ACEY/DEUCEY - aka CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON - for Anna Herrington

(aka - Acey/Deucey)

some times there presents a Dark Side,
it comes stealthy, an alert or a glimmer,
you feel it, down in the gut of your Self,
the Distant Bell, or a Dead Ringer.

some Thing will pique it to awareness,
(not the easiest thing to hide..);
it slips out in little sentences,
the invitations to come inside.

for the Incubus knows his own power,
and the Succubus only hungers,
either one is out to devour you,
for their own satiations of wonders.

i’ve embraced them both in my lifetime,
sometimes intimately, some times when i’ve flown.
aaah - and there is the Rub, dear Shakespeare:
to be real you need only to have Known.

it’s insidious, their need for bleeding,
to pick underneath the ooze.
and they know what they are doing,
for your very Innocence is their food.

what does it take to defend your Life?
what does it take to say Don’t Look Back?
if you never looked at any thing,
you’d be a Voidoid - or - worse than that.

Experience is the Motherlode;
lush with memory and seed.
the days you enter create phases,
as you learn where you'd like to Be.

Comfort comes from our very breath;
an instant ease in meeting Another’s eyes.
the little exhale instead of an inhale;
all tensions, dropped, mid-stride.

so you revel in that Lapse of heartbeat;
and you swoon, vibrating with the tone.
the merest breeze could wisp it away from you,
so you treasure this key to being Known.

and therein is the search for the heartstring,
oh, .. oh, do come play me again!
and you propel yourself to possess it -
the moments of Truth you long to begin.

what was it in that Recognition?
that all-encompassing thrill?
the penetration of a gaze, only by happenstance,
that says, my heart .. be still?

some might say get away from there,
and some would say follow the Light.
either way, you know from that moment,
that the Intrigue has you yearning inside.

but Contentment comes in many guises,
it’s hard to discern between clever and fake.
you can pray steaming cauldrons to the heavens,
or you can lay your Life at stake.

either path will bring Others toward you,
so be mindful of Desire’s wish.
dark needs light, just as light needs dark
for them even to exist.

so recognize just what you are Giving,
know the force of your own mis-takes:
it will keep you going forward,
teach you to cherish what you’re giving away.

you get what you give is what They say,
from the Pharoahs to the Prophet’s tomes,
so therein is the fruit or the weapon:
to be cognizant of the Power you own.


Blue Notes and Oldies,
December 9, 2010

Graphic used: A pin-up Calendar piece, 1946?, by beloved Vargas, "Aim High."  I'm all about the Subliminal Message.

I'll include the Original Graphic here, for Anna, as it was my chosen depiction when this piece came out of me in 2010.  The shift in depiction is where my aim, knowledge, responsibility, and demeanor is placed now.


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Comment by Anna Herrington on May 1, 2018 at 1:18pm

Thank you, Songbird  : )

(3 y/o grandgirl here at the moment so comment is all encompassed, for now, in my Thank You.)

Comment by The Songbird on May 1, 2018 at 2:05pm

Nothing finer, to refine by! 


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