Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt Stepping Down As Executive Chairman

Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt Stepping Down As Executive Chairman:
  Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc has just announced its Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt will be stepping down from his position - effective its next regular board meeting.  Alphabet hasn’t indicated who will be replacing Schmidt, but I think its a pretty safe bet to conclude its not likely gonna be anyone who has a history of dyslexia.

Deadly Snake Fungus Threatens Species Worldwide:  A deadly fungus that forms fast-spreading lesions across a snake's body can be found in 23 species in the United States and poses a global threat for the species.  The disease is spreading so quickly, scientists say its brought life for many snakes down to a crawl.

Low-Cost European Airline to Offer Porn on Flights:  Low-cost European airline Ryanair is reportedly planning to offer pornography as an in-flight entertainment option.  Yea well - then don’t expect the seats to be the only thing on the plane in their full, upright position.

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Comment by koshersalaami on December 22, 2017 at 9:27am

Second one is scary, Third one is goid

Comment by Maui Surfer on December 22, 2017 at 10:28am

First one is yuge. Many people who don't follow tech don't realize there is no longer "A Google". The master firm Alphabet was started a couple years ago to basically control as much of the Internet and mobile as possible, and it has done a masterful job. Take a look at what they own: --- now whether an acquisition of RyanAir is in the well, air, is unclear, but for sure Google is the number one purveyor of pornography on the planet, good or bad, and I have noticed a real change in how the millennials I surf with view sex due to growing up with Internet and Mobile images and video at their fingertips from the first point of curiosity. Will that end up being good or bad? There is lots of bad in the porn business, from just plain exploitation to the worst things imaginable. However, sex is natural, so, over time the mystery will no longer be one for any young person, and they will go back to essentially a substitution for what those of us who grew up in rural areas knew from a young age from watching horses and cattle go at it.


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