning or on the edge of the river bank for too long.

Where is the defiance in our voice when we say that healthcare and housing and jobs are things this nation can and will prioritize for the masses, not just the wealthy?

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