It is unamerican to not have a place. How can we know our place if we do not have one? If all Americans had a place, then I would be there and content. My father left us no place and his father left him no place. I come from a fairly long line of people born into nothing substantial here, from across the sea where we didn’t have a place either. 

        I never knew I had no place, becuase no one told us it was not our land...or our estuary, as most of the time no one else was there. Most of what I had thought was my place was a sewer for government and industrial operations up river. 

        I could have earned a very small bit of that place and paid for the right to live there by earning that too. I knew the rules, the rules were clearly presented. Americans have no place unless they earn it or have it given to them by someone who did. 

        I loved that estuary, and hated leaving, but I had to, as my share was too small to keep the way things are done, and so I took it and used it for college and grad school. Maybe I could have stayed, but the taxes were high too...and the flooding was only getting worse. 

         I had not lived there for some time when we sold it, all of us, but I did not want to. My parents were dead, and only I really loved the place...most of them were far away. They wanted to sell. 

          The Hurricane severely  damaged most of the homes on the estuary in 2012. It was not my place any more by then, and it never had been.  My place was sinking before we got there, and will be under water soon enough. I knew my place well enough to know that.

           I go home in my dreams, and wake up not knowing where I am. I am in a place, but not my place...not on my estuary, not with my people...none of whom are there either. I know the difference and wish sometimes that life was different . I feel adrift, and know why. 



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Comment by Ron Powell on November 12, 2018 at 10:33pm

Every one of signators of the Declaration of Independence had a place here....

Every on of those in attendance during the Continental Congress that resulted in the Constitution of the United States had a place....

"It is unamerican to not have a place."

All of those people would agree with your assessment and assertion....

Too many people would agree with your statement today....

It's illegal to fall asleep in public in too many jurisdictions where there is no place else to go....

It is not only iunamerican to not have a place, it's unlawful....

It is quickly becoming a country where having nothing marks you as being a criminal....And having something/anything confers the right to pass such judgment....

Comment by Robert B. James on November 12, 2018 at 10:53pm

Place is place is powerless. Our family got that place after a big storm scared the well to do off ...even then the sea level was rising. Poorer people had little access to the water to fish or launch a boat even. We shared our access with many people...some even who tried to make a living off of traps or nets for a while. Having access to a place is no substitute for having one, but better than nothing. 

Thanks, RP, for your comment. 

They wander, looking weary, carrying trash bags...sometimes on bicycles, but there they are every day. I see them. They are moving along...this place has no fresh water to camp near, and no foot traffic except for theirs. The nights are cold now. I see them everywhere, but here they are moving along. They have no choice. There is a family living on the off ramp in their car, but they were not there today...maybe they moved along.


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