A Conversation About the Utility of Violence

N: Tildy just now almost caught another rat. She had it in her mouth but then it flopped around and went "meep" and got away
She didnt expect the meep
Or the flopping
But she is adjusting her tactics
We planted lettuces saturday and the rats ate half of em
So her work here is important
I've been reading all night about cameras. My first major purchase after paying L back several thousand $ is going to be a camera.
P: Chicken wire and liquid fence.
N: Liquid fence?
P: Spray it on the plants.
N: Ah
Will check it out
We're also going to install a solar-powered electric fence
For the fucking raccoons
P: Good for Tildy! She needs to learn the head shake
N: They keep gettin in the pond
P: Water is manna to racoons
N: She has the head shake down with her Hee-Haw, but these rats move so fast she's still stymied
Theyre fast
I'm torn between the Canon EOS Rebel T7i and the Canon D80
P: City rats
N: They are!
We live in the hood here for real
P: Have you been to a camera Store to play with them?
N: Not yet. I need to do that. Whichever of the two I decide on, I'm also gonna get a Panasonic Lumix FZ80
Its what they call a bridge camera
Way less expensive than a dslr but has a 60x zoom on it
P: Wow! You can get spy pictures
N: I can! Wildlife shots mostly, tho. And I gotta get a laptop, a assault rifle, and a compressor and nailgun, and a truck...
P: An assault rifle?
N: And a radial arm chopsaw and a Dewalt 20volt cordless drill and impact tool combo and some underwear
Im going to join the John Brown Gun Club
Aka, Redneck Revolt
They countermarch against Nazis etc
With guns
P: Sounds interesting
N: Leftists with guns. We need that, unfortunately
P: I'm not sure I agree, violence escalates. And Ghandi
N: Yes. Other people I've told this to have expressed similar reservations
P: Too many people carrying guns, someone's going to "fear for their life" and a lot of people will die
Then martial law
N: But, I have long been a proponent of "Peace, love and understanding or I'll cap your ass."
Its my nature
They threaten violence
Pacifism wont fix shit
P: The exact thing the paramilitary says they are keeping guns to avoid is going to happen because they have guns
N: Maybe
But they keep stockpiling guns, so wht shouldnt leftists?
P: What do you think the end result will be?
N: I dont know
Its scary out there
I no longer recognize our country
P: They stockpile guns because they're afraid
I no longer recognize the world
Too many people
And because they want to enforce their will on others
N: That's the whole problem
Fear = aggression
P: Education cancels fear
N: We are vicious, cannibalistic, overly intelligent primates
Yes, true
And education is viewed as anathema in this country
So what do you do?
P: I share knowledge where I can and hope to trigger doubt. It's a losing battle but it's all I got
And I avoid demonstrations because I'm too hot headed.
N: That is a good strategy. But when I look at the way fascism has exploded since Trumps election I feel the need to do something concrete about it
Im sick of talking
Ya know?
P: Convince the apathetic non voters to vote
N: Action
P: Start a political blog on a site that people read
You'd be a great rabble rouser
N: Ignorance and selfishness and fear are seen as virtues now. 
Ah... Yes I would!
P: Convince the people who don't vote because they think it's useless that it's not
N: That is a big part of what Redneck Revolt tries to do
Its not just about guns
It's about creating a dialogue outside the fascist narrative
P: And show the fraidy cats that their guns show them up as cowards
Dialogue with guns isn't going to change anything
N: And to offer people who are justifiably pissed off and afraid that there is an alternative to fascism
Thats the John Brown Gun Club
P: Why do they need guns?
The pen is mightier than the sword
N: To countermarch against fascists with guns
P: And someone will start shooting
N: Something fascists in this country do is assume that the left are a bunch of tofu eating, overly intellectual navel-gazers
P: Guns won't change that
N: The fascists need to be disabused of that notion
P: So toss cabers.
Do extreme fighting
N: They need to understand that violence will meet reciprocal violence
P: Ok. Just don't shoot any civilians
N: "You got guns? Well, so do we motherfuckers."
No, never
P: I see nothing but bad from this. My fascist co-worker believes that liberals need to give up their guns so he can be safe.
N: He is full of shit
P: He would absolutely shoot if faced with a scary liberal with a gun
N: Shoot or shit?
Fuck him
P:I know he's full of shit. He's also an ass who believes in the conservative way as the only way.
N: Fuck all of the MAGA-cap-wearing fucktards
And the Chee-To they rode in on
P: I agree. But carrying a gun to one of their rallies is a bad idea. Right now they look like idiots because they are pointing guns at unarmed counter protesters. If you show up with guns they will use it as proof that they need to escalate
N: Theyve done about wore my patience out
P: Which is why I think you need to use words
People read what you write
N: When they point guns at unarmed people they win. Hence the Redneck Revolt
P: No they don't win. They lose. Just like the cops lose when they shoot unarmed people
N: In rural areas fascist Nazi fucks are intimidating people
P: I know, I live there
N: ts getting worse all the time
P: But I have chosen to not be intimidated
They lose if they shoot
N: Leftists, and just decent people generally, stay away when the KKK comes to town
Fuck that
P: It's a face off
N: It needs to be
Face off or stay home
P: People didn't stay away from Charlottesville
And the counter protesters didn't carry guns
N: And what happened? A woman is dead and theyre charging that one black dude who was beat bloody by Nazis with assault
Charging HIM with assault
P: And the next few right wing rallies didn't happen because they knew they lost
Mass counter protest works
Why didn't anyone help the black guy?
N: Because he was a black guy
P: And I need to get up, I'm going to be late to work.
N: Ah
Of course you do
P: Rant away, just share it with the world
N: Drive safe to work, have an excellent day
P: You, too

