Earlier this month I wrote a Short Obituary about the death of an ex-brother-in-law.

Several people asked for an update, hoping for a happy ending.  I think this is the best that could be expected.

To recap the problem, our niece’s father died alone at home with an unsigned will and a guaranteed annuity designed to give any capital remaining to the insurance company upon death.  Furthermore, he had no life insurance.

All of this was in keeping with the father’s behavior toward family, and his totally self-centered approach to life.

He lived in a gated community and the land lord had locked “C” out because the will was not valid and the estate had not gone before probate.

Today, my wife talked with “C”.  She is much better.  She had to go before a judge and post a bond in order to clean out her father’s apartment and storage shed.  That’s all done, so there is no ongoing expense from the land lord.  When asked about her father’s annuity, “C” remarked “I get nothing.  That’s my Dad.”

When we go back to Arkansas to visit her and my mother-in-law in the nursing home we usually stay with “C”.  She wants us to come, “I feel the need for family.”  She’s thankful for her business.  It keeps her busy and keeps her from thinking about her losses. She still has the expense of the cremation ($800.00) and the storage sheds to put her dad’s things in, and court bond, but she is finding a way to deal with all of that.

She says we make her laugh, and she needs to laugh again.

I’m looking forward to our visit.  “C” is a substantial 5’10” bear hugger, and I need one of her hugs.

We watch, “Call the Midwife”, from time to time and an episode the other night had an appropriate quote which followed the death of a loved one, “We just have to keep on living until we can live again.”

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Comment by Rodney Roe on August 10, 2017 at 6:36pm

My mother understood my brother.  She made him executor of the will, but she did a codicil which spelled out all of the household items and their assignment.  He still got the lion's share, but it not everything as he  may have liked.

It took cancer and about 20 years for us to get on speaking terms again, and it wasn't my choice to cut off conversation to begin with.


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