A Two Thousand Mile Rickshaw Trek Across the Himalayas (OS Archive - 2010)

Who Says This Generation of Young Adults is Narcissistic?

As a teenager, as soon as I realized that I could get in my car and just keep driving, I did.

I didn't worry about being abducted, much less being abducted into the sex trade, I didn't know what that meant. 

I got in my car and drove. Often.

I started in Atlanta and I usually ended up north of Philadelphia at my brother's house. He and his wife had four small children then. My sister-in-law's laugh not only warmed up the room, but for me, it was and it is, the sound of Love. So is the sound of children. Having just an older mother and me at home for so many years, somehow they also felt more like my home base than home did.

I didn't think about those who might not have a home, or a home base, or about what it would be like to have parents unable to keep me, so they sold me. 

My brother and his wife's children are all in their twenties now, all with interesting lives and careers, but I don't know them like I used to... I don't just get in the car and drive anymore. A week's drive one way from Oregon to all of my extended family is intimidating for even me and flying has little appeal, that's not a road trip!  I'm not on Facebook so I'm not even sure I exist as far as they are concerned. This last sentence is the reality for anyone out there who wants to be in touch with nieces and nephews, or anyone, okay even my own children! who may or may not be far away...I'm still dragging my feet.

I hadn't thought about how global this up-and-coming generation is, how aware they are of their peers, whether across the world or around the corner, because they all converge online, share online.

Some travel and begin to care, some learn online and begin to care... 

So all the more surprise to find this e flyer sent to me this week called "Cody and Dion's 2010 Rickshaw Run" which is posted on Facebook. 

This is what popped out at me first:

The trio will be raising much needed funds for victims of Nepal's sex trade, one of the biggest such operations in the world.

One member of this trio is my nephew. 


This september two local adventurists from Lambertville and their friend from Mumbai will set out on a 2000 mile trek across the himalayas and northern plains of india. The significance of this adventure goes far beyond just the inevitable good time and life changing experience. The trio will be raising much needed funds for victims of Nepal’s sex trade, one of the biggest such operations in the world. Throughout their travels they will be raising awareness and educating locals in some of the most remote areas in the world. education is paramount in these remote regions, as most perpetrators of the sex trade prey on naive and isolated individuals. A staggering number of young girls, many below the age of 15 and as young as six, are sold to potential “husbands” or promised job opportunities in the larger cities. These adventurists will working in conjunction with the internationally recognized charity Maiti Nepal (www.maitinepal.org), a Katmandu based organization providing education, interception of abducted individuals and vocational empowerment training. as well as facilitating medical care, housing and basic quality of life for victims of this horrific cycle of rape and abuse.

-Up to 60% of the girls trafficked into prostitution before the age of 15 become infected with HIV

-10,000 women and girls (with some experts putting the number as high as 200,000 individuals) are trafficked out of Nepal every year.

-Prostitutes in India are forced to endure the most horrid of living conditions, with many girls forced to live in cages, and made to suffer frequent beatings and rape.


- Under the fierce determination and guidance of Anuradha Koirala, founder of Maiti Nepal, 100% of the girls inducted into the program stay off the streets. 

- Through the actions of our brave adventurers, and the support and donations of the community at large, there is hope and viable potential to provide a real and lasting change to those subjected to some of the worst evils of mankind.

These are hard truths to read and acknowledge but these are the facts. Knowledge is power, and together as a community we can be tangible and effective part of the change. By helping to provide aid, medical attention and a safe haven to women on the other side of the world. And ultimately rise from the ashes of a hopeless existence, with the promise of becoming whole and productive citizens of the world.

Only together can we stop the cycle and be a part of the solution. 


Now I know more who my nephew is. 

Now I know more. 


For more details about this journey or to donate go on Facebook, under:

Cody and Dion's 2010 Rickshaw Run. 