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Comment by nanatehay on October 17, 2017 at 6:31pm

Redneck Revolt, aka the John Brown Gun Club...  As I said to Phyllis, they aren't about guns as much as they're about offering people an alternative to the fascist narrative.  Here's an excerpt from an article about them - 

In the infancy of the Trump presidency, a new community defense network is espousing anti-racist and anti-capitalist politics to build coalitions in cities, small towns, and rural areas across America.

Redneck Revolt recruits predominantly poor and working class white people away from reactionary politics. The organization advances an analysis of their class condition and white supremacy’s role in upholding the wealth and privilege of a small, white elite.

Redneck Revolt inserts themselves into overwhelmingly white spaces—NASCAR races, gun shows, flea markets in rural communities, and country music concerts—to offer a meaningful alternative to the white supremacist groups who often also recruit in those spaces.


To me, that sounds like a pretty decent way to reach out your hand. 

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on October 17, 2017 at 7:12pm

Meh.  I ain't buying it until I see a picture of Tildy sporting her ANTIFA stocking cap and tear gas goggles.

Comment by nanatehay on October 17, 2017 at 7:54pm

She ain't got any gargles yet, but I'm training her to bite Nazis on the nads. She didn't want to at first, but once I drew a little Hitler mustache on her Hee-Haw and strapped a piece of bacon to its groin she started getting the idea.

Comment by Ron Powell on October 17, 2017 at 8:46pm

I'm pretty much OK with Anna and this comment seemed on point for the most part. It's the thing about 'howling' the took me aback....

It's a crude way of saying get up and do something....anything but whine.....

There was a time when that shit that the good folks at Emory Hospital would be facing a shit storm of protest against their ostensibly racist decision to withhold treatment of a two year old kid "because his father is a parole violator".


I seem to remember references to the West Coast in some of Anna's comments and posts...It's a mystery to me why she would say Atlanta in her profile when should really doesn't live there. ...

Re anonymity for purposes of privacy and/or self defense, better not to say anything at all about residency than to be misleading... ..

That's how I would do it... But that's just me. ...

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on October 17, 2017 at 8:58pm

Anna was originally from the south, maybe even Atlanta.  She has written several times about her "escape" from there.

BTW, just so I'm not misleading anyone, I am not really writing this from Deir Yassin, Occupied Palestine either.  LOL

P.S.  I sincerely hope those fine bigoted assholes at Emery Hospital choke on a great big bag of dicks.  If they want to play that "sins of their father" card on a sick two year old that is the least I would wish on them.  

Comment by nanatehay on October 17, 2017 at 10:28pm

I read yesterday about the hospital refusing to let that child's father be a donor. The level of gratuitous, smug, self-righteous cruelty involved there is just mind-blowingly, nauseatingly... I dunno. Our country is mentally fucking ill. 

