when your protectorate is under the aegis
of the heartfelt impetus you work within,
how do you state that you feel unprotected,
in fact, vulnerable, to those of Sin?

when any street margyr can come in,
to sell some Anything, for Money,
you best believe in Thick as Thieves,
and they talk, plenty.

braggadocio knows no boundaries,
bad, rather than good.
anyone who Gets Away with anything
will be happy to embellish more than they could.

enthusiasts of free rides see the way Out
when the way In was what was left in doubt.
a good heart can be trampled by the very Trust purveyed
when surroundings are left tenuous to play.

sealed windows encase the storefront, as seen from outside
but buying gold, and silver, is the entreaty on the sign.
so they come in, line up, and wait for their turn,
and it's only a matter of time before someone learns

that the money is in the pocket of The Man on a cane,
and the workers are confined in the firetrap he's made.
his benign nature is killing him, for wont of being a help;
but he's the only one he excludes in the efforts dealt.

i wish i could say, at times, what I see;
but it is not mine, so i must let him Be.
but i'm also one of the Be-ings, and the first line of fire,
if some junkie comes along, itching from desire.

adrenalin is a mighty foe to match.
a thief always has the jump; forethought precedes fact.
and a mind, in aberration, knows only Want;  
without an exit, you can find your Self caught.

and there is no tier of absolution, safety, or trust
when any unknown can come along with their thrust
of how important their item is, it's value, or worth,
when obviously, we're the only avenue of sale on earth.

a Sucker Is Born Every Minute, so it is said;
so why prove it, by easily being led?
soft hearts are just that, but tenderness renders the same
when streetwise interprets it as a winning game.

gettin' over, playin' a mark, righteous stance, all equate
the the eventual blindside that surprises all at stake.
you didn't see it coming, but you never can
when Intention is the only reason for which you stand.


Graphic:  A Tarot take, reversing the supposed.

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Comment by Phyllis on March 11, 2017 at 4:46am

This is a very thought provoking piece. And it can be interpreted by anyone who reads it to mean that they are right, but the person who truly knows themself can see where they fit into it. Here's hoping that we can eventually learn from our collective mistakes.

Comment by The Songbird on March 11, 2017 at 8:32am

Thank you, Phyllis.  It is a matter of being thoughty, and aware.  I do try to learn from what I complain of; a reverse, but still - it lets me see what I DON'T want, and my own behavior, and - awareness - is the only thing I can temper. It's fine to be giving, but you have to realize the other side of that - who is the taker?  It is indeed best to put out what you'd like to receive, because that's exactly what you're going to get!  But we are all obliged to protect ourselves as well.  I'm glad to have come to this awareness, because something has been nattering at me at work.  I don't wish to be fearful, because that creates its own attraction.  But, as you said, I don't want to be righteous, either, because you can blindside your own self by that.  Just - aware, I guess.  Thanks for reading, and the furtherance.  


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