An Inescapable Road to War Paved by Past Democrat White Houses Comes to Roost

The Pathway to War and North Korea

War is never the desirable outcome. It is the last straw in an unavoidable situation that has arisen from lack of appropriate response on a diplomatic level or the cowardly inaction that made it inevitable. Sometimes, as we have witnessed in history, the path to war is not only inescapable, but an example of botched political opportunities years before. While we will remember the horrors of war will we forget the goodness that came from liberation? Will we forget that evil was vanquished? Will we conveniently assign blame to those who acted while the dancers deftly refused to take action? One thing is for sure, if anything is remembered under the tragedy of war it will be the Neville Chamberlains of the world who exalted themselves with their worthless papers of nonaggression pacts that burned like the homes of the innocents in the path of enemy tanks.

Bloody past

During the Clinton administration once again Democrat capitulation refused to discourage North Korea’s designs on establishing a missile delivery system that would feature a nuclear warhead. Instead, President Bill Clinton, much like the Obama administration allowed an out of control regime rife with human rights violations and military aggression to begin the path to a nuclear program thinking that a conciliatory posture would somehow deter a hostile invader. North Korea after invading its neighbor South Korea in 1950 conducted a bloody war for more than 3 years that resulted in a cease fire agreement but not peace. In the decades that followed border clashes occurred with probing maneuvers by the North and unprovoked naval attacks upon the south also ensued. One might recall the death of two American soldiers at the hands of North Korean troops while pruning a tree on the DMZ Photos showed the gruesome work of the merciless North Koreans and a military crisis quickly ensued in 1976.

Delusions of a madman

There was every indicator that North Korea would never deviate from its aggressive ways. Holding some 250 thousand civilians in concentration camps, allowing widespread starvation of its masses, one of the qualifications of a Korean camp guard was to drown a toddler or beat a pregnant woman to death as was decided by the interviewers. On this kind of inhumane footing is the Godless and ethically bankrupt North Korean government headed by a dictator who had his own brother assassinated along with other close associates. A man who seems to relish the launches of missiles that threaten the airspace of neighboring countries with complete impunity Kim Jong -un seems to fit perfectly the profile of a madman!

No alternative

Yet, the American mass media would rather demonize President Trump as being a warmonger. They would rather portray our President as the catalyst for a war rather than realistically appraise the situation for what it really is. That situation is a no win situation. Should America and her allies stand by and watch North Korea build a nuclear arsenal designed to hold the world hostage as North Korea acts as a proxy for the designs of China and Russia there will be no peace only war will constantly hover above the heads of the peaceful nations of the world like the sword of Damocles! Given the power to coerce the nations of the west and allies of America just as China continually tries to control or threaten international waters will only prolong the inevitable and make the chances of an even greater conflict larger in scope a certainty!

Clinging to sanctions

There seems no way out unless the sanctions being imposed by the US as our State Department calls for its international partners to pony up and start enforcing sanctions that already exist to take effect. President Trump has called upon Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, to urge our allies to isolate North Korea even asking the Chinese to consider supporting a regime change perhaps even leading to a peaceful reunification of the two Koreas. Unfortunately, as we have found in the past, relying upon Communists to come to a logical and humane outcome is wishful thinking. As we found with the Korean War, Ho Chi Mien in North Vietnam, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and even Muslim radicals in the Philippines, logical outcomes that value lives are out of the question.

Legacy of failure

Thanks to the capitulation of Democratic White Houses the nuclear arsenals of Communist regimes along with Iran are being constructed at break neck speed with help of the Russians and China. Thanks to President Obama under the aegis of reducing budgets US missile defense systems offered to Crimea, Georgia, South Korea, and other regions facing the threat of Communist expansion not only America but its allies face the eventuality of attack encouraged by the cowardly actions of the Obama State department that could not even bring itself to rescue its own Ambassadorial personnel from the hands of Muslim terrorists in Libya!

Inherited trouble

So, it is safe to say that the road to war has been paved with the lack of resolve or show of strength demonstrated by the Obama White House which is the only thing many cultures of our enemies understand. The gullible outreach and ill-advised concessions used incessantly by the Obama State Department in enabling our enemies has set in motion the road to the unthinkable conveniently laying it all in the lap of President Trump and an administration that has been more maligned and obstructed than any in US History. Without even complete appointments having been achieved yet and Obama holdovers who have leaked classified information to the media and ultimately to the world, President Trump and his staff have been left with a default situation thanks to the vacuum created by the incompetent Obama administration. Is war on the horizon? Only time will tell.


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Comment by Doc Vega on August 10, 2017 at 11:13am

The point is Terry to stop them from building an offensive nuclear arsenal with their confidence in being backed up by China and Russia, and by the way we did stop a regime from building Atomic Bombs adn that name is CUBA!

Comment by koshersalaami on August 10, 2017 at 1:38pm

Why are we doing this? Because we need a token conservative? I mean aside from Token. 

There is zero probability that Doc persuades any regular OS user of anything political. This is our version of going to a carnival and trying to dunk the insulting clown, only we have to imagine the splash. It's not like we're going to find any objectivity here. Bush is somehow not responsible for any of Obama's problems, yet Obama is responsible for all of Trump's problems. From the standpoint of cause and effect in politics, this can't possibly work. 

This blog is sort of useful from the standpoint of target practice. We encounter enough insults to be able to enjoy shooting back without feeling guilty. There's nothing measured here like there was with the late Gordon Osmond. 

Rob Wittmann kind of admires Doc from the standpoint of the craft of his propaganda, which is to say how arguments are constructed for maximal impact assuming you aren't thinking or informed, meaning I suppose Doc has use as a case study. He's apparently good at what he does. This isn't a craft I know much about. 

I suppose I could ask myself the same question about my interactions with a lot of bloggers here. Doc just makes a better example because he is so dead consistent. 

Comment by Doc Vega on August 11, 2017 at 2:19pm

Kosher I' awful sorry to disappoint anyone here with either my participation or my temerity.


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