Am shocked to learn that Amy isn't actually writing from Deir Yassin, but I at least really do live where my bio says, and I got pitchers to prove it. For instance, here is our local bodega - it's in a mixed race neighborhood, the sign is in English and Spanish, the store is owned by Christian Arabs, and the Somalian cashier is here in the States working on degrees in political science and the culinary arts. In other words: 

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on October 18, 2017 at 6:10am

I admit it...  I don't really live in Palestine, but because I found this cool picture on line I must live here:

Image result for uzbekistan sign

Comment by Anna Herrington on October 18, 2017 at 9:59am


That was definitely a stream of consciousness mind blurb that came up spontaneously that I almost deleted as I didn't know if I had other words to add to clarify where it came from. I still don't, really.

And I've written and erased and written and erased this morning and yeah, maybe should have deleted in the first place as I don't this morning have the fightin' words to reply that seem needed or wanted by you guys....

Suffice to say I think we all can get myopic in our own sufferings and focuses of injustice when we see past or ignore valid pain in someone else and that is part of the rage and violence that shows up in our society, in the world - we are not reaching out, we scream past each other in our pain and so we lose not the forest for the trees, but the trees for the forest, too easily. 

And pacifism never entered my mind - that there is so much hand wringing and sadness and narcissistic suffering without any reaching out to fellow human is way more than half the problem, personally. I was taught as a child to be engaged, to reach out, to aid in others' suffering and as bonus it helps ease our own but that isn't meant to be the point. I was taught in word but far more in action (some times traumatizing action) to notice our own advantages and to aid others as we are all in it together I am you you are me. My parents called themselves civic-minded but they were definitely activists as I look back at their lives. In many ways they were much better humans than I.

...and now is different than times before.... maybe to you or I but I doubt to any people living in unstable hateful times in any era where the future is unknown and nothing but mayhem violence and anger seems everywhere and the regular folks are terrified depressed and/or filled with rage all the time at injustice and loss and oppression and the uncertainty of it all and the natural world is going down in the folly of our human activities...

never happened before??  but you feel it is different now and.... okay. Not arguing with your view, just see it differently.

As for Atlanta, I grew up there, moved there at age 6. My family isn't southern, though, just me. My siblings, parents, ancestors in the U.S., came from up north. I was born up north.) I live in Oregon now and have for ages but put Atlanta there on a whim one day when feeling particularly diabolical.  ...?

Anger and violence.... this morning I noticed a tweet by Bernice King I liked and it spoke to me about anger and violence in a way... and making things right among humans. I put 'love' in italics in the quote as MLK's words say what I am feeling without having the words so well about anger and violence vs love/agape in reaching out and correcting the wrongs of the world.

She quoted her father:

"Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is Love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

The kind of love that is like a mother's wrath (of any species) toward anyone who would harm their child, how we humans need to be toward each other and the forces against us, that's how we would heal, and without that level of care toward one another then yes, anger and violence without proper direction of fearsome love will win and then we all lose, imho. Which is how it seems now. Sounds all dreamy and airy fairy and idealistic in words maybe but in reality it would not be not at all. It is a rising up. It is The Way, imho.

And thank you, Amy, for giving my words, me, the benefit of the doubt when it could have been just as easy to jump. I'm verklempt. Tears in my eyes, damn it.

(I click 'add comment' while still not feeling I've clarified very well my mind and heart but it's all I've got. for now.)

Comment by Arthur James on October 18, 2017 at 10:06am

`Anna Herrington


thanks for not

blackening? no

Blocking me

from commenting.


We sure get to

giggle hare @

Our Salon &

report nasties

to GOV Nice



Bar Mitzva guy

prays he will not have

to kiss` Great Aunt Gert,

Koshersaalami & mensch

Rabbi blogger who runs

a radio station with

Yiddish accents.





if He was

not Murdered.


Comment by Arthur James on October 18, 2017 at 10:13am


oops... not hare

(rabbit ) HERE.

Rabbit goes to

IHOP with the

Black Hearse

drunk driver

after the SAD

Funeral. Dead

Corpse is in the

Bacon? huh? Oy!

Back of the Hearse.

At Funeral Rabbi ask

for some Back music.

He no like Elvis Presley.



days indeed 

indeed Mammy.

WE all die soon.

We get to give

account. . .?


for deed we doe

while on




for real

be real




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