A trip to New York
African Burial Ground
Closed for the season

Narrative: with Monday a holiday, I planned to drive in to NYC with my cameras to take pictures of the African Burial Ground. I had shot there before but wanted to do a better job. I work in NYC but a few miles north, and in any case, I don't want to carry three cameras in to NY on a work day (where I also have my brief case).

The site is an outdoor memorial. There are many similar monuments in NYC and in all my days, never saw one the was closed. There was a low gate that could have been easily crossed, but on the side, you could just walk in. I did. But in a few minutes a security guard showed up and that was that.

In the area where the memorial is, there is NO street parking. So I found a parking facility and tol the attendant I would be an hour or so. Cost me $36 for my trouble. Damn.

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