Smirking jerks always look the same throughout the ages

So this is how occupied France felt. Raped, robbed and looted by an enemy force bent on destroying her in self-hatred and vile jealousy. The Inadequates, the No-Hopers, the Twitter Trolls, the Unindicted Oligarchs, and the rest of the professional losers are having their day in the sun, smiling in the same short-sighted and idiotic way as their hero and role-model Der Furor, who also did not realize he was losing when he thought he was winning. Inside, they know their time is short, taking all that they can carry away, waging holocaust on anyone who is Not Them. This is not from trickery or deceit of the Innocents, it's daylight theft for anyone to see.

Our need to feel we are moral beings drives our lives and decisions beyond all else. We are outraged at the robbing of a bank while acquiescing to the robbery of a nation; the Jungian thing. I was glad the Trumptard won because I knew it would finally rip off our veneer of assumed morality and the viciousness that has always lied just below the surface of the conservative movement, be it left or right. I hear people asking what has happened to the Republicant party. Nothing. Same as ever. Just more out in the open. Funny to see these shocked! shocked! lifelong Republicants renounce their affiliation to try and save face. Hopefully, they'll continue in that direction.


Their children hate them for the things they're not,
They hate themselves for what they are
- Carly Simon

Just as we hate the Republicants for what they are, we hate the Democraps for what they aren't. Feckless, spineless, toothless, without the courage of their convictions. Who wants to bet they take the "high road" if swept back into power and don't want to be seen as "mean or partisan" to the person hellbent on wrecking the country and ruining lives? "We'll vote to impeach only when we know it will fail." There is no adult in the romper room of Congress.

This attack on the rule of law started before Trumptard, beginning with anti-Christ 43 to justify the Iraqi pillaging, escalated and formalized by No-Drama Obama, and now taken to the insecure extreme by our current Traitor-in-Chief. Karma, baby. Terrorist killing drones are a big yuck today on foreign soil but just wait until you are declared a terrorist for want of a loaf of bread. Will be a tad late to bitch then.

The real war being waged here is on integrity itself. Self-respect, selfless dedication, honest competence - these are the declared enemies of the state that must be eradicated. Doesn't matter what your tribe or rank is, exhibit those traits and you will be outcast by the Bolshevik Reds who believe they have nothing to gain anyway. It's the Final Solution all over again - and we'll do nothing to stop it because it's too unpleasant to admit that of ourselves. It's true that holding onto one's integrity may not save the world. But it's guaranteed to save you.

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Comment by cheshyre on December 22, 2017 at 8:19pm

Circling the drain.

Comment by Phyllis on December 23, 2017 at 4:52am

Well, the cats will be happy. They're fascinated with watching toilets flush.

Comment by cheshyre on December 23, 2017 at 7:51am

I'm good with happy cats.


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