A Historic Reminder of the Great Obama Legacy!

The Proliferation of a Myth


It all began during the Obama administration as a troubled young man with a police record in his teens was summoned for questioning by a neighborhood security guard. There in the rain in a community troubled recently by a number of break ins and robberies a guard approached a young man in a Hoodie who suddenly flew into a rage and began beating him. Though armed with a revolver the guard did not pull the gun until it was clear that the intruder was now grappling for the weapon telling the security man he was going to shoot him when he got the gun. After having his head banged against the concrete sidewalk several times by his attacker George Zimmerman fired as the two wrestled for control of his pistol. Trayvon Martin died then and there.

Justice prevailed

The media tried their best to convert the incident into an act of racial profiling, but that didn’t work since George was not a Caucasian so they began calling Zimmerman a light skinned Latino! When authorities tried to accuse Zimmerman of murder a black witness among others testified that they had seen the whole unprovoked attack by Trayvon upon the guard. Subsequently, the State of Florida upheld its “Stand Your Ground” law and Zimmerman was acquitted even with the media convicting him and inciting hatred and violence. Even President Obama inflamed the entire incident by proclaiming that Trayvon Martin looked like the son he never had!

Who was the victim?

In the Town of Ferguson, a community marked by drug crime, violent assaults, and illegal gun possession in its ghetto sections Michael Brown a tall and hefty young Black man strong arms his way out of a convenience store stealing some items and overwhelming the Asian store owner. When called to respond to the incident Officer, Darren Wilson, found Michael Brown and his friend at the scene and when questioning Brown, the officer suddenly found himself in a life and death struggle to keep the 18 year old teenager from snatching his weapon even after being repeatedly struck in the head and nearly knocked unconscious.

The trial

According to witness accounts, Brown ran from the scene but was ordered to stop by a dazed Officer Wilson, instead Michael, under the heavy influence of marijuana, rushed toward the policeman. Darren Wilson fired several shots with his last discharge killing his assailant. With a detailed investigation that followed with prosecutors pressured to indict Officer Wilson several witnesses gave varying testimony. Some of them later admitted that they had not directly observed the altercation when cross examined while others testified that Wilson’s account of the incident was correct.

Ferguson Effect

The verdict of finding Officer Wilson not guilty of a Civil rights violation or of murder set off weeks of violent protests that set an entire black community afire destroying the store fronts of several black business owners! The media did their best to cast doubt on the court’s outcome and further stoked the fires of hatred. The “Ferguson Effect” as it was soon labeled began to branch out to other towns and communities where thugs and criminals awaited their chance to start social unrest and blame the police for their actions. In towns like Baltimore, Washington DC, New York, and even in Texas police officers were murdered by Black criminals emboldened by the failure of President Obama to speak out against the violence until he was finally urged by his handlers to do so, but by then it was too late!

Non-existent parents

The parents of Michael Brown were heard laughing and partying during one particular night of violence in Ferguson calling out to the masses shouting, “Burn it all down!” While Trayvon Martin’s parents not only blamed George Zimmerman for their son’s death they unashamedly pandered for money over the death of their son. In both cases the original parents were no longer together and were living with another partner, but this did not keep the former absent fathers from making a conspicuous appearance and publicly calling for financial compensation!

Creating a deadly myth

Within a short time four NFL Ram teammates ran out of the coliseum entrance and onto the football field just before game time with their arms pointing upward as if surrendering signifying the “hands up don’t shoot” gesture used widely by groups to demonstrate their support of a false allegation that had been created by the media and the Democrats to give credence to several incidents of criminal behavior where the Black assailants suffered the consequences of challenging the police or an armed guard and payed the price!

Ultimate scheme

While Police were assassinated, communities turned into war zones, and race relations in America were reduced to the worst status in decades President Obama’s gestures were clear inviting leaders of violent protests to appear for a congratulatory handshake and praise for coordinating attacks as well as saying as little as he could get by with to publicly denounce the violence which emboldened defiance to police all over the nation! It all culminated with 5 Dallas Police being shot to death in the downtown area while protecting Black Lives Matter protesters! While attending the sorrowful ceremony President Obama used the mournful occasion to preach about gun control which infuriated the families of the dead officers and the public as a whole!

I lieu of the deaths

To this day a memorial has been paid for by the cities where Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were shot by officers while assaulting or resisting arrest by local police. The families have been paid large sums of money for hoodlums who gambled with their lives and physically challenged armed officers of the law. In the aftermath of lives lost, property destroyed, and race relations reduced to an all-time low, the officers have suffered without compensation. In the case of George Zimmerman it cost him his marriage.

True victims

Officer Darren Wilson of Ferguson was discharged from the police force, threatened by numerous race baiters, and now faces a future of looking over his shoulder. Six officers accused of injuring Freddie Gray in Baltimore after being subjected to a volatile trial by an ambitious prosecutor who was determined to make examples of these public servants was forced to acquiesce once the evidence had exonerated the cops and a jury had spoken! Yet, their integrity has been forever tarnished by an opportunistic media bent on throwing America into massive race war, and a president who only gave token response to the unjust victimization of police all over America.

Who really won?

All this, over a myth about supposedly innocent thugs being shot by overzealous police who were abusing Black Americans. Most fairy tales, legends and myths are harmless, intriguing, or simply amusing, but once the leftist news networks saw an opportunity to incite unrest in consort with a US President (Obama) who had done everything in his power to light the fires of discontent and racial strife in our nation the casualties began to mount. In most cases it was the officers whose lives were ruined while false talking points, paid agitators, and a Democrat Party who sought leverage from the tension helped ignite the flames of hatred! Whole communities were burned to the ground as police departments ordered to stand down and allow the hell raisers to blow off some steam found themselves in an all-out war on the streets as nightfall approached and the enemies of America rubbed their hands together and laughed!

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Comment by Arthur James on October 30, 2017 at 1:19pm


Comment by koshersalaami on October 30, 2017 at 4:28pm

"Under heavy influence of marijuana, rushed toward the policeman." 

I take it you've never been stoned or in the company of anyone who was. A line like that indicates someone whose expertise comes from Reefer Madness. 

Your account of the Trayvon Martin incident is nothing short of sick. A young man walking home in the night rain from buying himself a snack at a convenience store during a break in a televised basketball game finds himself being tailed by an unmarked pickup down a deserted street. From all evidence we have, including his own texts to a friend, Martin had every reason to believe he was about to be mugged. Real Neighborhood Watch personnel are always clearly marked and unarmed. Zimmerman was neither. Zimmerman disobeyed direct police instructions to leave Martin alone. There has never been any evidence presented that Zimmerman identified himself. Martin died thinking he'd flanked a mugger. Zimmerman's acquittal was a travesty of incompetence, in all likelihood brought about by his father exercising pull to get him assigned an incompetent prosecutor. 

I'm not bothering with the rest of this bigoted bullshit, including the amazing allegation that divorced fathers had no grounds to be concerned about the killings of their sons. 

Comment by Arthur James on October 30, 2017 at 4:39pm







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Comment by Arthur James on October 30, 2017 at 4:46pm



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Comment by koshersalaami on October 30, 2017 at 5:28pm


You have a very strange idea of comparative sanity

Comment by Arthur James on October 30, 2017 at 5:34pm


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Comment by Ron Powell on October 30, 2017 at 6:22pm

Comment by Arthur James on October 30, 2017 at 6:33pm


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