A Revealing Insight into the Mindset of Democrats and the Left Courtesy of the Twilight Zone

Do I have a doozey for you people tonight here at the Twilight Zone a sick and twisted journey into the inner minds of Democrats buckle up!

"Here just touch it! It won't bite you. I swear we don't have to go any further than that" a famous quote used by Harvey Weinstein.

I'd rather stuff these unredacted documents up my butt than let you Republicans get a hold of them! Oh and my secretary is just drunk and passed out!

You see how the mindset of the left operates. It's like a mirror image universe only of lies and utter bullshit! Let's move forward shall we?

I get so damn excited every time I think of sucking more blood out the taxpayers with uncontrolled spending! Makes me want to hang upside down!

Please do anything you can to make me look like Donald Trump! I want to be president someday! I don't care if he's a Republican anymore!

Jeez, the level of stupidity astounds me! Damn, forgot my vomit bags!

It seems that the Democrats and RINO's forgot their primary directive when they took the oath of office and that was TO SERVE MAN! I have the cookbook!

I was really wondering if I could put myself through this Democrat hell one more time. It's enough to make me slip back into the Twilight Zone until the next election cycle!

Don't even think about being a tax cheat! We Democrats have plenty of hostile terrorist sanctuary nations to give away taxpayer's money to! We need that illegal alien vote too!

Do not question the wisdom of the left or the Democrats or we will call you a racist, a homophobic, a hate monger, or even worse! A nationalist! There! Are you scared now?

I swear I wanna take a dump on that guy's head! Well tonight's presentation is winding down thank God!

I have here for you a portrait of Nancy Pelosi. It was retrieved from the bottom of a manure pile on Chuck Schumer's land fill soon to be a federal monument to the utter idiocy of Democrats throughout history. It's not for the faint of heart!

I will now hand regularly scheduled programming back to you besides I need to relieve myself after all this! 

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Comment by Ron Powell on January 20, 2019 at 8:04am

Republicans' view of the world from the phobic widows of their minds and imaginations:

When there's nothing to be afraid of you can count on Republicans to create or invent something frightening enough to exploit the fears and phobias of their shrinking constituency....

At the end of the day, in the final analysis, the only thing they're really able to accomplish is self induced insanity...

Comment by Doc Vega on January 21, 2019 at 11:38am

Ron, you're 100% full of shit as usual. Were conservatives and Christians being paranoid when it was proven that Obama had the Muslim Brotherhood regularly visiting the White House? Was it creating something frightening when 4 Americans and numerous other state department employees were murdered or wounded after a terrorist attack that Obama lied about as being due to an out of control demonstration based upon some obscure film that angered Muslims? Was it a created paranoia when Obama was inviting the leaders of violent protests in places like Ferguson and Baltimore for congrats while cities, Cop Cars, and store fronts burned? How about more than 150 billion being delivered to he Iranians in cash on a secret flight to the largest sponsor of worldwide terrorism in making 70% of the IED's that have wounded and killed US soldiers the same fuckers who yell "death to America and Israel!" Do you mean those kinds of falsely created incidents of GOP paranoia? Sorry Ron BULLSHIT just doesn't fly!


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