Also:  maitinepal.org 


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AUGUST 10, 2010 2:04PM

Greta post and I hope they get lots of hits.
I was an then I was not on Facebook haha
Too many people finding me..:)
Rated with hugs
Perhaps your post was inspired by Mary Kelly's today - it's a perfect jump off to the idea of antipathy in youth today, because clearly there are caring young people determined to make a difference in what is 'their' world now. thanks for this information.
A heartwarming and positive post about a generation that gets more than their fair share of criticism (some deserved, and some not). Will find your nephew's link on Facebook. Thanks for a great post.
Excellent! It is amazing how one light shining out into the world makes up for all the darkness and apathy of others. Your nephew is a golden soul and these women deserve nothing but the best of care. Thank you for this!
Linda: I hope so too! and thanks...
Abby: I read hers, but didn't mean to be a jump off, just got the email about this adventure...so glad you came by.
mary: Glad to see you here, Mary, yes, some criticism is well-deserved, just glad to see it's not everybody (I needed a little belief myself).
It seems your nephew is a good person. Sex slaves being kidnapped and beaten is a epidemic around the world. I hope they have some success in saving a many young girls as possible. Great Post!
sparking: He is a very cool nephew, now I realize even more so...
scanner: I hope they have great success also, thanks!
Remarkable writing and an important topic. R.
A wonderful way to demonstrate that there is still wonder in this world.. and people who truly care.
Great post! For as many kids who don't seem to care...there are many, many, who do! Maybe it's true...there are two kinds of people in the world....xoxoxox
I taught high school for many years. I have faith in the young people, to some extent more than the adults. They DO care. R-
Hey thanks for reading everyone...truly appreciated, and pass on the word!
ask: Yes! It is good to know caring is out there, as it is here.
kate: Thanks! and kudos also to the girls in the world, that they may survive this assault of terror against them and thrive, wherever they are...
Robin: Glad you came by...yes, there may be two types...
I think it's MY generation (born between 1975-1985) that is narcissistic. Today's kids amaze me and do so much for so little money. They are the anti-Gordon Gekkos. This almost makes me want to have kids. Almost.
Bonnie, Dave: So glad you came by, and thanks! It is good to hear about, and jump on, when a good action is created for helping those who cannot do well without that help.
Becky: Thanks for coming by Becky -- that's funny, I thought it was MY generation (I was born in 1960) that's so narcissistic...all of my nieces and nephews are pretty caring and participating folks in the world and they're your gen : )

So whew, the way the world's been going we need more of us from all generations....
Good kids. Good to know there are young people with this sort of awareness and unselfish commitment in these times.
Thanks Matt, I agree...nice to have you here.
It is both reassuring and inspiring to see that there is such heart in this next generation. This is also an issue right where I live in middle America. Thank you for writing about this.
This is a world-wide epidemic and is going on right under our noses.
Scary as hell. I pray for my daughters every day. And the dear baby grand daughter and grandson. Those who would prey on young girls and boys to do them harm are vicious animals that don't deserve to breathe. Thousands a year are stolen from their homes and neighborhoods for this loathsome purpose. They appear on milk cartons and vanish forever.
How proud you must be as his aunt! As one who frequently visited him and the others when you were younger, you also had a role and responsibility in who that young man became. Congratulations for your share in his goodness.
Susan: It is an epidemic! I usually prefer to attend to troubles right here in our own country, and do, but I was so...glad...to see the caring of young adults that I had to write. 
This nephew travels the globe as part of Beyonce's crew, he and others of this generation have friends all over the world -- so to him, this is his neighborhood, and I am seeing how this scourge needs to be taken on globally.
It's shocking how many Americans, Canadians travel to parts of Asia for a sex vacation of trafficked girls.
Just Cathy: I hear your anger, I just feel sick that the young children of our world aren't globally protected against such evil. 
Where is the hope for the world if the children are left to the wolves, and those who survive become so damaged they can't thrive?
patricia: Well thank you! That's very kind....although I'd bet he'd be just like this regardless : ) 
His sisters are also all pretty amazing women, all three of them....that's probably where the kudos belong, with those sisters!
Jonathon: I skipped you, sorry....and thank you for such a high compliment. I keep editing several times after posting each piece, I'm working on this writing stuff : )
Mark: I too loved how often I just drove...my family is considering a drive to WI to see failing a family member next month, I find myself begging off...my how times change.
Excellent post, so important. I attended a seminar some time ago now on this and I was shocked and surprised that such a thing existed today. R
Thanks for that Sheila, glad you came by!
Fundraiser today if anyone's hanging around the Philly area, go check it out in Lambertville, NJ!
Intersting post and two thumbs up to your nephew. One of the reasons I joined Facebook was to stay in touch with my nephews across the country. Now, it keeps me connected with many friends and family.
I like how you distinguish between your fun-loving younger self and all you didn't realize in italics. thoughtful post.
I read a story like this and suddenly I am happy that the children are our future. You should be proud.
It is disgusting how we as a society, see the value in sexual exploitation, and of children. Love the folks that make a difference in this way to fight this evil. I lived in Africa as a kid, when I was older I found out it went on all the time, right in my villages that I lived. Old chiefs taking on children as 'wives', basically they were indentured slaves used for sex. Makes me ill.
This year my nephew went again on another rickshaw run ! 
(or is going currently...?)
Great post. (How schizo is the human race...)
Hi Myriad ~
I'd forgotten about this post - then recently heard my nephew, now in his 30s and truly a global citizen, has partnered up with someone and they are going for another rickshaw run : )
Pretty cool.
I thought I was wild and righteous at his age if I drove out west, lived in a hut and washed my hair in the river to have a light footprint on Earth - this guy treks to Nepal and rickshaw rides for needed funds to save girls from the sex trade.

We humans are, indeed, are interesting bunch. Time to tone down the wild swings of character among us, maybe ; )

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