Alliteration Assignment: Progressive Power of People on Public Policy


With the winning of the White House well over, there is precedent for the power of the people to propel us to new heights of progressive potential in public policy.  It is inherently logical for us to wish to wield this power -- and for the people to do so in full force from the fervent furor of this last election cycle's outcome.

In recent years, we have witnessed the power of the people on public policy.  The Occupy movement is no longer just a passing fad, fading fitfully in the fuligin night.  The Occupy movement has gained ground and garnered greater support with Occupy Sandy, showing support for stranded city slickers by presence, provision and provender provided without question and without request for payment.  In other things, we see the passing into law legalized legislation for what some may call the demon weed in two states. 

The Republican Party, reeling on the ropes of the recent realignment of reaction against racist reasoning, is now teetering on the brink of requiring a reaffirmation of vision -- or a reformation of their repugnant rhetoric as regards, blacks, hispanics, women, the LGBT and non-religious segments of our population.  Big Money was walloped and left weeping in the wake of voter turnout that repudiated the realpolitick of Citizen's United.

We, the People, proved that pragmatic and patient perserverance, even in the face of seeming superior support from the scornful and scathing oligarchic superwealthy, can prevail.  We watched, witness to lie after lie of a milquetoast Mitt, and then voted our conscience, forever silencing the supercilious squawking of Senators and Super PACs who outspent the people in percentages that proved money doesn't make the world go 'round, my friends.  With the resounding response, Republicans retreated and retracted, willingly pointing fingers and throwing their comrades under the political bus in blame.

Is it any indication of things to come?  Will the Republican Party return to reason and rationality in this latest scathing sendup of Senatorial, Presidential, House and Gubernatorial success for Democrats?  This election proved that extremism is execrable to the electorate in no uncertain terms.  Let us all hope that this turn of the tide will teach those terrible talkers to turn the other cheek and come to clarity on their positions -- hopefully abandoning the hypocritical and hyper-insensitive histrionics they employ to scare their subjects into subservient submission.

Only time will tell.  We, the People must pursue and push for more.  With success seeding the swelling tide of support for social sentience, we must also prepare to present a solid and stalwart sense of responsibility, not only to social programs, but also for responsible recognition of regulatory requirements to reign in the excesses of an expensive and wasteful government, greedy oligarchs and fraudulent programs that dole out special subsidies for supporting super-sized corporate contracts that clash with cultural convention and create greater inequality in our country.

The power is in our ability to reach out and speak out without interference from the feral and ferocious fighters for corporate control of our country.  This time, We, the People prevailed.  It is not time to relax and rejoice in reaction to this win.  Instead it is implicit and imperative that we continue to curtail and condemn those who would subvert our social senses through media manipulations, money and misdirection by media moguls and money magnates.  What we must do is continue to maintain our momentum by insisting on investigating the illicit and irresponsible actions of those who engineered our economic evisceration only to increase their inappropriate levels of wealth at the nation's expense.

This expense comes in the form of fleeing from our productive and manufacturing power by outsourcing our own power to produce here.  The corporatocrists have, to keep profit pouring in, done dirty deals in dark rooms to send such services overseas.  None of their savings is passed on to the consumer, who is ultimately the victim of such predatory practices.  Leaving the country, our jobs are now done by submissive slaves of such places as China, India, Pakistan and Korea.  Places where, for pennies to the dollar, corporations can create country-sized workplaces where workers can be killed, coerced and convinced to continue to keep working with no rights.

The increase in inequality of the distribution of wealth creates a country of impoverished individuals who produce products they themselves cannot touch in terms of their incomes.  It also deteriorates democratic demands for decent wages here.  With fewer jobs here, there is internally incentivized increased competition for those jobs, all the while reducing the potential for people to present petitions for greater general conditions of that work for fear of finding themselves forcibly free of that employment.

What the white washing of this situation has done, though, even perhaps, unknown to those who seek to make this situation such, is that the loss of productive and manufacturing might right here results in reduced economic energy in earnings for everyone except those few at the top.  This reduction ultimately results in retraction of wealth overall, because people who cannot afford to put food on the table cannot afford all those commercial creations coming from other countries, either.  Without work, no money is made.  If no cash comes into the family coffers, no demand is produced and no goods gotten, no matter how many manufactured materials might sit on shelves in stores.

Now is the time to press for progress on our public policy to produce products here while we have the power of the people and the politicians', pundits' and the President's ear.

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Comment by Poor Woman on November 29, 2012 at 9:23pm

Sorry, Kosh! I forgot to comment after being here before! doh!

Heavenly hysterics hover here helping us hold hopefulness ever higher.


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