American Exposed to Ebola being Monitored in Nebraska Hospital

American Exposed to Ebola being Monitored in Nebraska Hospital:  An American who may have been exposed to the lethal disease Ebola while in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has arrived at a Nebraska hospital to be monitored.  The CDC is asking frightened citizens to try and put things in perspective - pointing out that far more Americans will likely get dumped by Taylor Swift this year than will ever contract Ebola.

Workers Find 30 Rattlesnakes Under Texas Cabin:  When workers in Gorman, Texas, saw a rattlesnake slither under an old hunting cabin, they lifted the whole building to find 30 of the deadly snakes.  So there were exactly 30 of them?  My question is, whose job was it to count them?  Anyway, when workers informed the woman who owned the house of the situation, her response was ”well, at least they weren't spiders.”

California Hiker Killed by Oregon Hunter:  A California man who was hiking in Oregon has been killed by a hunter who mistook him for a bear.  Local officials say this senseless tragedy could have been prevented had the hiker simply not chosen to wear a “Cal Bears” sweatshirt.

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Comment by Tom Cordle on December 31, 2018 at 9:38pm

Ebola spelled backwards is alobe – I have no idea why that occurred to me.

Just thirty? There are far more rattlesnakes in another house in Texas – the Texas statehouse.

A black man was shot around these racist parts, and the shooter got off because he said he thought the man was a black bear – YCMTSU.

Comment by Johnny Robish on December 31, 2018 at 11:15pm



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