Every day we move to make moves is a day that our heart gets a workout.

This has been such a move! Congratulations to Loriane and to all for taking the action. I hope for a good collaboration and a great continuing of good friendships.

I wrote a post at OS That has some tips to get and keep us all together. I hope that you will find a tip or two that works for you.

(Tip number one: google search penalizes you and pushes your stuff to another page when you publish the same article in more than one place)

Here are flowers for the host and for the future!

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Comment by Skypixiezero on June 25, 2012 at 8:19pm

Hi Zuma!

Good post!

Isn't this a lovely site to write in?!! This has OS beat hollow in lots of ways. Just lookit all the neat stuff we can do in comments! Yum, yum!

Sorry dearest one, no cake tomorrow. The bakery flubbed it. What a mess...... it came  out looking like a cow pie. The nice lady at the bakery was in tears. I  should have gotten more details about just exactly how that is done. 

Best to ya.........ᴼᴥƪ


Comment by Xenonlit on June 26, 2012 at 6:53am

Good to see you here, Sky! Many times, we have talked about places like this and EONS, but people somehow thought that Salon would be our big draw. It's too bad but I'll trend toward putting up a link there or doing something  meta silly there.

Comment by Xenonlit on June 26, 2012 at 6:59am

Walter: Google had me so mad. I do a lot of news research and  all the content scavengers were clogging the first page of results. Worse, when I clicked on scavenger sites like Huffington Post, I could not even find the topic that I was looking for!  

Google fixed that. Now the top website is supposed to give up the information or answers right away. I don't see Huffington Post and the other web scavengers so much. 


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