Alliteration Assignment: Are Americans Always Away on Adventures?

     I'm an anachronism, it seems, in America.  Well, the United States, to be precise.  You see, I am one of those travelling teller of tales that, for reasons inexplicable, find the borders bounding our bipolar braziers of our birthplace a barrier to branching beyond home.  In short, I've never really been out of the country.

     I don't lack love of leisure for long lazy larks in little out of the way lands.  Far from it.  I have a long list of lovely locales lacking my ever having been there, many of them in far off lands read about only in books and magazines.  Taking the first, timid steps to travel, I toddled on trails as a training ground for learning to love being outdoors.

     For me, travelling trails and taking time to truly taste fresh air, breathing in the bounty of broad leafed boles in the deciduous forests of the United States is sublime.  I still haven't walked in the wilds of Wisconsin, nor have I stepped softly on the sands of the shores surrounding the States on all possible beaches.  Standing along the top of a sand dune, blocking the blinding blaze of the ball of the sun is still something I can successfully surmount here in the States.

     Australia, India, Ireland, Spain, France, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, and many, many more places I long to see, first hand.  Alas, I always appear to be appointed to be assigned a local life locked in a lasting life of short stops, specific stations and suburban society no matter how I try to plan world travel.

     If you have travelled the world, I'd love to hear about it.  It doesn't seem likely I'm getting the opportunity anytime soon.  Remember, while I may wish to travel like you other world globetrotters out there, Im here. I'm taking pictures of our own country for you to stare at when you get home, or to take with you to show those you meet what your country has to offer them in travel sights.

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